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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't get the bolded at all? Why would Frost need Urban Meyer when he has TO? If there's anyone that understands Nebraska Football and the pressure that comes with it, it's TO. If there's anyone who understands offense and play calling, it's TO. From what I gather, he does occasionally visit practice. He's already around the program.
  2. I don't think people are giving Illinois enough credit. We were lucky to play them when we did because they were still trying to find their way. Even when they played us, they played with a lot of fire. They were one of the hardest hitting teams I had seen for a while.
  3. Two things we have become accustomed to is poor fundamentals and poor OL play. There's a guy in the NFL ranks thought highly of as an OL coach, but while he was here poor Zac Taylor took an absolute pounding behind poor OL play. Why? Why through four coaching staffs can't we get this figured out? I think there's a lot of mistrust in that locker room. Guys not only don't trust one another, but they aren't trusting the coaches either. You could almost see the I don't give a rats from the defense after they put the offense in excellent positions in the first half only to come up empty. The Davis twins were recruited by Bo, played for Riley, and now are playing for Frost. We are what we are because of revolving door coaching. There is talent on this team, but it is easy to see why we're seeing what we're seeing. We haven't had stability from top to bottom for a long, long time. Firing assistants at season's end seems to me to be about the worst thing we could do.
  4. It's interesting Frazier was calling for a QB change. He was pulled in a NC game, came back, and everything turned out fine. Maybe we should try it?
  5. Where does Frost go from here? Does he stay right here and get the boat moving in the right direction? Does he stay here and ultimately is fired? Since TO retired, this job has been somewhat of a job killer. Solich got a gig at lowly Ohio, Clownahan has bounced here and there in the pro ranks, and Bo wound up in D2. I'm all in on Frost, but I've got to say this isn't how I saw things playing out at all.
  6. I think the point of the article was showing just how different the situations were when Frost took over the UCF program and when he took over NU. Basically, the author is saying it is going to take both Frost and Taggart plenty of time to bring their respective programs back and how fan negativity isn't helping.
  7. My best guess is it would involve head trauma removal from the game. From my small corner of the state of Nebraska, football is slowly becoming extinct. A lot of local schools have had to play 8 man because they can't get enough guys to go out to field an 11 man team. One local school is set to vote sometime in the next few months whether they drop to 8 man. This is a school that has close to 100 boys in high school. Another guess would be jumping on the bandwagon to compensate players. We're a rich school known primarily for football. If/when players can be compensated, we should benefit more than most schools.
  8. There wasn't exactly an opening for TO to become AD when he retired as Bill Byrne was the AD. It's long been rumored Byrne resigned as AD because he didn't want to be the one to fire Solich.
  9. I have a gut feeling we will beat at least one of the bolded. Now that the manhood has been questioned of this team, we're either going to come out on fire or we're going to fold like a cheap lawn chair.
  10. What's the definition of the corner we need to turn? In 2009, we witnessed arguably the best DL performance by Suh in Husker history. To this day, there is still arguments as to whether that last second should have been put on the clock in the Big 12 Championship game. In 2010, we were a team for most of the season that nobody wanted to play. We were a legit top 10 team until the very end. I will give you that in the last two decades we've seen our share of crap football. However, there have been times in the past two decades we have seen some pretty good football. The second half of last season was some pretty decent football. There's still time this season to see some good football. Right now, I'm seeing some pretty decent football being played when we're on defense.
  11. I agree it's going to take more time than a lot of people were hoping or expecting. You can't just recruit your way out of poor OL and DL play. These two position groups have to be built and developed.
  12. I don't really agree with the bolded. Ohio State was playing some pretty poor football around the time we played them last year. They'd already been humiliated by Purdue. After our game, Maryland took them to overtime. They weren't exactly hitting on all eight cylinders when we played them last year. While this year's version of Ohio State looks like a World Beater, I bet they go through a similar stretch this season.
  13. I agree with everything you said except for the bolded. It wasn't common at all for Nebraska or Iowa to produce five star recruits back in the 90's. A lot of those OL and DL did come from the 500 mile radius and did come from Nebraska. However, several were walk-ons like Adam Treu and Joel Wilks. After doing a bit of research, I see that Iowa has never produced a five star recruit and Nebraska hasn't produced a five star recruit since 2000. Back in TO's day, he recruited more to a body type than anything else and let Tenopir mold them into OL. Most of these guys were relatively unheard of by the rest of the top teams.
  14. I don't think that's fair or even accurate. If it were, I'd still be banned from the Clownahan years.
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