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  1. Whether one believes he's a defensive genius or not, you can't argue with his results from when he was at LSU before. In his three seasons as DC for LSU, each and every year LSU had a top 5 total defense ranking. In the last three years, LSU hasn't even had a single top 10 defense ranking. Bo wasn't a major recruiter when he was at LSU before. I highly doubt he'll be a major recruiter this go around. When he had Clownahan recruits, he fielded pretty stiff defenses here at Nebraska. If you want to argue that Bo is a poor recruiter, I doubt you get too many arguments. If you want to argue he isn't a very good head coach, again probably won't get a lot of arguments. However, it's very difficult to argue that he's not a very good DC when there's plenty of evidence to prove otherwise.
  2. A bowl game is the expectation.
  3. When Bo has elite talent, he can build a very stout defense. When he was breaking all the wrong kind of defensive records here, he didn't have elite talent. I'd assume he won't have to do much of the recruiting at LSU. They already have elite talent.
  4. Ohio State was 14-10 the two seasons before Tressel took over. In his ten seasons as Ohio States coach, Tressel finished the season ranked in the top 10 eight times. Tressel won exactly the same amount of NCs in ten years at Ohio State as Meyer did in seven years. I'm not sure how anyone could conclude there was an uptick in recruiting and on field performance under Meyer over Tressel. Even before Tressel, Ohio State was recruiting top 10 recruiting classes. Not only did Tressel leave Meyer a team absolutely stacked with talent, he left him a team that knew how and was used to winning. How far back do we want to go back and look at Notre Dame's recruiting? In 2000, they had a top 10 class. In 2001 and 2002, both classes came in ranked at #12. In 03', they had a top 10 class. Notre Dame may very well have had some stinkers as coaches, but they still recruited at a very high level. Penn State and Michigan also recruited at a high level as well. Both Rich Rod and Brady Hoke brought recruiting classes into Michigan that were top 10. After going back and looking at recruiting classes in the past couple of decades, one thing stands out. Most of the schools recruiting top 10-15 classes in the early 2000's are the ones still recruiting classes in the top 10-15 for the most part. I will give you that some of those same programs really weren't successful which leads one to believe that it has been more coaching than talent. For the record, Nebraska is not on this list. My only point to all of this is that when Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, Miami, USC, etc. hire the right coach; there can be an immediate turn around because these programs despite how poor their record is still is loaded with talent. Nebraska has only had one top 10 recruiting class in the past two decades. Bo used up this talent in 09' and 10'. I'd venture to guess that it will take Frost at least five recruiting classes before we can compete with the big boys. 247 had last year's class ranked at #23. They have this years class ranked at #18. We still have a ways to go before we can compete week in and week out with the Ohio States out there.
  5. Is there a physical team in the Pac 12? Wisconsin dominated Oregon. If Wisconsin hangs onto the ball, the game isn't even close. Then, there is almost playoff bound Utah getting absolutely drilled by Texas, woof. They looked about as physical as a first game ever junior high team. As bad as OU looked against LSU, thank goodness a Pac 12 team didn't make the playoff.
  6. Not only isn't it too bad, there were a few games in there where the B1G should have won. Indiana comes to mind. I'm still not sure why they were as ill prepared for an on-side kick as they were. Then, they miss the field goal at the end. Wisconsin totally dominated Oregon, but it's still pretty tough to win a game when you continually turn the ball over. Ohio State had all the momentum and could have put the game away in the first half, but you just can't continually settle for field goals inside the red zone. The biggest disappointment in the B1G had to be Michigan. Bama had absolutely nothing to play for. They had significant players decide to not even suit up for the game. I just don't get why the QB play has been as bad at Michigan as it has under Harbaugh.
  7. Bob Stoops was one of the best defensive coordinators in the game before becoming a head coach. Steve Spurrier more than likely never wins a NC without him. No, I think something else changed in the early 2000's. It was the emergence and almost complete dominance of the Southeast. There has only been one NC winning team in the last decade and a half that didn't reside in the Southeast. I'm not sure how history is saying otherwise when the NC winning team has been from the Southeast of the U.S. all but one time in the last decade and a half. I'm not really sure how one determines the resurgence of the Big 10. Ohio State was at or near the top before we ever had the playoffs. The B1G has only put two teams in the playoffs. Michigan State's showing in the playoff speaks for itself. There wasn't a team you mentioned that even came within a score of beating Ohio State this year. The B1G isn't a bad conference, but it is rather top heavy.
  8. How much can OU really change their defense? I don't think OU gets similar talent to LSU from top to bottom. They may very well get just as good of skill players on offense as LSU, but they don't get similar talent to LSU defensively. Venables was pretty much ran out of town at OU because of poor defensive play. Now that he's at Clemson with better athletes, he's considered one of the very best defensive coordinators in the land. Mike Stoops was once considered a defensive guru at OU a couple of decades ago. They brought him back after he tried his luck as a head coach. His second stint at OU as defensive coordinator didn't go so well. Was it because he forgot everything he ever knew about defense? No, it was because he didn't have the talent. This is where I think we become more or less like OU. I do believe we will be able to get skill players especially on offense comparable to the best teams. However, I don't think we'll be able to hang with the best teams in terms of trench players and defensive players. I'm just not convinced that OU needs a wakeup call. I think they know where they're at and what their limitations are. The best they can hope for is that their defense can get just enough stops to allow their offense more opportunities. Considering the staff Frost has assembled, I believe this is our goal as well. It's doubtful either team consistently fields a top 10 defense.
  9. If Ohio State would have won their playoff game, does the conference make additional money?
  10. I could be wrong, but I would venture to guess OU would also choose nearly 21/22 starters from LSU over what they have. We saw how much better LSU was over OU, yet OU was still in the playoffs. Unless I'm completely underestimating what Frost and Chinander can do here both in terms of coaching and recruiting, we're going to be a lot closer to mirroring OU than we ever will LSU. I'm sitting here trying to figure out how Burrow coming to Nebraska would have been great for either party? Maybe, just maybe we win a game or two more this year than we did. However, at what cost? When considering our current QB situation, who is still here or committed to being here had we brought in Burrow? Frost is playing the long game. Considering the success Burrow has had this year at LSU, there's not a snowballs chance he duplicates that kind of success here. There's also not a snowballs chance that he would have been a near lock for being the first one taken in the NFL draft. Burrow was at Ohio State. Apparently, they missed as well.
  11. I think we'll start out the new decade slow, but we'll finish it with a bang. We'll start the decade with 6 and 7 win seasons, but we'll finish the decade with 9 and 10 win seasons.
  12. For the most part, I agree. Winning will more than likely provide a (as in one top 10 class). If you look at the teams in the playoff this year, they have multiple top 10 classes in the last five years. Two of the four teams have four out of their last five recruiting classes ranked in the top 10. The other two of the four teams have three of their last five recruiting classes ranked in the top 10. Do you honestly believe Nebraska will ever be able to consistently have between 60 and 80 percent of their recruiting classes ranked in the top 10? If you do, then this is where we will disagree because I don't see us being able to recruit like that year in and year out.
  13. Considering some of the lopsided losses we've seen thus far in the college football playoffs, I'm not sure the bolded really needs to be mentioned. I get this is a thread about recruiting, and I get that you're trying to prove a point. However, was Michigan State's loss any more embarrassing than Ohio State's in 17'? I think if we're being honest with ourselves, our program is a lot more similar to Michigan State than it is to any other team that has made the playoffs. We have a pretty good recruiting class coming in, yet it still isn't a top 10 class. If we're going to draw that line in the sand, then it might just be best that we keep our hopes and dreams in check of simply winning our division.
  14. Honestly, I don't think TO is even the greatest coach at UNL. I'd put Bob Devaney higher. He's the one that resurrected the program. Everyone always wants to ask the question about how many NCs TO would have won had he not retired when he did. I've always wanted to know how many more the Bobfather would have won had he not retired when he did? Devaney inherited a program that had just endured seven consecutive losing seasons. TO inherited a program that had won two NCs in the three years before he took over. Without having Devaney, we more than likely never have TO.
  15. Other than the playoff game, I think the Rose Bowl sets up to be the most interesting/exciting for the B1G. Oregon should have beaten Auburn earlier in the season. If they would have, they'd be in the playoffs. I think Wisconsin is going to have their hands full.
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