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  1. I think you're a bit off with the bolded. In the last dozen or so years, we have had some tremendous athletes playing QB here. For as much hate as he receives, can you imagine what Adrian Martinez could have done behind the 95' OL? What Taylor Martinez could have done behind that line? What Tommie Armstrong could have done behind that line? I don't want to take anything away from TO's playcalling, but it was pretty easy to call plays back then considering not only his OL but the defense we had as well. In the last dozen or so years, we have had some decent OL and put some in the NFL. Unfortunately, the OL as a whole has not exactly played very well as a unit. We have some decent OL this year, but they don't exactly play well together each and every play. There's always a breakdown on nearly every play. Football has changed in many ways over the last three decades. However, the one constant is winning the trench war. Win the trench war and controlling turnovers typically results in a favorable outcome. We have guys that are still getting pushed around in the trenches.
  2. How many programs does a Solich or a Bo get fired from with their winning percentage while at Nebraska?
  3. First of all, you only provided two programs. Why is this? It's because all the rest of them us included are still swinging and still missing. Tennessee comes to mind. Texas comes to mind. Arguably, Michigan comes to mind. USC comes to mind. Florida State comes to mind. Miami comes to mind. Shall I continue? There's plenty of programs that won a NC who are still hiring and firing away just like us. Ohio State passed over one of the hottest names in coaching this year. Coincidentally, this same coach was coaching Ohio State the one and only time we've beaten them since joining the B1G. We tried what OU did. We fired our DC we took a chance on. I don't know what the answer is, but I know the revolving coaching door is not working. The revolving AD door isn't working either. There are changes that need to be made, but I don't think a reset is needed at this time.
  4. In todays game, there aren't a lot of teams that have a good backup option at QB. Penn State was owning Iowa until their starting QB went down with an injury. We haven't exactly had a good backup option since Frazier/Berringer. I always felt that there were games when Taylor Martinez shouldn't have been playing because he was so banged up. However, we just didn't have a good backup option. I doubt Frost was twisting the arms of Vedral, Macaffrey, or Gebbia to transfer.
  5. People also forget that he was pretty much ran out of town when he was in Norman. I would venture to guess if he had aspirations of being a head coach, he would be one by now.
  6. To the bolded: if past performance is indicative of future results, you can bet on it. A solid 7 win coach will not only not look like a god but will also get fired just like the 9 win coaches have. We definitely need to make some tweaks, but I'm not sure we need a reset.
  7. I would venture to guess if we lose out the rest of the way there will be assistant coaching changes. Whether he gets to make them remains to be seen. The only scenario I see with Frost not being the head coach next year is if he resigns.
  8. People need to get a grip. Bob Stoops under no circumstances will ever be our coach. He's 61 years old. Financially, he's set for life. Then, there's the little nugget where we fired one of his best friends. Bob Stoops may very well coach again, but it will never be at Nebraska. Chris Petersen resigned a couple of years ago. He's a guy that I don't ever see coaching at this level again. He may very well never coach at any level again. Urban Meyer more than likely coaches at the collegiate level again. It may be as early as next season. However, it will never be at a school like Nebraska. He wouldn't even take his dream job at Notre Dame when offered opting for Florida. Why? Zook was a horrible coach but a great recruiter. Florida was absolutely stacked with talent, and this was before the SEC was the dominant conference. He went to Ohio State when the B1G wasn't exactly dominant and Ohio State was absolutely stacked with talent. If he coaches at the collegiate level next year, my money is on USC. The Pac 12 is down. They don't have any dominant coaches. These are the opportunities he jumps at. If we're being honest with ourselves at this point in time, there's almost zero chance Trev's got his homerun hire in the bag. He hasn't even been the AD all that long. He might very well have a list or is composing a list right now, but this is as far as he could be. I don't think there is any way he was hired with the expectation of replacing the head football coach in his first year as AD. Unless Frost resigns, I can't imagine him not being here next year.
  9. It's premature to fire him now. We have to let the rest of the season play out. If we go O fer the rest of the season, I would say there needs to be some serious talks and conditions set going into 2022. If we only win one or two games the rest of the way, then conditions need to be set for 2022. If we win out, leave him be.
  10. It's interesting that you compare our situation to Texas. I agree that we're very similar. Both schools have systemic issues. We know Texas has them. How does a coach like Mack Brown who rarely lost more than a couple of games a season eventually struggle to the point of making a bowl? Something changed within that program after 09'. I don't follow them enough to know what it was, but something changed. I believe both Herman and Frost are good coaches. I also have no doubt that Sarkisian is going to completely flame out. Until either school figures out what their systemic issues are, neither will have the success that they expect.
  11. The problem is Nebraska. If Solich wins the NC in 99', does he retire as Nebraska's coach? I don't think so. While he probably makes it longer than 03', my money says he's fired by 07'. If Bo wins a conference championship in either 09' or 10', is he still the coach? I don't think so. Up-trending success like the teams you mention only happens after we're the B1G doormat for a while. Yes, we can absolutely have that. However once we have that and the coach doesn't take the next step to winning titles, he's fired. This leads me back to a question I posed a few days ago: is this a destination job? I don't think any of the schools you mentioned are destination jobs. When we become like them, it would seem we aren't either. Some people are okay with this. Up-trending success is nice until you achieve it. After that, you want more. If we go this route, the first coach that achieves it will bounce for a better gig once it's achieved. This path will not yield championships. Who knows? Maybe this is the new Nebraska football. It's going to be very interesting to see what Nebraska and Michigan do at season's end.
  12. I agree with everything you said about the Clownahan hire, but he was a coach that led his team to the Super Bowl. He was an OL coach which is what always puzzled me as to why Zac Taylor got pummeled nearly every play.
  13. "We gotta get the next one right." We've been saying and trying to do that for nearly two decades. Other than maybe Riley, who have we hired that most didn't feel was right? I think we have to stick with Frost for at least one more season after this.
  14. That's fine, but it really isn't the point. If we continue to change coaches every 3-5 years, we will never win anything of any substance. When someone objectively looks at programs around the country that were once on or near the top of college football, there are a few programs that really stand out with regards to coaching changes and internal problems. We are in good company with the likes of Texas, Tennessee, and one could also probably throw Michigan in there. Sometimes, it makes one wonder if there's more to it than just the coaches they've brought into the program.
  15. It really isn't with regards to the bolded. If you are going to cherry pick, then there's no reason to discuss it. I see you didn't even mention the 2009 season where we lost the conference championship in the final second of the game. I see you didn't mention the 2010 season where we lost the conference championship by a field goal. You only want to discuss his his final four years. Why? Is there something major that happened in his final four years? Oh that's right, we completely changed conferences.
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