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  1. I'm not sure how anyone could be confident in the bolded. CU will be one of if not the most interesting teams to watch this season. Coach Prime will either look like a mad scientist genius or a colossal failure at seasons end with what he did with his roster.
  2. To the bolded: yes, we are comparable to the big boys. I saw a list that had us in the top 10. Unfortunately, there are two other schools in the top 10 that either are in the B1G or will be by 2024. Those two other schools are already leaps and bounds better than we are. NIL more than likely helps us rise faster, but it isn't going to be the thing that causes us to compete for a B1G title or a playoff spot. In order to compete for the top in the B1G, we are going to have to win in the trenches. Winning in the trenches is not something that is going to happen over night. Bowl eligibility is the first step. It's going to take a while to even get in the conversation of competing for the B1G. Rhule seems to be saying and doing the right things, but he is going to need some time.
  3. The CC games are already not important. TCU didn't win their conference. Ohio State didn't win their conference. Last year, the NC didn't win their conference. Once expansion occurs, CC games need to go away. They already don't mean anything, and what's the point in playing one additional meaningless game?
  4. When one looks at the conference records in the playoffs, it makes you wonder going forward how likely it will be for some of the conferences to even get a team into the playoffs? The SEC has completely dominated since we've had the playoffs. If it hadn't been for Clemson in a lot of those years, they might as well have filled the four slots with SEC teams. Even with expansion, it would seem the SEC will more than likely fill half the bracket.
  5. While the bolded may be true for the fans, I'm not so sure it was with TA. I've read on here more than a couple of times how Fickell rebuilt Cincinnati, but I'm just not convinced that is true. Tuberville coached Cincinnati the prior four years to Fickell. He had a winning record three of the four years and qualified for a bowl three of the four years with two of those years being 9 win seasons. Even if Fickell does great things at Wisconsin, I'm not sure we can really label him as a program builder. Our situation is drastically different than either Cincinnati or Wisconsin.
  6. It wasn't which is why I didn't want to post everything that I'd heard. Turns out, everything I heard was complete BS.
  7. To the bolded: the answer is both yes and no. Clownahan was the wrong hire. He did bring some talent to Lincoln, but he wasn't a fit from the word go. Bo was the right hire. If one goes back and compares Bo's years here with TO's years early in his career, there isn't a tremendous amount of differences. Did Bo get occasionally blown out? Yes, he did. TO lost 0-27 his first year to OU. In TO's second season, he lost to both Wisconsin and Mizzou who both finished the season unranked and 7-4. TO basically inherited a NC caliber team. Bo inherited a somewhat talented team with a losing culture. The other thing that I think cost Bo was the move from the Big 12 to the B1G halfway through his tenure here. TO had an AD that had his back while Bo ended up with an AD amongst others that wanted him gone. This brings us to the Mike Riley era. I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but I thought this was a good hire at the time. It would have been better to have gotten him a bit earlier in his career, but I have always thought the guy was a good coach. The reason it really didn't work out had as much to do with getting talent to Lincoln. Scott Frost was also the right hire. He basically suffered the same fate as Riley for the exact same reasons. Lincoln is a tough place to recruit talent. Frost came in with good intentions, but he got steamrolled.
  8. Rumor has it, there will be a press conference Sunday at 3:00. If what I'm hearing is true, I would venture to guess that this has been a done deal for a while. If what I'm hearing is true, it will become clear as to why they've waited this long for an announcement.
  9. You really think so? In the NFL at the QB position at least, performance based contracts seem to be a thing of the past.
  10. I don't think it is quite the simple. Considering what he is owed from his last job, everything has to basically pass the smell test.
  11. To the bolded: isn't that the HC's job? I get what you are saying in terms of money allotments for assistants. However, certain coaches don't exactly work the best together even though they may be the best in their respective field. If the HC wants to bring in a coordinator that is relatively unknown and new in their position, I don't think we need to make that said coordinator one of the highest paid in the country.
  12. Jim Tressel also had no winning seasons as a P5 coach when he was hired at Ohio State. Ohio State was in a much better position than we currently are. I'm not sure why it is so important to have P5 success in order to coach at Nebraska. How does a 60-26 record at a P5 school sound over seven years and three top ten finishes? It sounded really good to Michigan, so they hired him. He went 15-22 over three seasons, and never finished a season ranked. Hiring a coach is a crapshoot. Remember when David Shaw was all the buzz? His last four years record at Stanford is very comparable to ours. We have tried almost every angle. We have hired a NFL coach who led his team to a Super Bowl. Then, we hired one of the best DC's. Then, we hired a program builder. Finally, we hired the coach who was all the buzz. I don't envy Trev. in this decision.
  13. I'm probably in the minority, but I highly doubt Bob Stoops lasts any longer here than Solich did.
  14. If you would have said Devaney, I could probably agree. I guess it all depends on where you want to put Barry Switzer. Switzer absolutely owned TO.
  15. TP The Guy does realize that Riley actually coached longer in the NFL than Matt Rhule right? He also had a slightly better winning percentage in the NFL as well.
  16. I was reading an article this morning about female athletes and NIL dollars. Apparently, the female athletes getting the most money are wait for it...... blonde bombshells. It's just a matter of time before NIL gets axed because it will be deemed racist, sexist, etc.
  17. I can agree with most of this except the bolded. I'm sure Frost has figured it out that it's really difficult to recruit to the midwest. He'll stay a lot closer to a recruiting hotbed. I could see him somewhere like Miami.
  18. I have a bad feeling that in 3-4 years Frost will have resurrected South Florida and we will still be floundering near the bottom of the B1G.
  19. I'm not sure about the bolded. I have often wondered if Saban isn't a little bit worried. The way he's been carrying on about Jimbo buying the best class, I wonder if he isn't worried if Alabama will be able to keep up with some other schools? Between rule changes with the transfer portal and now NIL, I wouldn't be surprised to see Saban retire at the end of this season or next.
  20. I don't think we are cursed either. This program has the ability to wear a coach down. I really believe this is what happened to both Bo and Frost. Bo walked into a better situation in terms of talent, but found it difficult to recruit here. Even with his historic season at UCF, Frost also found it difficult to recruit here. Bo started pimping his name out there for any job considered in a recruiting hotbed. It appears Frost just simply gave up. We have a few new things going on that might just very well be the spark we need. With the transfer portal and now the NIL deal, the right young and energetic coach could put us back on the map. I believe TA has been looking and inquiring about coaches as far back as last season. I don't think how a particular coach is doing this year makes much of an impact on TA's decision. There is a name that seems to come up whenever there is a NFL job opening that I haven't seen pop up here yet. I wonder if TA would give a guy like Eric Bieniemy a shot? I would think Bieniemy and Joseph could really make some noise in recruiting.
  21. To the bolded: yeah, I said the same thing when Callahan was hired. Yet, here I am. Even if we screw the pooch with this next hire, you will be back just like all the rest of us. We can't help ourselves.
  22. Why Ryan Day, and why Ryan Day over Dabo? Ryan Day hasn't built squat. He simply took over a well oiled machine from Urban Meyer. Remember when David Shaw was all the buzz? Coincidentally, his best three years were his first three years after taking over a well oiled machine from Harbaugh. In the last four years, the only year he had a winning record was the Covid year. Nebraska is a rebuild project. There's one name on your list that isn't like the others. I don't understand why it's on there.
  23. After considering the amount of money we're dealing with here, I'm wondering how far the boosters are willing to go? When you consider the buyouts of fired and current coaches along with buyouts and such of the next coach, we're talking some serious coin. There was a name thrown out very early after the firing that just keeps coming back to me, Bronco Mendenhall. He's currently out of coaching, and he said when he stepped down at Virginia that he was not retiring from coaching. BYU had three consecutive losing seasons when he became HC and Virginia had four consecutive losing seasons when he became HC. He is a program builder. He gets guys to the NFL, and he also graduates players. He's had several Academic All Americans which is something we used to really strive for. I think when he stepped down from Virginia he was burnt out. I have no idea if he's got his batteries recharged after sitting out just one season, but he seems to be someone we should be looking at. He doesn't come with a multi-million dollar buyout. He's a defensive minded coach which would probably gel well with some of our current offensive staff.
  24. We can't hire him. His average recruiting class rank isn't high enough. It's what I've been reading on here anyway.
  25. This is the primary reason I'm high on Campbell. He played DL in college, and he has spent at least part of his career as an OL coach.
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