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    Do I have to list Husker football? Isn't it kinda obvious since we're on here? Other than that, basketball (college more than pro), golfing, spending time with my son. Put along with that a cold beer a game of poker and friends and that pretty much sums up things that I'd rather be doing than being at work!

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  1. Sometimes guys are super athletes but just not great football players. It happens James Sims during the title runs destroyed and held (still holds?) the Nebraska Football Performance Index rankings, not just for RB but all positions. Don't know if he ever made it above 4th, at best, 3rd string.
  2. Randy Gregory IS...Jules Winnfield "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you!"
  3. Saw this posted on Facebook early this morning Yeah...yesterday Unsportsmanlike Conduct said they are selling "Keep Chiszick" shirts in Tuskaloosa and they said we needed a "Keep Ferentz" shrit here. I couldn't go to bed after S.O.A. last night so decided to play on the computer and then posted it on a few pages. Lame...I know.
  4. He earned right around $950K per win this year...he is an efficient employee.
  5. We've all seen the Herbie "grilling" the Hawkeye right? Well, I'm not a big smack-talker but figured I had to come up with dessert for the dinner. Hell...even Iowa fans might not disagree!!! GBR!!!
  6. Looks like Callahan's (west?) is about 10 minutes from our hotel. There is a Buffalo Wild Wings literally around the corner from the hotel, but am hoping for as much Husker Red as possible.
  7. Oh...I'll skip the temptation to make a comment about watching a big Husker game at a place called Callahan's!!! I'll have to check where that is from where we are staying. Thanks for the location.
  8. Curious if anyone had or knew of good, fun, loud, enthusiastic HUSKER watch sites in or near Overland Park? We are going for the weekend (Chiefs game for son's 11th bday), but want to take them to a good place for the game Saturday night. Needs to be kid friendly, but that doesn't mean no beer, no craziness, no fun...just that they are welcome to stay throughout the game and that doesn't include topless dancers (yet...that will be 18th birthday). Thanks!
  9. Yes, I thought of the "Badger, Badger, Badger" song/video in the look alike thread. Then...found this. I don't know if someone came up with it because they are proud of the Badgers or making fun of them. You decide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBst_zfg9x4
  10. That video was so mind numbingly stupid, after viewing it, I almost died because it apparently wiped out my natural ability to breathe without thinking about it. Watch with caution. I'm pretty sure I've got brain damage here. I didn't say it was an awe-inspiring addition to the viewing world. Just a funny comparison. And I'm sorry you are now stupid. Have some pudding.
  11. Badgers Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers (in case you have no idea what this is... )
  12. Just reported on 1620 ESPN's Schick and Nick here in Omaha. Statement issued by Bo that Niles had a 'foot injury' at practice and will not play Friday. Remainder of season to be evaluated.
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