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  1. This is so sad and sudden. I am glad he decided to bring it up after trying to keep it quiet. I will pray for him and wish him the best. PanCan is so aggressive. 6 months tops, but typically 3-6 months to live after diagnosis. At least from what I have always known. And that time goes quickly and it's no picnic at the same time.
  2. 2-0 count, bases loaded, 1st round rookie up at the plate. Angel Hernandez calling balls and strikes... here we go again
  3. So Denver is the the clear favorite to win it all again. We see it with our own eyes, and I hope they run it back. I love watching Denver play, win, dominate, while every team that plays them got no answers.... However let's talk about the West Denver T-Wolves OKC LA Clippers NO Pels Dallas SAC Kings Who fighting to make the play-in for the NBA playofs? LA Lakers Phoenix Suns Golden State Warriors There is enough Super Stars on these teams, with All-stars and MVPs......the faces of the League...... And Someone won't make it.
  4. LMBO that's Kevin Durant's favorite move every night he plays..... KD been getting away with it for 15 years
  5. That's awesome ! Wore 19 in HS (FB) Wore 14 in HS (hoops). It's my 2nd favorite number. Wore 18 in HS (Baseball). It's my favorite number.
  6. I feel like I saw this movie before from Big Ten Basketball Big Men. Was his name Garza before he went to Purdue?
  7. How is that BS? The idea of moving him to WR at Nebraska was a message board fantasy, and the media's wet dream too. In the end he became more valuable at WR, but still..... Frost had 2AM at QB1 forever, playing up and down and inconsistent...., and he brought along Luke. That's all they had at QB. If he had said "yes there was some talk after 2 years and I didn't want to start all over"..... then yes, it would be something. However, you got to take the man's words at face value when he is being asked a loaded question. He said there wasn't, so I believe him.
  8. I remember Glen Rice with Georgia Tech having a silky smooth shot..... I can't remember if it was with Mark Price or Kenny Anderson at PG. Great shooter but not the best. Also, Eric Piatkowski was insane from 3 point land and def in the Convo.... Wish others got to see the Polish Rifle shoot at Nebraska..... He was a bomber
  9. Great add about Frederette !!!! Yeah Hunt was jacking up 8 threes a night with the Running Rebels. When they won with Larry Johnson. Long time ago lol
  10. Sidenote.... The greatest college basketball shooters I have ever seen in my lifetime..... Guys going full throttle and draining deep three's.... And occasional dunks with fast breaks Rex Chapman - Kentucky Anderson Hunt - UNLV JJ Reddick - Duke They shot netters from all over the court, with no limit to their range, and some clutch shots. Amazing in college, even though I didn't think it would translate to the NBA. And yet, JJ played/got paid for 15 years in the NBA. Anyway, I haven't seen anyone shoot as good as they did in college ball. And I have been trying to think of others
  11. I think you are absolutely right. Thanks bro. I should have considered that angle as well, and maybe I would have been more chill about it. I'm working on it.
  12. Clemson made the Elite 8, or the Great 8.... Their coach was asked about "What does this mean to them, and to the rest of college basketball?" and the Clemson coach responded.... "It means we are not just a football program" and then went on about their program. Really? Your team made it to the tournament with 11 losses, but this season with some moderate success it means "We are not just a football program" ?? How about you make 3 or 4 Final Fours in 5 years before claiming that?? I mean, that's like Nebraska basketball having one good year and making the NCAA tournament with 63 other teams, and giving the coach a contract extension. (Too soon? Yeah, I think so. That's your normal goal every year). It's like Bo Pellini having a football team with 4 losses, winning a bowl game and claiming "We're Baaack". Instead of claiming how great we are RN, we actually become great year after year after year. It's a 64 team tournament, with some upsets, some good wins, some bad losses. Seriously, "not just a football program" for a team with 11 losses doing well in March Madness. I'm not saying that can't make it to the Final 4 or play for a championship. I'm not saying they can't win it all, or that they are bad. I mean, they are playing pretty good and I am rooting for them. I just think it's too soon to claim how great your basketball program is, or give coaches a contract extension for making a tournament with 63 other teams. Let's just see how they do the next couple years first.
  13. Chicago is such a great sports city..... I think the best. I love New York too, but if it wasn't for the Yankees.... The occasional Giants or a Hockey team once in a while..... NY and LA just can't measure up to Chicago IMHO EDIT..... Come to think of it, Chicago sports teams haven't exactly won much at all...... Lol.... They suck too !
  14. Felt same about NL league, bc they would walk the 8th hole hitter to get a cheap easy out by pitching to the pitcher who can't even swing a tennis racquet. And NL pitchers had better ERA because of it. And the game sucked because of it. However, I do appreciate Cubs baseball and all that is good about Wrigley Field and Chicago. But I also like Southside White Sox too, so there's that lol
  15. I am a huge Masburn fan, and Kentucky fan during that era..... But also, I am a huge Laettner fan and Hurley fan...... This game was amazingly fun..... And the winning cross court pass, catch dribble turnaround shot is still the most incredible, most impossible shot / play that I ever do seen......
  16. Our recently new GM said that it's different these days and if some players are ready right away, you embrace it and give them every opportunity to play in the majors. Carter was 20 years old when given a chance to play the final 21 games of last season and start nearly every playoff game. And the GM said that Langford almost got added to the playoff roster when a few guys got hurt.... Even though he only played 44 minor league games. We are definitely in a good situation offensively. Pitching not so much. And I don't think our closer is good enough and is really an 8th inning guy. We need a real closer.
  17. Wow, you should have adopted the Rangers at that moment for your #2 team! That's pretty cool ! Your starting pitcher last night was very difficult to hit. Mixes speeds with his slider and sweeper. It's unfortunate for y'all he pulled that hammy..... As it turned out it was a happy ending for us
  18. My friend that is a very wise decision. Langford might hit 35-40 bombs as a rookie. I mean, he's got a serious swing for launching bombs to all sides of the field. And the Rangers 3rd baseman Josh Jung hit 26 as a rookie last year and missed a month of the season. Soo....with Marcus Semien, Evan Carter and Corey Seager in the lineup and Adolis Garcia going for 50 homers..... Langford might do something like Pete Alonso did and just rake bombs on his way to ROY honors. This young man is determined and built for it.
  19. Hmmm... what happened to Daniels ? I don't believe JJ is a #2 pick in the NFL draft, but it is fun and interesting to enjoy. But he is a 1st rounder for sure.
  20. That would be awesome! I like JJ and Luke! And it will be interesting because JJ Mac is supposedly Payton's guy. I'd go for it!
  21. Most likely, I see the Texas Rangers playing pretty well. Starting pitching will be a concern as we lost Montgomery (couldn't afford him). Fortunately, we get Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer back after All-Star break. So I'm hoping we aren't too far out of 1st place by then. I think we have the best offensive lineup in baseball. Especially with Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford this year. Keep an eye on Langford. He's built like a young Mike Trout, and has incredible power. I love our Manager Bruce Bochy. Like I said, we should be pretty good.
  22. Road games. Jump on their pitching, get an early lead, play solid defense and play from ahead. Would be nice to get 5 or 6 good innings from the Husker starter. They have done a good job. Mid relief and late inning bullpen is hit or miss. I think this will be a good road test. But I also think the Huskers have been tested plenty of times against good teams already. So I am leaning on the Huskers in this one.
  23. I totally agree. I think trading up is the best way to go, as high as possible as you say, so that you might have your choice between 2 guys. And then you go from there (building around him). It's not impossible to make the playoffs with a rookie QB (Dak, CJ, Purdy, etc). At least be in contention the last few weeks of the year. But the main thing is when you see the light turn on and realize your future is set at QB, your entire team and franchise and fan base gets excited. And since they are rookie QBs, you have extra money to build a team around them (off/def). And I agree, I wouldn't waste a pick on a 2nd tier QB to fill in. I'd go get the best players (edge rusher, OT) and look to the future draft for a #1 QB.
  24. Should be an uptick during Spring this year, compared to last season. More familiarity. There really is only so much you can learn though. Fall Camp is where the rubber the meets the road. But, I will pay attention to the offensive line. Who's healthy. Who's improved. Who's ready to make that next step. And the depth. I'm also hoping to hear some positives out of the WR room. And will enjoy hearing about Dylan and the Nebraska kid too (DK). Defense will always have the upper hand, so I wont pay much attention to that side of the ball. And with RB's, I don't think they will be breaking tackles anytime soon during the Spring or Summer, so it is just a workout and staying healthy kind of thing.
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