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  1. Good game...terrible outcome. Secondary still missing assignments all over the place. This is going to be a killer for the kids. They desperately needed this to build confidence for the rest of the year.
  2. Good game...terrible outcome. Secondary still missing assignments all over the place. This is going to be a killer for the kids. They desperately needed this to build confidence for the rest of the year.
  3. Someone mentioned Darren Sproiles. How about Wes Welker. He wasnt recruited by anyone coming out of HS except Tulsa and got an offer from Tech at the last second. I think he has shown that height doesnt make a difference in the NFL. If was a NFL GM I would def give him a shot
  4. Player: Garrett Gilbert Hometown: Austin, TX Position: QB/ATH Height: 6'3" Weight: 183 lbs. 40 time: 4.4 Visit Date: Scholarships offered: Nebraska, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Texas, Stanford Favorites: Committed to Texas Rankings/Stars: Rivals: Bid Red Report: Assessing the talent: FYI - This is kid is a straight up stud! I saw him play in the 4A HS championship on Sat and he was unbelievable!!! He broke Graham Harrells TX HS passing yardage record as a junior!! Lake Travis was by 6 points with a little over a minute in the game and they had the ball. All they had to do was down it and the game was over. Instead, the coaching staff sent him out passing to get Harrells record...lol. Pretty ballsy considering it was for the HS championship. I think he is on the Rivals 100 to watch list. Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 10% Anyway, it looks like he has NU on his radar. Also, he dad played for the San Diego chargers back in the day. His name was Gale Gilbert.
  5. down to KU, MISERY and CU...LOL. I'm tired of this recruiting BS. One day they say one thing...next day the say something else. You cant believe'm
  6. Sounds like he could be a goner! Rivals now shows him being high on both CU/TX and low on us....figures
  7. He is now decommitted. Too bad...he may have been one our top recruits in my opinion. A position we needed badly in this recruiting class
  8. New pederson t-shirt
  9. I have heard that some husker fans get together at cool river on gamedays - BUT -I'm wondering if the game will even be on TV down there. I'm headed down for the weekend and dont want to miss the game.
  10. NORMAN — Football players at Oklahoma were given two nutritional supplements banned by the NCAA before the school's compliance department detected the error and stopped the practice. According to documents obtained Tuesday through an open records request by The Associated Press, Oklahoma self-reported to the Big 12 Conference that it committed a secondary violation of NCAA bylaws last fall by providing "two nutritional supplements that contained impermissible substances.” Oklahoma blamed one violation on a nutritional company inadvertently shipping a banned substance it identified as "an identical product bearing the same name” as a legal product that had been ordered by the university. In the second instance, Oklahoma reported that the football program's strength and conditioning staff failed to review the ingredients of a new nutritional supplement that was ordered. Both supplements were given to athletes before the mistakes were detected during a routine check by compliance staff. The remainder of the supplements were returned to the company that provided them. The report did not identify the supplements, what amount was used or how much was sent back. Oklahoma spokesman Kenny Mossman said he was unfamiliar with the supplements and was not able to comment on the situation. NCAA bylaws allow schools to provide "only nonmuscle-building nutritional supplements” that give athletes additional calories or electrolytes. The university reported strength coach Jerry Schmidt and assistant Scott Kolok "are fully aware of and understand NCAA legislation regarding permissible supplements. However, in these two instances, they did not exercise caution and perform a proper review of the (ingredients) due to their assumption that the two supplements were permissible.” Oklahoma, which won the Big 12 title last season before losing to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl, is awaiting a final decision on an NCAA infractions case regarding extra payments given to former starting quarterback Rhett Bomar and offensive lineman J.D. Quinn through their employment at a Norman car dealership. Oklahoma also reported that it committed a secondary violation when co-offensive coordinator Kevin Sumlin called a football prospect the same week that coach Bob Stoops had telephoned him and another when three prospects were shown lockers with jerseys featuring the numbers they wore in high-school. The university said the prospects involved in the violations all committed to play at other schools. Oklahoma also provided the NCAA with an update on compliance changes prompted by an investigation into nearly 600 impermissible phone calls made by former men's basketball coach Kelvin Sampson and his staff. The university said it is increasing its compliance staff to eight — from three in 2003-04 — and has modified the department's structure to make for better communication and more direct reporting. It also assigned the compliance department executive director the duty of conducting investigations, along with general counsel Joseph Harroz Jr., to allow "other compliance personnel to focus on key components of compliance, such as recruiting legislation, rules education and monitoring.” "The University has taken the initiative to make sure that all functions of compliance are monitored within the Department and under the direction of the Executive Director of Compliance, strengthening the University's institutional control,” Harroz wrote in a letter to the NCAA. In the basketball case, NCAA enforcement staff had recommended a severe "lack of institutional control” finding that could have resulted in a ban from postseason play. The infractions committee reduced the finding to a "failure in monitoring” violation. Oklahoma also reported a secondary violations by a women's volleyball coach who provided a media guide to a high school sophomore and a former track assistant who invited a track prospect to campus before he had been enrolled at the university. The track prospect was never allowed to attend Oklahoma.
  11. Stewart Bradley is pretty slow and he was good as we all know. I think his 40 time is about the same as fishers
  12. I dont understand the Pac-10 being #2???? Other than USC...what have the other teams done?? UCLA hasnt been that great. Yeah, they beat USC, which is ONE game...AND its there biggest game of the year. Cal has been decent over the past few years...Oregon = decent. I get tired of reading these reviews...they are usually wrong
  13. They definitely did. Kragthorpe did a hell of a job with Tulsa! He's going to do even better at Louisville. Unfortunately for him, he's probably going to lose Michael Bush since he declared for the NFL ya, it didnt take long for him to lose bush...whom he mentioned last night
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