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  1. Huskertrapper

    The Trump Economy

    I agree, but that has gradually been happening over the last 20 or so years. Its happened to the pig farmers, and the row crop farmers mostly, but I also see it happening to the cattlemen. I think a lot of it has to do with young people not staying around the small rural communities to farm/ranch. The town I work in, and grew up in has also really changed the last 20 or so years, and I attribute much of the change to the decline of small family farms. The last two years have been pretty tough rain wise here in extreme southeast Nebraska. We have finally gotten some rain the last week, and it will help some. We will get by though.
  2. Huskertrapper

    The Trump Economy

    Clifford you are watching too much CNN...the drought this year has hurt farmers more than the tariffs will.
  3. Huskertrapper

    The Trump Economy

    I'm not really hearing/seeing much of that talk here in S.E. Nebraska. In fact I don't know if I have heard anyone bring up the tariffs.
  4. Huskertrapper

    Friday night games coming

    Ya, me too. I wonder how many parents of kids playing HS football are at each Husker game? I would think it would be a substantial ammount....and I would assume that most would rather go to their kids games instead of the Husker game.
  5. Huskertrapper

    WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    I just saw that tweet too...I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!
  6. Huskertrapper

    Lawrence Phillips found dead in prison at age 40

    RIP LP. Sad story.
  7. Huskertrapper

    Prayers please!

    Best of luck! I will keep you and your family in my prayers!!
  8. Huskertrapper

    Bad Gangwish !

    For what purpose? To support my family, via the sale of their finished hides to a Canadian auction house. Some years it good money, some years its not. I also have a full time 60 hour a week job, and my wife has a good job (RN) so its not our sole source of income. It allows me to buy things for our family that we normally wouldn't be able to buy.
  9. Huskertrapper

    Bad Gangwish !

    Send PETA after me. I have killed 200-500 coon per fall for the last 20 years. Places like PETA exist to line the pockets of their administration. They are a joke. As are the animal rescue places around here, like the one in Auburn Nebraska.
  10. Huskertrapper

    RIP Nelson Mandela

    Good, I was worried I ruffled feathers! I didn't post with that intention!!
  11. Huskertrapper

    RIP Nelson Mandela

    No, I just don't post a lot on this forum. I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts on the Huskers, but as far as posting I haven't felt comfortable posting because everything seems to turn into a pissing match. I just was amazed this morning as I began to look at some of the forums I frequent that everyone thinks Mandela was such a great man, and thought I would express my opinion. Do you have a problem with that?
  12. Huskertrapper

    RIP Nelson Mandela

    Its another case of the liberal media making someone a hero. He was a bad man, and his wife is just as bad. They have the blood of tens of thousands people on their hands.
  13. Huskertrapper

    RIP Nelson Mandela

    Hope he's burning in Hell. Google Mandela Genocide and read up on how many people him and his wife are responsible for the deaths of in South Africa. You won't hear a peep about this from the mainstream media, but its out there. Another thing you can google is "Mandela Necklaces"
  14. Huskertrapper

    SIGNED DE Peyton Newell

    I'm mainly a lurker, and don't post much. I live about 30 miles from Hiawatha, one of my friends from there who is friends with Peyton posted this link on Facebook I thought i'd share it here if anyone is interested. ESPN radio interview with him... http://espn1007.com/go/audio/?id=842&t=interview-hiawathas-d-i-prospect-peyton-newell