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  1. 3rd straight game Watson hasn’t scored in the first half. Unacceptable for a senior.
  2. At this point I think he is more concerned about what ridiculous color of shoe he will wear than the actual game.
  3. SUHperman

    WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Josh Helmholdt, who I believe is a National Rivals guy, said he has not seen a player as fast as Nance in the 2019 class. He was not only talking about track times but how he moves on the field.
  4. According to Walters he goes by Peanut and may not respond if you call him Demariyon.
  5. SUHperman

    S Myles Farmer [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I was reading this on RSS yesterday. Frost and Held absolutely love this kid and think he is going to be a stud at OLB in 1-2 years. Going to use him very similar to Griffin.
  6. SUHperman

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Munson tried to reach him last night and the person who answered said he had the wrong number. They haven’t been able to make contact with him in quite a while. All they know is he is not signing today however he will be kept on the commit list with an outside chance he makes it. Doesn’t look good at the moment though.
  7. SUHperman

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    Apologize for the typo. I’m sure you were able to figure out who I was talking about.
  8. SUHperman

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    You didn’t even know who JJB was. Go back to following recruiting casually.
  9. SUHperman

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    Well on a positive this will leave us with a few scholarships to go get some ,hopefully, instant impacts on the grad transfer market. Also, if I am being completely honest, I am glad he went to Kansas. Like a few others mentioned I think this kid either needed to stay home or go somewhere where he already has a solid relationship. I’ll be keeping an eye on how Kansas does under Les.