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  1. Agreed and I obviously have no proof of it. I was told this story at least a couple of years ago before this news even broke. If they have received numerous complaints year after year at a minimum Revelle needs to make some sort of change if she is retained.
  2. I totally agree many people today are soft and don’t know how to take coaching. However, everything I have heard she takes it too far. We actually just heard from my friends dad and these were his thoughts. Btw he was a select coach for almost a decade and his daughter played for Nebraska for 4 years so I trust his insight. “She is mentally abusive. Great person in general and in the off-season. Once the season starts she turns into somebody else. When she loses games she is relentlessly abusive. She had a tough year and when she lost to Creighton badly she was not pleasant to be
  3. I am not at all surprised by this. Knew a girl, who was a starter and all big ten, on the team just a few years back and Revelle made her HATE softball. She would text at all hours of the night just berating players. This girl said one night Revelle was not happy with her play and she texted her non stop throughout an entire night and she was not able to sleep as you were expected to respond promptly. From everything I have personally been told she is a psycho.
  4. weird. Callahan said he was told of the injury from a family member of Jurgens.
  5. Targeting should be a 15 yard penalty and keep it moving. All these ejections and suspensions are a joke.
  6. I just went and reread the article and that’s exactly how he phrased it. I am having a hard time as well but I guess that’s Rutgers recruiting for you.
  7. Couple of interesting notes from an interview with Husker Online. He played baseball in high school, first base and left handed pitcher, and Frost said he was going to talk to Erstad about possibly playing here as well. Said he would have eneded up at USF if not here. Weirdest thing he received during recruiting process: Rutgers sent him a box and when he opened it a bunch of other boxes popped out and they just had different pictures of him on them lol.
  8. Yup, he posted the exact same thing on RSS! He said he is going to try and get some more info from the aunt today.
  9. I have been following this as well. It started over on RSS as a poster said he was informed from a school booster and then it was confirmed through a co-worker who is Biven's aunt. The guys profile name is Ohio4Nu so I guess it's possible that he could know Biven's aunt since he is from Ohio. Not sure I buy it either but something to keep an eye on.
  10. Sean Callahan said he heard he injured the foot when he started "cutting" again. Said he plans on asking Frost about it next week.
  11. Visiting on March 30th. Said 3 of his official visits will be to Auburn, Alabama and Nebraska.
  12. A poster over on RSS who claims to know the family said they think he has been putting on too much weight too fast.
  13. Rumor that he broke the same foot again.
  14. Hearing some rumors that Cam Jurgens may have broken the same foot again.
  15. Sounds like it is going to be Tony Tuioti from Cal. He was not at their spring practice today.
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