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  1. No QB's, two centers, 3 footballs. Your move, God
  2. You’re right.... we should pull a inspirational speech from the movie Witless Protection. Or maybe Larry’s bit about edible underwear.... it would have worked perfectly.... but Mike Riley isn’t here anymore
  3. Urban's days are numbered...
  4. They chose six because it sounds the most like sex, and the coaches want them to make love to the end zone.
  6. I've got some juicy goss that fits with this narrative.... I have a sibling at UNL, who said the first time they "met" POB (met in quotes because when he sat down at the table of 2-3 people he wouldn't acknowledge said sibling) he referred to himself multiple times as "The Savior of Nebraska Football" before even going through a season.... I also heard a rumor that Uncle Rico is his life coach. I know the first rumor to be true, the second I am 50/50 on
  7. Sipple is saying there was no class conflict. I can’t believe Callahan would do that. I bet Sean says “that bus was being a real a**hole to McGreggor, fr fr” too....
  8. At 1:43 Callahan says POB had a class conflict, which is why he didnt speak with the media. Do we trust Callahan or is this just one Irishman sticking up for another??
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