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  1. Oh I get it. You guys are just posting for my amusement. In that case, I appreciate it. These are good!
  2. If it is other than A, Bo should be fired. End of discussion. What are we playing pee wee football?
  3. I call How can a guy with a whole year of starting experience, who had to play with a whole debilitating, can't even tie my shoes or brush my teeth elbow injury, and still......still accumulated stats, yes STATS (that is short for statistics), real verifiable numbers, that proved unequivocally that he was as good as the other qb's in the league, not be given the job? This is a big mistake! There's no possible way we have a quarterback better than Zac Lee on our roster. Not even possible! No way!
  4. Bowl games are poor indicators. Sometimes teams just show up to drink and sightsee. Especially those that had MNC aspirations.
  5. If you don't like a thread, don't open it! As for TMart and Green not being able to throw, if they missed receivers last year, it isn't necessarily a function of them not having accuracy. When the game is moving as quickly as it does for a young qb, they may be moving from receiver to receiver and having to get rid of the ball the moment they spot the open guy thinking the rush is coming. With as many plays as are in the playbook, I bet under game pressure it takes a guy a while to remember where all 5 receivers are exactly, so when you finally see a target, you rush the throw. Both of these guys could have made huge strides in this department over the summer and through fall camp. Being comfortable out there makes a big difference!
  6. If you made that up, it was excellent. If it actually happened, there are no words.
  7. Why wait? We should start the guy with the most potential to take us to where we want to go. If TMart or CGreen is that guy, the first two games will be important for them to get over the jitters and work on game management skills of an actual game situation. Letting Lee get the most snaps and then putting the newish guy in when we need a spark at UW or the Big 12 conference games would be a mistake. Since the coaches know who the starter is, I imagine one wouldn't have to hang around practice very long to figure out who the #1 is. Especially if it is one of the youngens, they are probably being prepared with a lot of the reps in practice.
  8. It's called wishful thinking. We are already painfully aware that the others couldn't do it in front of 85,000 people, we are just hoping he can. If the tantrum about TMart is true, it just shows how badly he wants it and moreover, his belief that he is the best. Crouch was right, maybe TMart is too. I feel that the people who want Lee to play are making a dangerous assumption - that we are going to be lights out on D, all 13 weeks, and we just need a handful of points and no major mistakes and we will be in position to win all of our games. There are no absolutes. We might fall off defensively, people may figure us out some weeks, we may go up against better athletes. There are no playoffs. You can't afford to lose a game and expect to take home all of the marbles. I'd rather be a little dangerous to other teams on offense this year. As to the suggestion that we have guys on offense that Lee just needs to be able to get the ball to, first, we don't have great players on offense, and second, the same would hold true for the other potential qb starters. Lee did not "make" plays last year. Let's hope this year's qb can.
  9. Wasn't he a pretty successful starting quarterback here?
  10. you play the player that will best move the offense, not the player that will best distribute the ball or run the ball. the player that moves it best between the goal posts will be the starting qb at dear old Nebraska U. Exactly. We already know who can't. Yes it was high school, but if you make mistakes and don't find a way to get first downs you don't go undefeated and win the California state championship. Also, it may be just practice, but he's pushing Lee and they are both going against the same college D.
  11. This is what I've been singing for months. Some on here seem to think it was "not a big deal" and that this injury was somehow not the reason for the poor play. These people have obviously never played a position that focuses on one area of the body, let alone injured that body part bad enough to require surgery, and then had the nuts to have still played EVERY GAME. Oh, and please, don't give me this "he was a poor runner, poor thrower, couldn't move the offense" crap. If that is your contention, and you still are clinging to a injury requiring surgery "wasn't that big of deal", maybe a dismantled and depleted offensive line was. I was critical of Lee last year as well, wanted to try Green. We did, Lee was better, that's simple. What I didn't know is that Lee was better WITHOUT A THROWING ARM. Think about that for a second. His wrist was injured bad enough to require surgery. He played through that pain, changing the way he did everything to make up for it. As a result of this, he tears a ligament in his elbow. HIS WRIST AND ELBOW WERE BOTH INJURED ON HIS THROWING ARM and he proved he was better than anybody else. Good Lord people, wake up and put down the recruiting hype. I seem to remember another QB leading NU to a 10 win season with an underperforming offense and a great defense. Fans were chanting for his backup as well saying some of the same things we are hearing now, then NU went to Washington early in the season and this QB had a coming out party. Scott Frost only led NU to the National Championship. So you're putting all of your eggs in Lee's (maybe he'll be better and maybe he'll be the same) basket? It also sounds like you don't want one of the young guys to be improving to the point where he passes Lee. I hope Green or Martinez becomes the best qb in the history of Nebraska football. Yet you hold tight to the guy who the coaches felt they needed to bring in a point guard with one year of eligibility just in case. If that is not bad enough, he played the entire year and underwhelmed. I believe if Green or TMart gets in you will hope they lose us a game so you can be right. I've seen this Lee and he's not too good. If no one can beat him out this year, we are in sad shape at qb! They should all transfer and we can start fresh next year with Carnes, Turner and Starling (although I believe we will be watching him play all-star level baseball by the time he would have been a fifth year senior at NU). But I believe someone other than Lee will emerge and I also believe it will be Martinez in the end. Unless he is injured, he will finish the year leading the Husker offense, not because I want him to, but because he can and no one else is capable. Sad but true! P.S. Skersfan, I believe I just have.
  12. After watching his film, one thing was certain, he runs after the catch really well. I wonder if he can field a punt.
  13. Our offense stunk last year. We didn't have the line or receivers to score points. Sometimes a playmaker, especially a guy who can use his feet, can compensate for some of that. Last year at least, Lee wasn't that kind of guy. I'm guessing he's not this year either. He doesn't even look like a quarterback. I, for one, don't want to go out there and score 17 a game each week hoping we can hold the opponent to 16 or less. Everybody makes mistakes. If we have a guy who can reasonably limit those mistakes and cause the opposing D some trouble, unlike Lee, play him!
  14. Just checked the brokers and saw many for under $200. And they are usually the highest priced people selling. How often do the Huskers play in Seattle? Bite the bullet and open the wallet! Find a car like yours -same model year and color- at the junkyard, tow it in front of your house and call out the insurance adjuster. The Huskers in your own backyard! Seriously!
  15. Yes, I'm certain that the tunnel walk was to blame for that loss. Their arms were ruined after the arm in arm walk, how else do you explain the fumbles? Arm in arm? Why would you want to emasculate the entire team right before kickoff? No white skirts with red stripes available? I don't want to dosie-do with a dude right before playing football.
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