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  1. Great stuff Nebr. Bob. From an fans perspective, based on this info. I agree that this would appear to be a great hire for NU. The guy's track record speaks for itself.
  2. someone will have to help me out here but I cant remember the linemens name that wanted to leave he was from big 11 country. But Callahan went and talked to his parents about staying. So I wouldnt quite say the Callahan does not care. It seems like fans from other schools are the ones that are so worried about what Callahan does. Happy New Year KC husker... That player you are asking aobut is Chris Patrick and I believe he is from Michigan... He was leaving the team, but BC talked him and his parents into the kid staying in Lincoln. It has been reported that Patrick's parents saying that BC has been "very good" to Chris... I think that BC does care a little bit, either that or this kid is a stud and BC is kissing some butt so he will stay
  3. Many good points to this post. I am not sold on BC yet. On the other hand, the whole argument on "family" doesn't fly. Peterson cut the "family" ties last year and we are stuck with that regardless of wether we like it or not...We will never get that back.... Moving forward, I am concernd that players are leaving with a sour taste, but that's life. Believe me, I am a football coach (which makes me an expert. HA), but whenever a kid doesn't agree with playing time, it is NEVER the athletes fault.....it is not that he is not fast enough, strong enough, or tough enough, it is ALWAYS the fact that the coach doesn't like the athlete or the coach doesn't know what is going on.....It happens at all levels....and as far as the Brungardt's remarks that football isn't fun anymore here.....DUH...if your not playing, and the coach isn't kissing your butt, it wouldn't be fun.
  4. Heard this rumor earlier in the week... David Shaw was the recepient of Scott Frost's first collegiate touchdown pass at Stanford. In Frost's opinion, Shaw would be a great choice for the position...take Frost's opinion for what it's worth, because he has been critical of many decisions lately.
  5. Thanks Nebr. Bob.... Feeling a little better aobut Boateng.. I am still concerned that he is traveling to the Rose Bowl to watch Michigan (Roz from Husker Ill.), and that Florida has become a heavy player in the mix, according to Roz's report on Sport's Nightly.......Welcome to the board KC Husker... I am a board member for only a couple of days...The board veterans are good, let's see if we can bring anything to the table.
  6. This is somewhat alarming.... I am not an stong BC supporter, but remember that when Coach Solich cleaned house (Darlington, Young,etc), no fewer than 8 players left the team...and it wasn't that big of news. Players leave universities all of the time and most are unhappy when they do..... It goes with the territory...Some of these guys are local guys who just aren't athletic enough to play in the new systems.
  7. Keep your fingers crossed for this one....especially with Boateng playing all of his games with Michigan and Florida. Brooks would be a huge steal from a North school.
  8. Last night on Sports Nightly, "Roz" (Husker Ill.) reported that this is a guy who we should be very concerned about....... I believe it was reported that he gets 3 more shots at the test though.... It is interesting though that he has elected to play in two all-star games instead of working on academics....Marlon Lucky chose not to participate in CaliFlorida game becuase of academic conflict...
  9. Must have been pretty recently. I haven't heard of him before today. Haven't heard of him until this morning either....nice work nebr. Bob..... With Lorenzo Jones wavering on his commit and with DE Henderson apparently not coming, this could be a nice addition to DL.
  10. Any news on Lorenzo? I believe rivals still lists him as a soft verbal, and I saw that he is still looking to set up visits elsewhere? Anythiny out there ?
  11. Heard on local radio a few days back that neither Turner or Barney Cotton are not among the two finalist for the NMSU job..... Turner has reportedly stated that he would be interested in the Grambling State job....Hopefully he will land somewhere!
  12. I agree with most posts on the subject.... Just thought I would add my two-cents QB: I think that Daily has a leg up and will come out of Spring listed #1, but Taylor will be under center for the season opener, with Daily and Adams sitting in the wings...Hopefully, Beck will be willing to redshirt and fully learn the offense for 2206. RB: I believe that Ross has a strong hold on #1, with Lucky and Brandon Jackson serving as more than reliable backups to begin the year... Leon Jackson to DB and Horne to SE/WB type of player......Green probably designated to special teams duties only. OL: Not much new here....Murtha should be huge contributor. WR: Nunn and Fluellen impact players with hopefully a freshman coming in...Not expecting much from LeFlore. TE: We need Herien to return to form....Must utilize this position more!!!! Defense: DE: Not much of change here.... Fairly solid, especially with Thomas gone DT: Same..... Still needs much improvement LB: I see Octavien and Moore being contibutors right a way as starters to "nickle" type of players.... Bradley in middle, but pushed by freshman Dillard... Bo Ruud will see the field in some capacity DB: Bullocks solid, but we could use guys like Adams-Meyers White and Reggie Smith ???? Of course Washington will be solid
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