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  1. Won't that happen with any candidate we bring in who's any good? If they suck they'll stick around for a long time, but if they're good they will be moving on and moving up. The years of all the assistancts staying on like we had under Osborne are gone. Nobody is going to stay an assistant on a staff for 20 years anymore. Ron Brown seems to be the exception. He's going nowhere.
  2. That head official should be held accountable ... should be disciplined. CU may still have won ... we will never know .... but this game may have gone to the wire, and the Huskers would have had a chance. While I follow the Jays, I also like Husker basketball. I feel bad for Doc and his players that one official help determine this game.
  3. We all know that the Pelinis and the Stoops have a long history of friendship from Youngstown. We saw Bo and Mike have a long, friendly chat after the Nebraska-Arizona game. Does this relationship give us better odds that MS will be our next DC? But it isn't necessarily that black and white. Would Bo give him enough control of the defense to satisfy him, would he want to deal with Bo's temper, would the university be willing to pay him $500,000-plus? Bo would also have to consider that MS may be here for two to three years at best before he perhaps finds another HC job. So, on the surface, it
  4. Yes, rushing the field can be lethal if you don't keep up with everybody else in the crowd and you get knocked down and trampled on or in this case standing by the goal post and get knock down and almost get crushed by the goal post. I recalled decades ago when a massive crowd of people rushed to get tickets for a rock concert in Cincinnati ... it was a stampede, and a number of people got trampled on and several died. When it comes to crowd control, this is a big concern.
  5. I agree that OSU deserves a shot against LSU based on that OU game. Still the two best teams are playing against each other. While OSU had perhaps their best defensive effort against OU, they didn't look that dominant overall to me -- yes, I know they made some big plays -- and may not hold up against those two giants. And those two defenses have been smothering and would likely slow down OSU. But that's not the point ... the Tide had their chance and didn't get it done. It's not always about who the best team is. Clearly that is the case here. While a final-four BCS structure would not be
  6. also known as: "I hate all Creighton fans." also known as: "I hate all Creighton fans." Now Wait a minute! I live in Omaha. Creighton is located in Omaha. CU doesn't have a football team. NU has the only major football team in the state, so it's easy to root for the Huskers in football. I happen to like both in basketball, and it's a tough call which one to root for. CU is a local team, and you don't understand that? ???????
  7. I expect the Skers to play hard against them, perhaps within 10, but I don't see Doc having the talent to defeat them at the Quest ... UNLESS the Jays admire their victory at SDS too much and lay an egg. That would be the only outside possibility.
  8. I expect Doc will have them ready for CU and be competitive, but CU's victory at SDS shows that they may be for real, and the coach's son so far is playing All-American caliber basketball. I can see the Skers staying within 10, but I don't see them having the talent to beat them at the Quest.
  9. Great victory by the Jays ... at one of the most difficult places to play -- at SDS. Too early to get too deep into this, but do you think at the very least that the Jays finally have the talent and the coaching to make the Sweet 16? Not asking if they will, but whether you think the team has the foundation to perhaps make a run? We will see Sunday if the Skers can hold their own against them.
  10. I think he is getting better managing the game and could some day be a solid QB for us. But it's apparent that he still has his share of issues and is off and on. He's still in development. But are you folks with me despite his great acceleration and speed that the better defenses have figured out how to defend him because he doesn't have the ability to make defenders miss? It seems that as long as defenders are in position, they won't miss any tackles against him. So as long as defenders don't have to chase him from behind, they don't feel that threatened by his inability in the open field? D
  11. Those who say it took TO 22 years to win a NC I fully hear you. So even though I feel at this point that Bo is a solid but not a great head coach, my feeling on that could change. After all, he's only been at the helm for just almost four years. We must keep an open mind on that. Those of you who are concerned that in his fourth year he has had two lopsided loses -- and I will admit it has bothered me some -- remember that TO had two lopsided loses in a row in the 1990 season to Oklahoma (not a great team) 45-10 and to Georgia Tech 45-21 in a major bowl. Like everyone else, I must control my e
  12. I tend to agree with this to a point. Yes, I think he is more timid than last year before he got injured, but he has never been a runner who can make you miss. He tends to take direct hits which makes him vulnerable to getting injured. He was a great runner last year when it came to acceleration and there was an open running lane. But not so good in traffic like a Russel Wilson or Denard Robinson or Eric Crouch. Those guys can juke you. T.M. can't. So sliding the coaches think is his only option, but it has no question made him think too much about not getting hit, which has affected his runni
  13. I believe the D has come a ways ... it is without question getting better. I especially like what I see in the DBs. The word is still out, however, whether this will translate into stopping a running QB. My understanding is NW has a running QB? I don't know much about that team, except they are among the bottom ones. Thus, if they have a fairly decent running QB, that will be a test for the improvement of our D.
  14. Absolutely!!! Except now, instead of me complaining, we the majority need to cheer to drown out those boos, as hard as it may be to do with poor play. Stop the boos from being heard!
  15. As hard as it might be whenever our team is playing poorly or when TM throws a pick, the majority of the fans need to cheer to drown out the minority boos immediately. To be honest with you, I never thought of doing that before, and it's not natural for me to do so because I can be just as frustrated as the next fan ... but it's sure taking the high road. So instead of me complaining and whining any further, I instead came up with what could be the solution in future home games.
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