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  1. That sucked. Take some time to sulk, and then move on. We've got a huge game against Ohio State next week. Can't let this bitter taste get in the way of our preparation for next week.

  2. That did not look good for Farmer. We may need to burn Bo Wilson's redshirt...

  3. Any Premier League fans here? New to the EPL, but I'll be in London with my family for xmas. Looking at going to either an Arsenal or Chelsea game. Any suggestions on which team I should choose?

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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      Maybe you'll get lucky and a youth football league will be playing somewhere. I'd go to that instead.

    3. schriznoeder


      ARSENAL! They're playing a home match against West Bromwich Albion on Monday, December 26. I'm expecting a full report including pictures. GO GUNNERS!

    4. zoogs


      Kinda cool, a lot of Arsenal supporters here :)

  4. Like hell we'd follow Texas into a new conference. We're about to make $40-50 million a year from the Big Ten. No way we turn that down for a conference without a solid foundation. The real conversation should be about bringing in OU to the Big Ten West.
  5. I think we suspend him without pay for part of the year. Give him the opportunity to seek help and better his current circumstance, however make it very clear he's on a no-tolerance policy from this point on. Show everyone we care about members of the Husker family and are not going to dump them in their time of need. Give him one final chance and set up a support system he can access if he ever needs it.
  6. This is awesome! I want this!
  7. Not if he's a team cancer. Why'd Alabama drop him?
  8. I know I can't be the only person who had a mini panic attack when first reading this. Initially misread this as "Keith Williams".
  9. Can we just break away from NCAA already?

  10. Dear Old Calabraska U!

  11. I think we are going to love KJJ here! Dude has leader written all over him.
  12. Jaevon McQuitty just tweeted "USC " and "I'm low key upset oh well #GBR". Hopefully it's about something else...
  13. Just thought of something. Say Bernie wins and is able to pass the Free College for All Act. Think how much college sports would be affected by that.

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    2. onlyHskrfaninIL


      oh they'll still have a long term financial burden



      Does that mean my college debt will be wiped out? What do you mean no?!

    4. Scratchtown


      I'll vote for Bernie if my debt goes away. That's like 98% of my debt right now.

  14. I'm officially done watching the NFL. Just not worth it.

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    2. mrandyk


      I stopped watching the NFL because the over saturation just made me sick. It just doesn't end. Every day of the year I have to hear about it. Now it's time for 5 months of draft speculation.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I thought it was a good game, as superbowls go. A defensive struggle for sure but at least both teams were in it until the end. Of course I am a Broncos fan so.....

    4. GSG


      I will say this: I despise the donkeys. Always have. But I'm less pissed about them winning as I am pissed that the media is just going to fawn all over Peyton when they probably would have still won without him. The defense was that legit good.

  15. Relieved to hear Shields has feeling and movement in all extremities. Let's all hope for good news from the hospital. Thoughts are with his family.

  16. Nice breakdown. I also think Pernell Jefferson will be pretty solid for us at LB - I know some OU fans that were pretty upset they lost him. Don't count out JoJo Domann either. I really wish we would have gotten more DEs though. That will be one of our highest priorities in next year's class. We've missed out on high-level talent at that position for the last two classes. Wish we would have grabbed another OT, but getting Farniok is absolutely huge. Outside of QB, that may have been our greatest need in this class. Also, don't forget Lightbourn at Kicker! He seems like a pretty solid successor to Brown.
  17. Oh look, Brandon Cavanaugh is looking for free advertisement again. I've got better things to do than to read another homeristic article.
  18. I think the football gods hate me. Feeling like this after that game:

    1. zoogs


      Pats fan too?

    2. corncraze


      No haha. Just hate the Broncos.

    3. zoogs


      Oh. Hm, what's there to hate? Not a Peyton fan?

  19. I hate the patriots. Hate them.

  20. HC - Bill Belichick Then I just tell him he has unlimited funds to bring in anyone he wants on his staff. I hate him, but he really knows how to win.
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