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  1. Wiscy +3 was the lock of the year. What was that Vegas
  2. unl123

    Copeland's College Career Over

    Pack it in. I say fire Miles now and let an assistant try to turn it around
  3. Is this streaming? Can’t find it
  4. Sick of looking at the guy. Need to move on
  5. unl123

    What Did We Learn? - Michigan State

    Michigan state is TERRIBLE Like unwatchable
  6. unl123


    Forfeit the program
  7. unl123


    Fire that dumbass Miles ASAP
  8. unl123


    Get rid of the basketball program. Complete joke
  9. Football and Basketball need cleared of everything that is associated with them. Clean slate. Get out of here Miles and co.
  10. That was the most pathetic bs I have ever witnessed. And those two would not have changed much. Miles needs to go.
  11. unl123

    I cant take it anymore

    His name is Matt Davison. Not Davidson His name is Justin Fuente. Not Fuentes Thank you
  12. unl123

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    An offer has been made to Frost. He has until December 3rd to decide.
  13. unl123

    Huskers vs. Michigan

    Miles better be gone. I haven't posted in years. This team is a joke