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  1. Huskers: 41 Ark St: 16 186: Rush 324: Pass
  2. You mean Flip watch.Not really a difference. ...Flimmit watch...?
  3. Why all the doom and gloom 84? It's about a vision and selling that vision that's got HCMR and Huskers where they're at today. If all you indicate would have to come true before the momentum began would there even be recruiting momentum? The chicken or the egg is a great debate, no matter what happened it took one to develop the other. What happens next isn't for the babbling pundits, wins or B10 placement. It's all about selling the vision.
  4. Skers 20 tOSU 17 Simply a homer... Rush 192 Pass 174
  5. Skers 17 W 14 We win! Rush 168 Pass 237
  6. Skers 45 Purdoodoo 14 Ground 315 Air 187
  7. Skers 35 Ill noise 13 Ground 285 Air 260
  8. Were the refs from last year at an open practice?
  9. Less than 30% of the 2017 prospects are defense. Is that strange?
  10. The last time I was this excited about a recruit (POB and TW) was Rex. If POB can bring the same level of game, it's going to get good.
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