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  1. Except we don't have time for a punt. D needs to force a TO or a quick 3 and out.
  2. Embarrassing It is indeed. 4 of those losses are by our defensive-minded head coach. I figured there would be more by BC.
  3. Please stop making excuses for Green... He was a fumbling machine (Martinez is too) without any big play ability whatsoever. Martinez may be 0-4 in those situations, but he has gotten us further than Green ever would have. Not making any excuses for green. Watched the bowl game. Looked ok, but got the win. Sorry if you have a problem with Facts.
  4. Nah his first action was mop-up duty in the first game of his freshman year. His first play was something like a read option keeper where he ripped off like 40-60 yards down the sideline. We should've kept CG. The kid was undefeated as a starter at Nebraska. All we had to do was let him take the first snap of every game and we would've won multiple titles by now. i.e. the use of the word starting
  5. You have to remember that CG never had the benefit of a redshirt season. He was thrust into his first starting action against OU, I believe. The lights are pretty bright for TM as well, He is 0-4 in CCG and Bowl games.
  6. These are the worst Husker Losses since 2000 as compiled by the OWH Worst Losses Since 2000 Texas Tech 2004 70-10 60 Wisconsin 2012 70-31 39 Kansas 2007 76-39 37 Kansas St. 2002 49-13 36 Missouri 2008 52-17 35 Oklahoma 2008 62-28 34 Penn State 2002 40-7 33 Wisconsin 2011 48-17 31 Most Points surrendered since 2000 2007 Kansas 76 2012 Wisconsin 70 2004 Texas Tech 70 2007 Colorado 65 2012 Ohio State 63 2008 Oklahoma 62 2001 Colorado 62 2008 Missouri 52
  7. I totally agree. The players actions and emotions after that play were indicative of the whole game. Very lackluster and lackadaisical. No one stepped up to protect their QB. It would have been completely justified if a player came flying in after the play and blindsided the LB. Game was out of hand, now you have to play for pride and for each other. It was disappointing to see the QB have to protect himself.
  8. The only thing I can think of here is if it was enough for it to technically be a personal foul, which would be applied to the end of the play? I thought the officials had a poor game. On the 4th down we went for, we lined up and snapped the ball. They came running in and stopped the play and reset the clock, but never explained why? This allowed Northwestern to see the formation we wanted to run, get set and make adjustments. We probably wouldn't of gotten it anyway, but it's something little that pisses me of off. Another thing that happened was when we stopped Northwestern on 3r
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