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  1. From what I understand nothing has changed in terms of the old stadium. All the seats that were there before are the same the new addition was entirely new. Could be wrong though.
  2. If memory serves the study also said the problem is not so much the train itself but getting around once you get to your destination as the public transportation systems in each city are not really set up to handle this type of thing. On a game day it would be different as the destination is right there but to make it feasible the other days of the year may not make it worth while. If you are commuting from Lincoln to Omaha on a normal typical Wednesday and you get downtown you will have to walk or catch a cab etc to get other places. Are there enough people that work extremely close to the
  3. Anyone know when they are supposed to be sent out? I want them. I know they are coming it is just not the same until they are in hand.
  4. Has there been any drawing or renderings as to what the inside of the new addition will look like yet? How about a better seating chart showing how many rows will be in the upper deck etc? There are many questions and I want to know the answers. My tickets are in the new addition so I will find out for the Wyoming game but I was hoping to know sooner! Thanks Husker nation! GBR!
  5. I went to the Heisman Room in North Stadium this last weekend and the guy there said the self guided tour is currently closed due to the area being a hard hat area only but would be reopening in September. Just thought I would pass this info along as I always like taking friends and family from out of town there when in Lincoln.
  6. Where did you look to find this info? I logged into my account and couldn't even find that I have seats this year. You have to log into your account and then from there it was wierd to actually find it. I clicked on renew my donation and it showed what I had paid in terms of the donation and below it showed my seats, which were different from what they had been so I looked where they were and they were part of the new section. I just checked before writing back and I cannot find it again either. I really wish huskers.com and your account information was easier to access information i
  7. PBA is going to be a top notch facility for sure as will the new addition to Memorial Stadium. With all of the research space and the addition to the stadium I really like it. I just wish there were some pictures or renderings as to what the inside of the new section of Memorial Stadium will be like. How the concourses and everything will look etc. Will there be escalators, etc. Anyone seen anthing?
  8. So I looked on my account on huskers.com and it looks like our seats have been moved over to the new section on the east side almost at the top but we are excited! Has there been a drawing of what the insides of the new addition will look like? I am assuming there will be new bathrooms and concession stands in there for the people even clear up high like myself. Will there be escalators etc to get people in and out? Hopefully the access will be better than it is for the north stadium up high!
  9. I requested to be moved to the new section when it was offered to season tickets last fall/winter. I called the ticket office a couple of weeks ago and I was told that they would be mailing out notifications by the end of May. I am still waiting to see if I get to move or not. I really want to know!!!
  10. Gotta get win 1 tomorrow out of the chute. If we have a chance at all, which with our bullpen shortcomings I really am beginning to doubt, we gotta get to the championship game in as few games as possible. It would have been nice to get the first round bye to help in that regard but the debacle Saturday against Michigan prevented a shot at that. Lets come out mad and put a whooping on the Wolverines to pay them back for the 19-9 game and move on to Beat the Buckeyes. Starters need give us quality starts to preserve the bullpen which basically consists of 2 guys at this point. Vogt and Roe
  11. We don't need better PR. You start by not letting guys like Harland Gund (2007 - now plays for the Falcons), or Trevor Robinson (2008 - Bengals), or Shaun Prater (2008 - Bengels), or Jon Lechner (2009 - beast @ Ohio) get out of state. Robinson is the only one of these we recruited hard. ...and you maybe take some risks on James Davis (2009), or Bryce Dietz (2010 - who's having a solid start to his career at Ohio), or Cole Fisher. You definitely grab a state champion wrestler Mike Shoff (2012), and possibly a small town kid with a good frame in Drew Ott (2013). Instead we move in
  12. Well that is good, I had not heard of that. What else can we do? It is good to be recognized by the media but how can we translate that to recognition by potential recruits and ultimately getting those recruits on campus to win us titles in Lincoln?
  13. Winning helps but we got to get the talent to win. How do we go about getting the stud players in the trenches to chose us to get where we are winning and it is not as much of an issue? We have to turn the tide somehow and create some buzz. It is a which came first the chicken or the egg question.
  14. I know that we have partnerships with marketing firms regarding advertisements in the stadium etc but what do we do in terms of PR and other marketing? I have noticed that other schools on their websites list the coaches and also list their twitter handle to follow them on twitter. I know we fight an uphill battle with recruits and the like in terms of exposure in more talent rich parts of the country. I hear quotes from them that they are hearing from Nebraska but don't know much about them and the like. I mean this is not the mid 90's anymore. Most of these kids were in diapers when we w
  15. Nebraska doesn't get a full share until 2017. Not sure how this all works out or if that can be negotiated to be sooner or what. The specifics of the transition to my knowledge have not been fully released.
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