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  1. Husker N KC

    *Official Signing Day LOI Thread*

    Sip at huskerextra said his insider that he really trusts says it is peat to nebraska. We will know in a couple minutes
  2. Husker N KC

    *Official Signing Day LOI Thread*

    bubba signed.
  3. Husker N KC

    Lincoln: Is it that unattractive to recruits?

    $1 million, a few i-pads and a couple LCD tv's don't even put us close to Oregon. Okie St. (locker room at around 1:30 - cafeteria at 3:30) Regardless of the investments, they still finished the football facilities in 2009. The "athletic village" is still being developed (because it is part of a $500 million athletic facility upgrade which has a duration of 10 years starting in 2005) - but that would just put them over the top. What they currently have is still pretty sweet. A story was run by the Times that stated Pickens lost the entire $165 million investment back in 2008, which might be what you are refering too. It ended up being wrong and I think was retracted. OSU was in possession of it, and he pledged an additaion $65 million after that. Then another $100 million for scholarships in February. That brings his total donations to almost a half billion. I think the entire endowment for UNL is barely a billion. While it takes Lincoln taxpayers to upgrade the facilities at UNL - Okie just has to ask Boone. Must be nice The athletic department does not use tax payer money to upgrade facilities. It is all paid for by donations. I think you are forgetting the athletic department makes $100 million each year a large portion of which goes back to the university. They haven't borrowed from university funds for any of the recent projects (west stadium, north stadium). Also the future upgrades to east stadium will once again be paid for by donations, not the athletic budget, university budget, or tax payer money.
  4. Husker N KC

    DE Ray Drew

    He's looking at some schools and Nebraska is one of them. He does know about Ndamukong Suh being up for the Heisman last year but wants to learn more about Nebraska. He has no favorites at this point and might be taking a visit at Nebraska in the future Whatever school he goes to has to have a great graduation APR rate, fan support, tradition, coach/player relationship among others as well. Graduation APR rate - ours is pretty good, not tops, but academic tradition is good Fan support - do I need to address this? Tradition - See fan support. Coach/Player relationship - have him talk to our current players, or just talk to our coaches and he will see that is a priority for us. So I guess he is a lock then...
  5. Husker N KC

    SIGNED OLB David Santos

    Thats my birthday, so I would like to think he will commit as a present to me and all of husker nation.
  6. Husker N KC

    SIGNED QB Bubba Starling

    The problem with your theory is that the players you mentioned were all position players. Bubba is a pitcher. I think pitchers can go throught the minors alot faster than position players. like Ez said earlier pitchers can put extra strain on there arms by throwing extra innings. why not go to the minors out of high school make a couple mil and work your way to the majors. See post #294. Starling is a pitcher/outfielder now, but is projected as an outfielder for the majors.
  7. Husker N KC

    2011 recruiting nu v b10

    You are right about Penn State, they were #12, we were #22, and OSU was #25. Link This was for last year's recruiting class. There are no team rankings (at least for Rivals) yet this year. But a cursory look indicates we are currently 2nd behind OSU. Yes I know, that is why I used the past tense... they were, we were, was etc...
  8. Husker N KC

    LB Dexter Moody*

    Sounds like Coach Sims has his ear. Thank you for the update iruletheskool. Sims is such a huge asset to our recruiting it is awesome to have a guy like him. He can coach well also. I wonder if Bo would be interested in bringing him to UNL if we have someone take a job elsewhere. Then again that my slow the Fort Scott Pipeline.
  9. Husker N KC

    QB/ATH Kortland Webb

    ESPN rates Kortland as the #68 athlete in the nation. He is currently a 3 star and the #9 overall player in the state of Missouri. He was clocked at a 4.49 at the University of Illinois football campe. Here is a little bit of the write up on ESPN, but I am not an insider, so I don't know what the rest says. Webb is a speedy, explosive athlete playing as a dual-threat QB, but will end up as a slot receiver or cornerback at the next level with upside as a return specialist. He is sudden and elusive at the same time and has outstanding feet. Lacks great size and bulk, but...link to story Updated the info post at the top. Thanks for the updates coach
  10. Husker N KC

    2011 recruiting nu v b10

    You are right about Penn State, they were #12, we were #22, and OSU was #25. Link
  11. Husker N KC

    SIGNED QB Bubba Starling

    It only takes one. I believe they'll be using a football one. If a player plays football and another sport they are going to use a football scholarship because the other sports have limited scholarships and often give partial scholarships. This is correct. Even Alex Gordon didn't have a full ride scholarship. Baseball has limited scholarships and must split them to get the best players.
  12. Husker N KC

    ATH LaDarius Brown *

    Do we have a chance? What position are we looking at him for?
  13. Husker N KC

    SIGNED OT Zach Sterup

    Matt Davison didn't really play basketball. Sure he was on the team, but mop up duty most the time. Wilson Thomas played on the basketball team. Even started. He was a wide reciever when crouch was here (the one out running crouch at the end of the 95 yd missouri td). He was a great athlete. He joined basketball once the football season was over. If we passed more back then or he committed to one sport or the other he could have gone pro on athletic ability alone.
  14. Husker N KC

    SIGNED RB Aaron Green

    That added weight will help his stock go up if he has a good season as well. Makes him seem more versatile and durable.
  15. Husker N KC

    DT Mickey Johnson