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  1. schuhbdoo

    Bring back Frost. Now

    Nick Saban say hello...
  2. schuhbdoo

    Osborne's judgment

    The Solich hire and Pelini fall 100 perc on TO. #wow Sounds like TO kept Bo around.
  3. schuhbdoo

    Mike Riley. For Him or GTFU

    I will Get The Fcuk Up? read this. interesting about his QB. http://www.oregonlive.com/pac-12/index.ssf/2014/08/marcus_mariota_and_sean_mannion_best_ducks-beavers.html
  4. schuhbdoo

    interesting stat about Riley

    Here is an article about Oregon QB tandums. This year may be the best ever. I hope he bring QB's to NU. It is the most important position on the team. http://www.oregonlive.com/pac-12/index.ssf/2014/08/marcus_mariota_and_sean_mannion_best_ducks-beavers.html
  5. schuhbdoo

    Two Facts-Yes-Riley beat Wisconsin in 2012

    Look at his current QB. Those stats are sick. Bo put T Mart and Tommy on the field for the last 5 years. I am all in but just shocked about this. Sean Mannion 2014 Season YDS TD INT 3164 15 8 Career 13600 83 54
  6. It's gonna be alright baby!!! We can always root for Bama....
  7. schuhbdoo

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    Why does the UF announcement sound a lot better than this one?
  8. schuhbdoo

    Hello, Mike Riley

    Was this a master plan of Wisconsin's? Alvarez and Eichorst? This set NU back 10 years and Eichorst ends up at Wisky in 5 years.....
  9. schuhbdoo

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

  10. schuhbdoo

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

  11. schuhbdoo

    East vs. West - 2014

  12. schuhbdoo

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    Yes!!! (While nodding no) I hope you have a valid excuse for that poor sentence. It's an Internet meme. Just trying to lighten the mood It worked!!!