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  1. I have to admit, I am enjoying reading all the rumors and things coming out. It is very entertaining, and I believe most is true. However, what screams out to me in all this is that we can make serious improvements and rather quickly, with a competent HC and staff. That is exciting.
  2. If you're going to do this, you have to include Beckton. He might be the best of the bunch.
  3. I wasn't trying to be cryptic or anything like that. I am just saying that it's beyond thinking he will be gone. He is for sure done, and that is known now. But you're probably right that it will be official on 10/1.
  4. You can say it with your chest now. It's been done but this opened the door for everyone to see, and possibly has sped up the process.
  5. It's a soft o-line that is dead in the water. He wasn't going to fix those guys. So many of those lineman shouldn't play anymore.
  6. Someone who is organized, professional, and proven. Trev wants innovative thinkers with a mindfulness on how to conduct themselves and each phase of their football team. He wants a set structure where things can be clearly addressed if it goes wrong before it gets to game one. Essentially a proven road map that Trev can follow along with. I think he will prioritize great teaching over great recruiting. I think he understands that Nebraska will be fine talent wise no matter who the coach is. Fine in terms of being competitive. Trev is a very passionate guy, and I think over the years he figured out that there is nothing wrong with passion, so long as you don't let it bite you at inopportune times. He seems to have channeled it into his work, and he has had to make tough decisions before. I think that's the kind of profile of person he will go for.
  7. zero evidence? Iowa 21 is a great example. Folding doesn't necessarily mean getting blown out, but you can see when that sideline is in their feels, and it's happening all over again. You know what the issue is with the close part? They've been close because they actually have good players, who at any moment can go make a play. The issue? They are not developed or well instructed on how to operate when those things aren't happening. That's the lack of consistency that hurts this program. Some positions get developed, others don't. Some positions stockpile talent, other's don't. Pure hodge-podge.
  8. @MavricI would also say that the first game of the year is null. This is measured against a collection of four seasons where the issues that plagued those years revealed its ugly head. Nebraska finds ways to lose, and the team folds quickly. That is the identity of the program and it happened against NW, and to those players detriment, it started with the head man.
  9. I think that it is. Considering how it played out, and what it showed. NW will not be the best team we face and that loss came from a team we killed last year. How did they turn it around so quickly and more importantly, how did we get worse so quickly? If Scott is to be retained, the losses to lesser programs cannot happen anymore, and unfortunately we are off to a bad start.
  10. I just do not think that is the case anymore. Frost is done, and I think he knows it.
  11. I don't disagree, however I do not think Trev went in believing Scott would turn it around. It was 80% about that buy out, and the time needed to make a measured decision on a new coach. A new offensive staff was a win win. Maybe they help turn it around, and all is good, or we have top notch assistants as leverage. Again, calculated. In terms of the wins, I don't see it. This team feels very incomplete, and I imagine Trev sees that too.
  12. I think the onside kick and lack of resolve by the team ended it. Trev is a calculated and conservative person. Scott is not the kind of coach Trev wants, and that game only cemented it.
  13. I hear ya, I just don't think there is any metric anymore. I think it was always "show me something different right off the bat, and don't stumble", or it's over when the reduction kicks in. Getting rid of the Frost angst may actually help this team squeak out a few more wins if he is let go mid season.
  14. At this point, I think Trev and most of us have seen enough. I think he will be out October 2nd. Mickey will take over as interim. He had to beat NW and if he didn't, while also showing signs of the ugly past, it was done. As this team currently stands, it has no chance in hell making 7-8 wins. The PR beating Nebraska takes on a weekly basis now is just too much. Everyone has begun to feel sorry for us, and that is a horrible place to be. I think Scott was always going to be let go, and the only thing stopping it was his contract (and a miracle turnaround). And I wouldn't be surprised if hiring Mickey and Applewhite was insurance for the next coach that he would have top shelf coaches in place if need be. In terms of what is being said on the radio waves. Believe it. These guys are too savvy to be sticking their necks out if there wasn't some validity to it. At this point, I think everyone knows where it is heading, and they are preparing everyone for the inevitable.
  15. Nebraska just needs the right HC. Everything else is in place to win. Urban and Nebraska need each other.
  16. Take him. At this point, the program is in the gutter, and somehow has things to be excited about (NIL, Portal Success, top 30 classes, more money). You bring him in, baggage and all, and nobody is saying why? They're saying they both need each other. We would more than double our win total, have the number 1 portal class, and flip 5-10 top 150 players, and be immediately relevant. He singlehandedly changed the direction of the BIG, and I believe he would put Nebraska in a great spot when he leaves. And he gets new facilities to sell.
  17. I am all for the dagger, but just make it a slow death baby.
  18. Well, your numbers are great and all, but do they tell the entire story Mav? Do they tell 50 percent of the story? No. They don't. They tell 33.3% of the story. The defense was the only thing keeping that team in games. The defense that got no rest, no help from special teams, and had to hold on short fields to keep the games from getting out of hand. If the team had a pulse on offense last year or special teams, those numbers increase big time. I don't care about the opposing offenses so much as I care about our offensive efficiency, finishing out drives, turnovers, and numerous 30 second drives that deplete defenses. Eventually, when the other team gets more possessions, and better starting field position, your numbers cannot trend up. Our defense was pretty salty for all the things it had to endure. My complaints about the guys on the D-line is that they are not good. Ty Robinson is the only exception and he has been ruined by S&C. When he gets to the NFL, they will have him take 35-40 lbs off and you will see the high 4 star player he once was.
  19. Anyone saying the Defense wasn't good last year is insane. The defense was very good, and that is without true difference makers, although I thought Damion was very disruptive. This year is really simple. You have no one on the interior of the line that can play at a very high level. Ty Robinson (and I have said this before) is fat, and has eaten himself out of being explosive at the point of attack. Nash just sucks ( been saying that since he signed). Drew is really small. Wynn has been a bust his entire career, Weaver and Buckley are wastes of scholarships, and Feist is just a glorified back up talent. The D-line has been poorly managed since Frost took over, and I am not a fan of Dawson. I think he is the proven weak link of this staff. He cannot recruit, and Nebraska should always prioritize their line coaches. S&C has failed the lines too. Frost has been shell shocked by our lines being pushed around in 18 that the philosophy has been to put too much mass on those guys so nobody pushes us around. The bad line play exposed the truth about Heinrich which is he can be a liability in an open hole. He just isn't as athletic as you'd want, but good line play would cover up that deficiency. I am not too worried about the secondary, because I think time fixes that spot. Young, talented guys who are eager only get better. I do not know how the d-line issue gets fixed. If Nebraska is to survive somehow this season, the offense is going to have to commit to being like the rest of the BIG, and that is eating up chunks of clock every possession. Limit the other teams snaps like they do to you, and let your defense rest for 20-30 actual minutes. Frost is an idiot and goes against this philosophy and yet it is the one that continues to kick his a$$.
  20. Honestly, I think LSU 19 was so talented and it warrants the discussion. However once that first whistle blows, and we are tracking down their kick returner, the amount of knockout shots would be brutal. LSU's players could not match that intensity. It's just a different game where guys do not have to worry about half the things they did back then. The mindset difference would sway the game quickly.
  21. I don't know if I love his ability in space, but he has elite movement for the box. Size wise he is ready made too. I think he would need a year to learn the system and then could be a long time starter there for us.
  22. He'd be a really good middle linebacker.
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