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  1. Thank you. I will check it out. I must of picked up a virus. I will let you know what I find in the next couple of days.
  2. So I have been trying out browsers recently because Google AD's and analytics have become overly intrusive and aggravating. For some reason Opera gives me a banned message when I try to visit this website. What's up with that? I can get to huskerboard on google chrome/brave and safari but not opera. Weird.
  3. I appreciate the posting of data links for the excess deaths from everyone and the productive discussion. It's interesting how folks react to this situation. I am getting my walks in and reaching better weight&blood pressure via healthy groceries rather than sedentary office work& chowing on fast food&pizza all the time. I understand my brothers have leaned up as well. I see a lot of people walking in the neighborhood now as compared to previous years. Incentive for some for others not so much.
  4. Personally I would love to know what the total number of deaths are YTD as compared to other years. I have been trying to find this data for 2020. Are we really 200k more? I haven't been able to verify that? I agree with the point that we have too short of a sample size to draw too many conclusions especially due to the fact we haven't been through an entire flu season yet but as a high level view I think it would be interesting and it does address the granular problems of comorbidity&categorization. I think it's another data point in the tool box to cross check other data. And just to be clear, I am talking about ALL deaths such as accidents,cancer,old age, covid, flu, murder, suicide etc etc. I believe I am just restating what people have said or implied but I want to make sure I have an understanding of the discussion.
  5. So which games will be on TV and what station?
  6. Nouli gets his waiver. Should add to the competition at LG. I really like the future of the OL room. Next year I would move Piper to RG. Have Nouli & Bando at LG
  7. Not sure but good idea to look at Hockey. I don't know anything about Hockey. Here's a link I found that talks about some options that have been tried along with pros and cons. Also seen a lot of sites that say you can spray a anti-fog treatment on. Not sure how well it works. https://blog.purehockey.com/equipment-tips-tricks/pros-and-cons-of-hockey-face-protection/ " While hockey full shields offer face protection similar to a cage, steam tends to fog up the full shield, and some skaters complain the ‘bubble’ is too hot. " This was in the con bullets for full shields. This article also implies something to think about. It might be difficult to put in and take out your mouth piece which some players like to do between plays. Also harder to clear sweat from eyes and drink water on the sidelines without having to take their helmet off. I am inclined to think that a full face shield is not a good idea for football. This is all based off of my very very limited perspective.
  8. How bad are these face shields going to fog up?
  9. Absolute stud. This guy is like Eric Strickland, he's an elite talent. No brainer
  10. Long jump is a good indicator of explosion & body control. Good thing for DB's
  11. I agree that's not what they would want however sometimes it's not in their control. If that would happen, rather than a reach perhaps a possible alternative would be to move an OLB like Graham or Alston or maybe even an OL like Fritche? Just a thought.
  12. I think Fidone is good enough to skip a RS year. I am thinking they are shooting for 2 but will settle for 1 if they strike out on all their choices. I think they will end up with 2. This is how I would rank them and the order in which I would hope to get them. 1) Fidone. Great catch radius & athlete. Could contribute early. Hard worker! 2) Crownover. His size makes him a great inline choice and will help him get on the field. We need at least one of the TE's be able to contribute right away and he already has the size. Not overly explosive but he knows how to use his size and is a good athlete, 3) Carney. I think he looks a little more explosive than Rollins and Crownover however his film is class B vs class a? So maybe that's some of the difference? Would be a 4 game RS candidate. I think he has a high ceiling and the recent gains have shown this. 4) Rollins. Would be a solid pickup. Would be a 4 game RS candidate. I think he is a little better than Carney with his blocking.
  13. We definitely have more options this year. I think the DB's are contending with the DL for best unit on defense. I think it's 1) DB 2) DL 3) ILB 4) OLB
  14. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/most-intriguing-huskers-no-14-db-deontai-williams/article_aeef47f2-833f-5f83-b847-2840096b3db4.html I think Mr Williams is going to be a playmaker for us. A Toby Wright type of guy.
  15. It will be interesting to see how they work him in. He's a versatile talent. I like his 6-2 frame&long arms. Looks like he gets good jams when he plays the LOS. Supports fast. Sometimes I think CB and sometimes I think safety. For the first year I think learning CB is much much easier than safety so that's probably the spot for him this year. He could come in on nickel or dime situations to play CB and Bootle or Cam can slide over to nickel/dime. I don't want to forget about Clark or Newsome either. I think Newsome could play some safety at times in replacement of Dismuke when we need to upgrade speed in passing downs. Clark would play CB in nickel or DIme just like Joseph then. With Wright moving to OLB Joseph puts us back to 12 scholarship DB's. So the numbers aren't optimum but the quality is good.
  16. I like the move of Javon Wright to OLB. I thought it might be Farmer that they would do this with but it will work with Javon too and they like the length there. Wright will give them a guy much like Domann who can play in the base package and stay in there in Nickel situations. I like keeping speed on the field. We will see how well he can hold an edge. OLB is absolutely the biggest question on D and the ILB were right after that. Last year some teams were stretching us out and we werent getting in the right gaps. I hope that is fixed this year as that is coaching.
  17. So after listening to Coach Austin and given past discussion. I think it's... LT Jaimes,Banks LG Piper or Bando or Hixon or Sichterman or Nouili (5 guys competing here) C Jurgens,W Farniok,Hixon or Sichterman RG M Farniok,Wilson,Lynn RT Benhart or Gaylord or Farniok if the first 2 don't work out and Wilson comes on strong.
  18. Didn't know it was a broken arm. I had read somewhere it was a broken leg from an ATV accident. Personally I have no idea. At any rate we can use another DB and Joseph would fit right in with the Soph class. I have now read the injury thread and see that someone saw a pic of him with a broken arm. So my apologies for posting with poor/faulty reasoning.
  19. Watched his hudl again. Going to revise my take and just call him a DB. Coach Fisher seems to like versatile DB's. With the loss of Newsome he could have a great shot at playing time in the Dime package.
  20. 47 makes in a row? That is Cary Cochran territory. I think Keisei will be even better though.
  21. Didn't know he graduated. That would be a big factor. Thanks!
  22. Does anyone know if Deontai Williams is going to try and recoup his junior year with a medical hardship? He only played in 1 game. Or is he more inclined to try pro ball if he has a good year, or is he not thinking about that yet? Trying to narrow down how many DB's we will go after this year. I am thinking 2-3 more right now if Williams plans on leaving.
  23. Excellent! Welcome Malik! Starting to get the DB room back in the green range.
  24. Welcome Marques! Lots of opportunity at Cornerback!
  25. Nice get for a PWO. Like the fact that he can try RB and if that doesn't work he will do ILB.
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