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  1. I will go with what the A&M bio's say and besides I like Harvell as the hitting coach. Not sure why anyone would get depressed. Time will tell.
  2. I know the article says Bolt was the hitting coach but I don't think it's accurate. The A&M coaching bios from 2018 indicated that "Bolt’s primary functions include coordinating the offensive game, mentoring the infielders and serving as third base coach." It doesn't say anything about hitting. Seely was the hitting coach. The bio states "He serves as the recruiting coordinator and works with the outfielders and hitters." Bolt was in charge of the offense so he does bear responsibility. Just wanted to point out that it's a group effort. History shows that he can put pretty good offenses on the field. Below is his old Nebraska bio. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=90230 Personally I think it gets back to RECRUITING.
  3. I have been doing some online research about catchers&pitching coaches and saw a few interesting tidbits. I don't think this is necessarily uncommon. Most pitching coaches were pitchers but some were catchers. Prior to the 1960's most pitching coaches were former catchers. The reasoning was that early MLB baseball had smaller coaching staffs and sometimes didn't even have a pitching coach. The smaller staff would compare to a college baseball staff. In general most MLB pitching coaches today were former pitchers however I think there a few that were catchers but I am not sure. I found a list of top 50 MLB pitching coaches and 6 of them were former catchers including the number 1 rated all-time pitching coach Dave Duncan. Most of them were 60's or prior. Duncan would be more recent.
  4. I bet you are right Hskrfan4life about the Northwestern coach's salary being unavailable. That makes sense. It certainly will be interesting to see how this turns out. I do not think there will be a big culture change so that's not something they have to overcome. Erstad and Bolt both promote a gritty & hardnose approach to the game. Batting approach will probably change. I think the biggest change will be in the recruiting from reading articles. Harvell will open up some southern ties and sounds like they will recruit the Kansas Jucos and Nebraska. Probably a little less in the Big ten states that don't border Nebraska with the exception of Wisconsin maybe. Just a guess. Sounds like Harvell recruited speed at SHS. Maybe we will see more of that? (Of course I thought we would see that under Erstad and we didn't. Maybe that ended up being dictated by the areas recruited.) Our lineup for next year is going to be experienced and tough I think. We could probably use another top SS but the positions are fairly well stocked IMO. Weekend pitching will be another story since we have to replace the 3 guys. I think they need to get a few more pitching recruits. I think Palket, Perry, Stroh, Curry and Luensmann will be in the mix for weekends. If we can get 3 inning eaters out of that group that would be great. Would like to see Schwellenbach do some spot relief like Gomes but we would need another SS for that.
  5. Back when Christy played for Nebraska the coaching staff let him call his own games. He also handled a couple of A&M games when Childress wasn't there and did well. I think he will do fine as far as pitch calls and staff management. The part that is harder to guess about for me would be pitching mechanics & development. I do not know much about baseball but maybe coaching pitching is more about how to recognize when mechanics are off and correcting those flaws and not as much about developing pitches? So maybe it takes a good eye vs practical experience in throwing pitches? Maybe there is someone on the board that can speak to this as I am guessing. Time will tell on that. Catchers generally make good coaches. I think folks agree on that. It should be noted that Bolt, Christy and Silva were all on staff together at Nebraska so Bolt is familiar with what Silva brings to the table. As far as letting Silva go, part of the decision could have to do with chemistry or perhaps it has to do with recruiting. Guessing again. Bolt is reportedly bringing in Harvell a top notch recruiter with Southern ties and he will probably be the recruiting coordinator. Maybe that was something Silva didn't want to give up? Just spit balling here. Maybe he wanted a local guy to recruit locally and a national guy? The Huskers.com interview seems to indicate it's all about chemistry and recruiting. Also I saw somewhere that people thought 300K was low. I am not sure if it was on this board. I do not think that it is low. I saw an article dated 2017 that baseball head coaches in the B1G made an average of $245K (or something close to that) The author said he couldn't find 2 Head coach salaries (Erstad and one other) but this is a decent guideline. So $300K for a first time Head Coach in the Big ten two years later sounds about right to me.
  6. I don't go to the politics board as the only piece of advice my Dad gave me was not to argue religion or politics. I don't want to argue with you and I don't want to take the time to post the article that I was regurgitating. I will say thank you for the previous post on May 10 about streaming and I understand your angst with some of these large corporations. I am a cord cutter because of DirectTV and their unethical behavior (in my opinion)
  7. Actually 'net neutrality' is enforced today but it is done in retro-active way. When the net came about they classified it as a type 1 service (data service). As such it falls under the umbrella of the FTC (federal Trade Commission) The federal trade commission is not a regulatory agency. Their mandate is light regulations, consumer protection, open platform with fair business practices. This encourages an open platform and growth. Problem is they are a watchdog organization with reactive enforcement which means they cant do anything until there is a victim/abuse of fair practice. When the FTC started seeing what you are describing on a reoccurring basis, they put out a set of guidelines that became the net neutrality rules. They then tried to enforce those proactively and got sued for it. Courts said your mandate is light regulations you can only enforce 1 of the rules. SO that's what they did. Basically back to doing business the old way. Obama administration didn't like that and got the internet reclassified as a type 2 service which is telecommunications. This falls under the FCC (federal communications commission). This is a heavily regulated platform. FCC is a regulatory body that is more proactive. They can proactively enforce the net rules. The problem with this is the cost of doing business goes up because of all the regulations that exist. Internet businesses became heavily regulated as they inherited other regulations besides the net rules. Growth declined because it was harder to do business in this type of environment. I know my rates went up. The other thing that started was a lobbyist industry for the internet as that's what happens in a gov't regulated industry. Then along came Trump who is pro business. The administration appointed a new board and they reversed the classification back to a type 1 service and business went back to the way it was for 20+ years. Things are moving again. Either way you do it there are pros and cons. The best solution is to make it it's own classification and an new oversight agency. Problem is they are fighting over the details as there is a lot of money/control/power involved.
  8. I do not know. This is where I got the 40 time. http://draftanalyst.com/kanawai-noa If I had to guess I would say no.
  9. Good pickup. From a draft site it said he runs a 4.59 and is a shade over 5-11. Looks like he can make tough catches. He catches a lot of balls in the short to medium depth range and between the hashes. Films showed him playing a lot in the slot. I don't think Cal used 11 personnel much and I suspect he will be more of a Z for us. Looks like he is good at running combination routes.
  10. Thanks for the link to best free streaming stations TOE. I did not have Hoopla. A couple of things I have found out about my ROKU. I wasn't having any buffering issues until I hit prime time and then for about an hour my movie kept dropping out and reloading. I found advice on the internet to reposition the router to be 4-6 feet off the floor. I think that helped quite a bit. I also switched my router channel from auto to a specific channel. I am hoping my neighbors won't be using this particular broadband channel. So far so good. When using the voice option be careful not to give it too many instructions otherwise you can lock up the unit! It took me awhile to get it unlocked.
  11. I went ahead and bought a roku streaming stick+ today. I have not subscribed to a service yet and will wait until August to do so. I will evaluate some of the other options as suggested. So far I am happy with it. It is working well on my old TV and was easy to install for an old fart like me. I tried to get the regular streaming stick but it was sold out in the 2 stores that I checked so I just went ahead and got the +. It gives me a little stronger wifi & if I ever get a 4k tv I can use it there. The 10mbs is working fine for streaming. I can see that it does load a little slow and moving through the menu can be slow at times but I haven't experienced any buffering issues. I suppose time will tell. Again thanks to everyone for the feedback
  12. I am a cord cutter but I am thinking about getting Youtube TV in August before football season starts. I use to go to bars to watch the games but now I need to avoid bar food and drink due to health considerations. So currently I have the cox starter package which gives me 10 mbs. I have a VOIP internet phone service basictalk and 1 wifi connection to an OTA channelmaster DVR+ along with 1 desktop computer. I am the only user in the house. The plan would be to buy a Roku device with WIFI like the stick or ultra and plug it into the 3rd HDMI port on my 2006 sony bravio TV then subscribe to youtube TV. This tv also has an over the air antenna attached to it as well as a channelmaster DVR+ with a wifi plugin for OTA tvguide info and an old DVD player. I can do that right? I don't need anything else? I don't have to cast anything from my desk computer? Also another big question I have ...does the cox starter package of 10mbs give a consistent enough bandwidth to watch live Nebraska sports or will I have buffering issues during games? Do I need to jump up to 20? (I cannot hardwire) I am jobless right now so I am living on a budget and I hate cost creep/promotional shenanigans and the like due to experiences with DIRECT-TV. The centurylink 1 gigabite for $60 lifetime sounds attractive but by the time you add the service fees and taxes I think that will be $70-$75. I am at $45 total right now and would like to stay closer to that total. Wouldn't mind feedback on centurylink speeds vs cox at 20 or 40 mbs and if they are consistent at the stated bandwidth. Also wouldn't mind any feedback on how folks like Youtube TV. Thanks in advance!
  13. Fine. let's Piss on the seniors. Let's piss on the coaches. Piss on anybody that doesn't win for us. Piss on them. Get new players. Get new coaches. We are the greatest fans in college. We deserve better. New players...if you don't win we will piss on you. I'm out of here.
  14. I second HuskerNC's post. If you would of told that Nebraska would have their number 1 pitcher out for a good part of the year, lose one of their power bats in Scheffert who plays an outstanding 3rd base, have Pritchard at less than 100% for the first part of the year, lose one of their long relievers for the year and then have their next number 1 pitcher shut down before the end of the year as well as another long reliever. I would of doubted that they would finish tied for 2nd and seeded 3rd going into the tourney. In my opinion it was a good senior class. I would take Christensen, Rich, Kash, Scheffert and Peters back for next year in a heartbeat, and we could use all the pitching help we can find so we will miss the pitchers as well, but that's the way of things. Thanks to the Sr's for all their hard work and long travel. They had a tough schedule this year. Good luck in their careers on and off the field.
  15. It's certainly possible. I will withhold judgement though until I see the new guys in fall ball.
  16. I think they have had plenty of entertaining games this year. There have been a few runaways but overall they have been fairly scrappy. They have some issues and it's unfortunate that they lost Deleon right before this series and Hirsch earlier as that hurt quite a bit. I see Pierce is out as well. Pitching depth is an issue. Hopefully they can get some help next year with the new recruits. They will need to help as the offense won't be as good.
  17. Well season 3 starts Wednesday. We will see what happens. I don't mind a Michigan rematch.
  18. Soo close and yet so far, I'm still ready to see them play.
  19. If this is true Lewis is an idiot. Yah that puts a totally different spin on things.
  20. This is a likely scenario IMO and was my first thought when I heard it was a fight between teammates. HuKser also brings a plausible story to the table IMO if it was not a fight between teammates. We shall see what bears out in time. I just hope he gets a fair shake.
  21. I don't know but my guess is that Nebraska would be 3rd and it wouldn't go to a tiebreaker.
  22. Nebraska needs to win the series against Michigan starting Thursday. I imagine they will go Johnny wholestaff with it. What's the over under on pitchers that we will see? 7?
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