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  1. https://huskerchalktalk.com/2017/09/20/concept-wednesday-the-jet-sweep/
  2. Bleacher Report had a link to 24/7 sports that a supposed "source" who coached under Bo in the past said that he would be interested in taking the Purdue job. Stating that he really wants back in the BIG. Thoughts? would it be fun to play him in conference? would he build them into a respectable program?
  3. [This is a write up, coving the process of the hiring of Nebraska's new head coach] The state of Nebraska was rocked on the morning of November 30th when the news of the firing of the Cornhuskers’ head football coach, Bo Pelini, was released. The big question for the university is who will succeed the Bo Pelini regime. Early on, there are a few options for Shawn Eichorst, the Athletic Director at Nebraska, who will be making a career defining decision in the process. After a few days, the early candidates being mentioned, and that Eichorst will want to contact, include Gary Patterson (HC, TCU), Scott Frost (OC, Oregon), Pat Narduzzi (DC, MSU), Justin Fuente (HC, Memphis), Dan Mullen (HC, Miss St), Mark Richt (HC, Georgia), and Greg Schiano (ex Tampa Bay Bucs HC). All of these men are viable options for the head coaching position at Nebraska. Many experts seem to believe that Nebraska wants to head in the direction of an experience head coach, which would point to either Gary Patterson, Justin Fuente, or Dan Mullen. Patterson and Mullen would be home-run hires for Eichorst and Nebraska, but both options seem almost too good to be true. Nebraska, in contrast to Patterson’s TCU and Mullen’s Mississippi State, is a historic program with a tradition of success unlike the others, but it would take a monumentus decision to leave from the great situations that both coaches have created for themselves at their respected positions. It is unlikely that both coaches would consider Nebraska, but it is possible that one could be tempted by Shawn Eichorst to join the Husker Nation. The most recent of rumors is that Mark Richt, the head coach of Georgia who was born in Omaha, but moved to Florida where he graduated high school, would be a great fit for Nebraska, as he has early ties to Nebraska, but brings the southern experience to our football program. He seemingly is the favorite for the hire, and currently, he is under a bit of fire from Bulldogs’ fans as Georgia blew a chance at the SEC championship, none the less, Richt would be a great fit for Nebraska if Eichorst can lure him away from the SEC. Opposed to an experienced head coach, Eichorst could still decide to hire a coordinator, as was Pelini before his stunt at UNL. If Eichorst chose this route, the most viable options would be Scott Frost of Oregon and Pat Narduzzi of Michigan State, but because of how first time head coach Bo Pelini turned out, it seems unlikely that Eichorst would make a similar decision here. With that in mind, keep current head coaches on the radar and in the news. Many reports expect Eichorst already has it narrowed down to two or three options, which is why he fired Bo in a hurry over the weekend and stated that “the decision [to fire Bo] in my mind crystallized Saturday night.” It could be that he got confirmation from either a coach, or confirmation of extreme consideration from a few coaches and decided that an effective replacement would be available for the Huskers. With Eichorst’s narrow list of candidates, we can expect an announcement in a few weeks around mid December.
  4. Seeing how we typically don't bring in the extremely flashy, highly reviewed type (based on star ratings and such), is it safe to say that the star system of recruiting is irrelevant to what kind of team we actually have, and will have in the future? I used to get so caught up in the competition side of it, constantly being disappointed by what average star rating of recruits we were bringing in. Not so much anymore. Does it make a huge impact for Nebraska and our success during the season?
  5. Hi guys, We finished our movie and in light of everything from the past few days it might be nice to see something positive about being a Cornhusker... We could use your help getting the word out about our film. Please share this link on your facebook page, twitter feed, and with any and all media sources. Not only did we spend over 2 and a half years making it but we put our blood, sweat and tears into this film. The link below has everything from the trailer, to where its sold, and it even has a link to an autographed ball that we are auctioning off for Team Jack. Thanks everyone and Go Big Red. http://bit.ly/137oOJ0
  6. Some people tend to think we can do better than Bo and that Bo should be fired or be on the hot seat. This should be his last chance, he isn't the right coach, he has reached his peak, etc. I'm not one to judge you, but I was wondering if anyone had a well thought out plan for what they (realistically) hope would happen if Bo was let go either during or after the season? How does this affect the team? transfers? current staff? recruiting? Who do we hire? Who wants to come here after following a coach that is the primary model of consistency? Nebraska guy? Someone who isn't willing to sacrifice morals to win? I think these are some of the answers people need to answer before being ready to fire Bo. And, since I know someone is going to say it - IF Bo was hired away, which is completely possible because NFL people have a much higher view of Bo than a portion of Nebraska fans - that would be completely different than him being fired. (More candidates would be willing to step forward because they aren't scared of being fired for being consistently good but not great, it is a smoother transition period, typically more of the staff stays, which means recruiting doesn't take as big of a hit.) So, without further ado, what would be your plan? (For those of you in the fire/on the fence about keeping Bo crowd)
  7. With the start of the 2013 season way, way too far away, I thought I'd lay out some of my bold predictions for the 2013 season. Braylon Heard, Ameer Abdullah, and Imani Cross will become a three headed monster in the backfield. In the absence of Rex Burkhead, who was sidelined with a nagging knee injury for a majority of the 2012 season, Ameer Abdullah stepped up big time and posted a 1,000+ yard season, and showed Husker fans that there will be life after Rex Burkhead. He's powerful, shifty, and can hide behind the big guys in front of him. But Nebraska has more talent in the backfield than just Abdullah with Braylon Heard and Imani Cross (also Adam Taylor and Terrell Newby--but I'm expecting a redshirt for one of them, maybe both). Braylon is lightning fast and Imani Cross is a brick house. Look for Tim Beck to fully utilize the diverse talents of all three of these running backs in producing what could be the nation's #1 rushing attack in 2013. Taylor Martinez won't lead the nation in fumbles. Going into the 2012 season, the thing Taylor needed to work on most was his passing game, primarily his mechanics. So he went to see Steve Calhoun in the offseason. The result? A dramatic increase in completion percentage from 56.2% to 62%. Now, I wouldn't expect that number to increase as much next season, but I think it will increase to somewhere in the 64% range. But what this shows is that he knows his weaknesses, and he's taking a step-by-step approach to becoming a better QB. I fully expect the amount of times he fumbles next season to decrease, but there'll still be those boneheaded-"why Taylor why?" moments. The difference is those moments will be very few and far between stretches of excellent play. The Huskers won't struggle on the road. It seems that every time Nebraska was away from Memorial Stadium, records were being set, and they weren't the good kind. 600 yards @ UCLA, 63 points @ Ohio State, 70 points and 400+ yards rushing @ Indianapolis and 49 points and a monstrous passing day @ Orlando. Those are problems, and they have to stick out in the mind's of the coaching staff and the players, when they review this season. This doesn't mean that we won't drop a game on the road; we have daunting games @ Ann Arbor and @ Happy Valley that will require our players to be playing at their best. I think they will, and we won't witness record setting performances against us on the road next season. The defense will finish in the Top 25 of all defensive statistical categories (the good ones). A lot of people, myself included, are worried about where the defense is right now and what that means in projecting where the defense will be next year. But this is a bold prediction thread and this is most certainly a bold prediction. There's going to be a lot of youth and inexperience on the defensive side of the ball, but sometimes that can benefit the team. If things are simple, which to many of these younger guys, it is (cover your guy, make tackles, stop big plays, sack the QB), you are more free to use your athletic ability instead of your mental capacity to make plays. The more things you have to worry about, the harder things become. The players coming in to replace the seniors are more athletic, and should be able to cause havoc for opposing offenses. Nebraska will finish the regular season undefeated, en route to their best season under Head Coach, Bo Pelini (EZ-E). The 2013 schedule is a favorable one for Nebraska. There is no Wisconsin, there is no Ohio State. Our road games are to a struggling Minnesota, a struggling Purdue, Michigan, and a sanction riddled Penn State. Our toughest home game, of which we have eight will come against UCLA, who showed in their bowl game that they might not be as good as they were painted out to be (inconsistent). All of this points to Nebraska potentially finishing the regular season undefeated, especially if Taylor cleans up his fumbles and the defense plays with athleticism more than their minds. Finish the regular season undefeated, and guarantee this to be Bo's best season yet. Nebraska will play in a BCS Bowl Game, possibly the National Championship. This is probably the boldest of the bold predictions (still one more to come), but if we finish the regular season undefeated, we could very well meet an undefeated Ohio State in the conference championship game. If that's the case, we'll go to a BCS Bowl regardless of if we win our lose. If we can beat Urban Meyer's bromance will Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes, we could very well be going to Pasadena (and not to the Rose Bowl). The Huskers will send a team member to New York for the Heisman Trophy Ceremony. This player is more than likely Taylor Martinez, as he will more than likely spearhead the majority of our offense's production. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Ameer Abdullah there if our running attack is number one in the country and we make an appearance in the national championship game. Even if we lose to Ohio State, that should still be good enough to send Taylor to New York, a la Collin Klein. So that's all I have, Huskerboard, agree, disagree or indifferent, I would love to hear your opinions.
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