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  1. I heard on TV this morning that Meyer has a cyst on his brain that he had drained once but it continues to grow.While I'm not an Urban fan, I wish the guy the best and hope that he can get it figured out. CFB is better when top tier coaches like Urban are actively coaching.
  2. Husker from Kansas

    First-Year Coaching Grades

    I think a solid B. He did a great job of changing the culture, and idk if we realize how big of a job that has been. And lets not forget he could easily have an A, 5 of the games we lost were by by 5 or less points. We win those games, we finished ranked and probably start next year in the top 15. This guy and his staff have done a hell of a job, and we will see the benefits of it soon
  3. Husker from Kansas

    Who is KU going to hire now?

    Most KU fans I know just want to be competitive and be in a bowl game more often than not. And they’d like to see the athletic department make an honest effort to treat football as a priority not just basketballs red headed stepchild
  4. Husker from Kansas

    Guy Thomas gone

    I understand what your saying, but I think if a kid knows they won't play or will rarely if ever, then the level of competition and intensity in practice goes down and that is detrimental to the teams success. Kids have to believe that if they work hard, it will set them up for a real shot at playing time, or they will quit working as hard.
  5. Husker from Kansas

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    I was pheasant hunting in North Central KS this weekend and an alum from KU told me that he was at an event and spoke with AD Long. According to this guy when he asked Long who they were looking at to be the next HC, Long looked him dead in the eye and said Les Miles will be the next HC at KU. Now this guy is a bit of a blow hard but if there is any truth to it then I would honestly say it is probably the best "big name/splash" hire that KU is capable of getting. BUT KU is a dumpster fire that I'm not sure anyone is going to be able to put out
  6. Husker from Kansas

    Protecting The Borders *2019*

    It sure would be nice if we could get those kids out of the KCMetro area, there is a lot of talent that is super close to Lincoln there
  7. Husker from Kansas

    Who is KU going to hire now?

    IF the rumors about KU eventually coming to the BIG are true, then I think it does matter because we'd probably play on a yearly basis and it would be nice for them to be competitive.
  8. Husker from Kansas

    UCLA and Chip Kelly

    You're right that Kelly wasn't able to get the perfect QB in his first recruiting class like Coach Frost was. With their location and resources I think we will see UCLA really improve from year one to year two. I dont think it will be the improvement that we will see here but they're will be significant improvement none the less
  9. Husker from Kansas

    Who is KU going to hire now?

    With KU's firing of Beaty, who in the hell are they going to get to take over their dumpster fire of a program and try to right the ship?
  10. Husker from Kansas

    Maryland Sucks, Who Can We Steal?

    I totally agree. ESPN reported that players got up and walk out of his first team meeting back. I can't imagine those kids will want to stay around that toxic culture. Also how in the hell does the football program not go in the tank now? There is no way as a parent I could trust him with my son. No matter what he says about how he will take care of him. And you know every other team that is going for the same recruits will use it against him. IMO Maryland made a big mistake bringing him back.
  11.  So last night I was watching Monday Night Raw with my 11 year old son. And Brock Lesnar is on and he gives a grin and I realized that Brock Lesnar and Scott Frost actually look quite a bit a like

    1. STL Husker

      STL Husker

      I actually watched that 5 minute segment of raw for the first time in about 10 years and I thought the exact same thing.  If Frost got jacked, they would look very similar.

    2. Redux
    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      I could see that.

  12. Husker from Kansas

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    4 Minny- I think we get over the hump this week. I dont have a good reason, just kind of a gut feeling BC- Good god we better win this one Illini- They're not very good either, and I think we are more talented and again we are getting over the hump Iowa- I think we will have a little momentum, kids by then will have a firm grasp on the scheme and how to finally execute it. And last of all, why the hell not?
  13. Husker from Kansas

    Michigan Week Pressers

    I think you mean Thunder Lips
  14. Husker from Kansas

    Don't think I'm nuts, but does NU Athletics have HBO?

    I think that was Randy Gregory's preferred treatment......
  15. Husker from Kansas

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    Or Stanley Morgan could have caught the ball that hit him in the hands that was a TD. There was a ton of mistakes that don’t happen if you have already played a game. Hell Frost and co. Might have told him to be aware but it’s a freaking walk on who was under immense pressure. You can’t blame this loss on time management, there were a lot of mistakes. Plus Colorado’s QB is pretty damn good