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  1. So what you're saying is that if our line gets better then our whole offense gets better, which means that our Qbs and Rbs get/look better as well? Well that just makes sense and we here on husker board would rather blame it all on the Qbs and how much better the back up always is no matter who the starter is! Your level headedness and using of common sense is not welcome here!
  2. I disagree, its crappy anytime. When you're 9-3 people are more likely to brush it off and say look at this idiot. But when you're 5-7 and trying to turn the program around, things like this can gain traction when they shouldn't and cause a divide. Now we all know it probably won't, but it's pretty classless to trash your kids coaches unless they are somehow putting your kid in harms way, or have actually wronged him in someway other than he isn't getting enough PT or they aren't throwing him the ball enough. Kurt Warner is a HOF QB and it comes across fairly immature to speak down about the staff publicly
  3. Am I the only one who reads that and things it's pretty crappy on Warner to publicly complain about the coaching staff of his sons team. I've been around parents who b*tch and moan about coaches and most of the time it's cancerous and those people are almost unbearable to be around. And it's almost always because their son (in this case a walk-on) isn't the star they think he is
  4. Most definitely opens the door for NU. Colorado has good high quality recruits yearly and MSU could easily fall back into a bottom feeder school that is a lot what Indiana and Illinois are most years
  5. I think the bolded (which is the title of the thread) is honestly the best solution. The NCAA can continue to consider the student athletes as amateurs, and the athletes can draw some kind of revenue off of their abilities.
  6. If you follow the recruiting forums you would know the only reason any recruits go anywhere is bagmen!
  7. This is very true, however I feel like the quality of JUCO kids we got this year are better as a whole then the ones we had last year. JUCO kids are going to be a need for the next few years until the staff can completely right the ship. JUCO kids were instrumental to Bill Snyder turning KSU from bottom dweller to legit title contender.
  8. A couple years ago we had people on here complaining about Bo always blaming the players for lack of execution and never owning that the staff has some fault in the losses, then we get MR and those same people were complaining about how he is too nice and doesn't hold the players accountable. Now we have a coach, who is critical about both the players and the coaching staff (yes he has owned that they coaching staff hasn't always been on point) but has a lot more tact then Bo ever dreamed about having, yet there are still lots of people complaining about how he ruining team chemistry! I'm not saying it's all sunshine and rainbows but goodnight people, give Frost credit, he represents the program extremely well and is trying to rebuild the program the right way, not the way that will get the program in trouble with the NCAA (kinda like what happened to Ole Miss). Give the dude time, anyone with a brain has said we are still at least a couple years away from being able to compete for BIG championships.
  9. Frost has definitely gotten super conservative inside the 30, but I wonder if the purdue game doesn't explain why. With our Qb's struggling, and the fact its harder to get guys in space once inside the redzone, and the fact that our Qb's are really struggling to throw guys open and instead forcing throws that equal turnovers, that equals at least 3 points left off of the board. It seemed like that after AMart threw the pick inside the redzone, Frost changed it up and we started to become more successful, and started to have AMart run downhill more and then AMart's confidence grew and he started to play better. Hopefully that's a sign of progress on both of their parts and we will see a better offense this week against a much stouter defense
  10. I think you're right. We have to sell out to stop the run. I think our secondary is good enough that they can cover Wisconsins receivers, but they can't have any run responsibility this week, because if they have to worry about the run then the play action will crush us. But until we get a lot better at the LB and D-Line position Wisconsin won't have to worry about throwing the ball much against us
  11. Might have something to do with the kind of offense Wisconsin runs and the fact that our current DL is going to get the crap kicked out of them so they will need to implement some kind of rotation
  12. Theres no way he doesn't know the offense, probably considerably better than AM. AM showed up in the fall last year and won the starting job. Vedral has had actually been around the offense for 3 full years and had more than one off season in the system. Honestly part of AM's success last year might of been because Frost had to use the K.I.S.S. method. (Keep It Simple Stupid). AM seems like he is always trying to make the big play instead of just reacting to what he sees.
  13. I know a lot of people, my self included, have been frustrated with the results we have seen on the field. But lets look at a few different things. 1. I honestly believe the team last year, may have only 1 or 2 wins this year. Other than Ohio St and Minnesota (who I think is better than anyone wants to give credit), we have fought hard in every game and been in position to win every one. Last year, we would have lost to Northwestern, Illinois, and hell possibly USA as well. 2. We don't have a lot of studs on the field right now, especially on defense. When you watch the games, how many position groups, or even just players do you see and think, man they are towards the top of the conference. Is that Frost's fault? IDK I think maybe a little bit, but based on what was here when he got here, and how little time he had to put his first recruiting class together it's really not that big of a surprise that were struggling and a lot of the time out of position due to our lack of athletes 3. The type of kids Frost and his staff have been recruiting look to be promising. Look at the size of our O-Line recruits. We seem to be getting big, strong, kids, who are rated pretty highly. Our best athletes are the guys Frosts staff have recruited. The shelves were a lot more empty then we realized when Riley left and unfortunately this program is more of a rebuild then a program like this ever should have been. Go ahead, get frustrated at the ugly losses, the state of our program now, but don't lose site of the big picture. I know there are some people calling for the firing of different staff members and wanting to see different people in Frost's ear telling him how he should run the program and what he should do. That would totally be cutting off our nose to spite our face. It would just continue to set the program back. Let Coach Frost do what he came here to do. There's a reason why he got the amount of time on his contract he did. It's been said nobody cares about the program as much as he does. I believe that to be true.
  14. 08- vs KU 09-@ KU 10- @ Kstate 17- vs Rutgers So far NU is 4-0 in games I've been fortunate enough to attend
  15. This would definitely be a great for our coaching staff to use as a recruiting pitch. When they came in Lamar Jackson was playing poor at best, then after just a year and a half of coaching they were able to help him reach his potential and be a 1st round draft pick. This could really help us snag some nice DB's in the future
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