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  1. Husker from Kansas

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    4 Minny- I think we get over the hump this week. I dont have a good reason, just kind of a gut feeling BC- Good god we better win this one Illini- They're not very good either, and I think we are more talented and again we are getting over the hump Iowa- I think we will have a little momentum, kids by then will have a firm grasp on the scheme and how to finally execute it. And last of all, why the hell not?
  2. Husker from Kansas

    Michigan Week Pressers

    I think you mean Thunder Lips
  3. Husker from Kansas

    Don't think I'm nuts, but does NU Athletics have HBO?

    I think that was Randy Gregory's preferred treatment......
  4. Husker from Kansas

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    Or Stanley Morgan could have caught the ball that hit him in the hands that was a TD. There was a ton of mistakes that don’t happen if you have already played a game. Hell Frost and co. Might have told him to be aware but it’s a freaking walk on who was under immense pressure. You can’t blame this loss on time management, there were a lot of mistakes. Plus Colorado’s QB is pretty damn good
  5. Husker from Kansas

    Help Wanted: Bought New Dog, Need Husker Themed Names

    If you want her to have a calm demeanor and not really care about doing anything productive name her Riley
  6. Husker from Kansas

    Frost - The greatest hire since Nick Saban

    I think Wisconsin is the perfect example of what happens when your good at identifying, recruiting and developing kids that fit your scheme. It's the exact same thing that Scott Frost is going to do here. Throw out recruit rankings and stars, and give me the type of athlete I want for each position.
  7. Husker from Kansas

    JUCO RB Dedrick Mills [Nebraska Commit]

    Couldn't agree more, SWKS is practically a desert. It's flat, hot, and has nothing to look at. If you haven't been West of Manhattan or Wichita then you have no idea. I'm sure Nebraska is the same, but the terrain and scenery of Ks changes dramatically from the east to west sides
  8. Husker from Kansas

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Akron

    We learned that according to the Fox Sports analyst the hire of Scott Frost is the biggest hire since Alabama hired Nick Saban!
  9. Husker from Kansas

    Akron Game Weather

    Any other time this picture would be badass
  10. Husker from Kansas

    John McCains farewell message

    Why can't our politicians just treat each like this at all times? I understand that they may not agree on everything, but their goals should be the same. Make our country the best it can be. Instead more than not, it turns them into ugly people who do nothing but take shots at each other and try to do whatever they can to make each other look bad. We need more of this and less of the acting like asshats. Sorry to get off topic. McCain was a hell of a man who loved our country deeply.
  11. Husker from Kansas

    Gebbia Not at Practice - Transferring to Oregon State

    I understand what you're trying to get at, and like most on here I don't like what Gebbia did, but we have no idea if he planned on leaving if not being named starter before Saturday or not. But we also don't know who/what else may have pushed him to leave, hell we dont know that if Gebbia would have stayed he would have turned bitter and became a cancer or not. There is so many variables and we no virtually nothing short of Martinez got the nod and Gebbia made the decision to transfer. We gotta take this at face value, say damned the luck, move on to Saturday, and watch our Husker beat the hell out of the Zips
  12. Husker from Kansas

    Gebbia Not at Practice - Transferring to Oregon State

    Thats totally comparing apples to oranges
  13. Husker from Kansas

    Will Memorial ever sell beer?

    I think you meant Busch Latte
  14. Husker from Kansas

    Gebbia Not at Practice - Transferring to Oregon State

    To further what Nebfanatic said, I think Gebbia is the exception not the rule because of the fact that he was pretty much set to be the backup for his entire career due to he and Martinez being in the same class. It's not very common for two QB's of the caliber we had to be in the same class. So I think with a QB that is a year or two younger, the potential to stay and be backup and wait your turn, knowing that your not going to forever be the backup will keep them around.
  15. Husker from Kansas

    POW/MIA Memorial Coming to Memorial

    I struggle to understand how honoring the heroes of our country is growing old. You have the right to your opinion just like I have the right to mine. I just think it’s always appropriate to remember and honor the people who made sure we have that right.