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  1. We wanted to redshirt Luke, and Noah was hurt for some games. So the decision to play Adrian wasnt as bad as it looked. But i agree that we should have played Noah when he was healthy. The point is Adrian's poor play had to do with more than just his injuries. And had nothing to do with pass blocking the second half of the year. Like you said it was like he didnt have a feel for the game at all. Maybe he wasn't there mentaly. Not just his field vision in the passing game, but also his feel for how to find the spots to step into to buy more time. Unless Adrian just wasn't there mentaly and he gets their by next season, i really believe Luke needs to be our guy.
  2. The pass blocking was good the last half of the season, and Adrian still looked just as bad. If Adrian isnt vastly improved next year we will see similar results, but many will parrot the narrative that the offensive line can always take the blame for everything.
  3. If next year is as mediocre-bad as this year, viewership will really drop. People only have so much patience. I will be excited the first game of the year as always. If we start losing games ill probably check out. Maybe im just dissapointed in all the negative news with Hunt Legrone today, just been dissapointment after dissapointment this year. What was the highlight?? Beating Illinois? Barely losing to Iowa? Anyways im encouraged by the fact our team never quit, they played harder this year and with some passion.
  4. Agree. Look our Dynasty was great, at the time the best there had ever been. But Bama surpassed us. Our 95' team still me be the best their ever was, but Bama has had 4 or 5 teams very close to that. Our 97 team was a split, and our 94 was good, but not any better than the average Championship team. What Saban did tops Osbourne. Top 4 all time is incredible.
  5. Im not saying we should never fire assisstants....just that there is benefits to continuity, unless someone clearly needs to go.
  6. Maybe....but i like the OP. Continuity is needed, and helps drastically with recruiting and all around. Even if one of your assistants is underperforming, you never know if the guy you bring in will be better or worse.
  7. WRs that can block too. As much as our OL gets blamed for bad blocking, our receiver blocking is worse.
  8. 1. Ohio State, would make our conference look better. Unfortunately they play the 2nd best team in the country -Clemson. Plus is Fields 100%? I noticed his kneee brace. 2. LSU, for some reason i just like their fans more than Bama...then again who knows how LSU fans would be if they won a few championships. 3. Oklahoma, im tired of the Sooners tbh, i just dont get excited about them or care about them anymore. I didnt grow up in the heart of the Rivalry though. When i was a kid Oklahoma was in their valley. 4. Clemson, i actually kindof like Clemson, its a beatiful part of the country too. But im just tired of them. Plus they play OSU, so i have to root against them.
  9. I remember something like that being talked about but cant remember who said it so ill take your word for it. It is more than just weight though. Maybe his knee is worse than we thought? And some of it seems mental. 10-15 pounds doesnt slow you that much if your a college athlete.
  10. Possibly the worst basketball team ive ever seen. I honestly think there are high school teams who might be better.
  11. In all of college football, there are only a handful of programs more dissapointed than Nebraska right now. The list of who we can laugh at is ever shrinking. But the debacle that is Arkansas, is about as sad as it gets. Last 3 years of 4-8, 2-10, 2-10. Arkansas is a program that has money and a state that cares about their football. And they dont have the hope on the horizon that the rest of the struggling programs have. We have been ALMOST as bad the last 3 years, but we have a coach we believe in, who will stay here as long as he is welcome. I believe we already hit our rock bottom, and are moving in the right direction. Arkansas is still in their pit, with no telling when they will get out. I'm sure Arkansans have a deep hatred for motorcycles.
  12. I couldn't disagree more. Our LBs are to blame for the poor defensive showing. And there is a lot more truth to our offense hurting our defense than is ever talked about on here. Frost has mentioned it so he isn't hiding from it, but it seems many fans on here dont recognize how that works, or just dont want to admit it. I think many fans want to deflect blame off of Frost cause of who he is. But Chin is just Chin, nobody knows the guy that well, so he is a good scapegoat. I think it is very telling that our defense was better than our offense this year, yet we hear more people complaining about the defense than we do the offense.
  13. https://youtu.be/7MNy_4XOssk Sorry to those atheists, but i couldnt think of a better husker motivational, or a better tunnel walk for that matter.
  14. Im right there with you. The fact that this is Nebraska's best, last chance is the truth. We needed a hero, we got one, but he has been somewhat defeated. Our back is certainly against the wall, we cant deny that. Nebraska is in the brink of being a nobody for...possibly ever. At the same time this is what makes me love it. Who doesnt like a redemption story? You can react one of 2 ways: -Be nervous, rightly so cause its no joke we are on the brink. -Or be excited, feel that adrenaline in your veins, cause our backs against the wall Husker Nation, it truly is, so ENJOY the challenge. This is what sports are about. And i can imagine having the Future of Husker Football in Bill Callahans hands, or Mike Rikey's. There is noone i'd rather have with the future of our program at stake, then Scott. Kinda like Our State, Scott is flawed, he has shown his weakness. The wolves are at the door bretheren. (They really are , this isnt a joke). But if there is one thing Scott has its HEART. We were never the best state, we never will be. But if we have the heart of the Lion of Judah we can conquer. Fear not, for We are David, and the Lord be with us. I hope.
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