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Found 10 results

  1. This is a pretty crazy story - a 25-minute Facebook Live putting his brother on blast for a series of recruiting violations. I read in another article that this all stems from the brother (Ibrahim) expressing interest in becoming an agent and possibly representing Mohamed. The video might be for Johnson to get back at his brother for potentially cutting him out. LINK
  2. "Through my years in coaching, I can almost pick out the guys who have a marijuana problem," Riley said. "You give me three weeks with a team and, if you've got five guys, I could get three or four of them." http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/14449159/many-power-five-schools-step-pot-easement-trend
  3. Nevermind, Knapplc beat me to the punch.
  4. http://bleacherrepor...-for-commitment yeah i know its BR.. but thats kind of beside the point here. I'm guessing its FSU and Bama. I'm really really hoping Bama.
  5. MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — The NCAA is working with Middle Tennessee to come up with a decision on the eligibility of a freshman attempting to play college football after serving five years in the Marines. Steven Rhodes played in a recreational league during his military service that could make him ineligible. An NCAA rule states that student-athletes who don’t enroll in college within a year of graduating high school will be charged one year of eligibility for every academic year they participate in organized competition.[/left] http://www.washingto...lity-status-no/ I understand the rule..but I don't see how it can apply here.
  6. www.ncaa.org/wps/wcm/connect/public/ncaa/resources/latest+news/2013/july/ncaa+will+not+renew+ea+sports+contract Alas, this will be the final year in which you can play as your beloved team stocked with their current players unpaid labor student athletes. As much as I hate the NCAA, I love me some NCAA EA Sports football. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR FUTURE GAMES?
  7. For all those not liking Kentucky football these days. Looks like Kentucky is having their own issue with dismissing of players. http://sportsillustr...l?sct=obnetwork
  8. I thought it was pretty interesting that on Obama's ESPN Women's bracket, he has the Nebraska Lady Huskers going to the Elite 8. Regardless of politics, it is nice to get some presidental confidence.
  9. I hesitate to post this because...well...mainly because it came from the OWH and Dirk Chatelain, but I saw this interesting link in his "Mad Chatter" column: And the Baseball America column has this to say about Sparty being picked over Wake Forest: I guess the question is, do you think we were close to an at-large (likely determined by Big 10 Tournament play), or is Dirk just trolling his readers (again)?
  10. Okay well maybe part of that, but here's a really long but pretty good article about the NCAA which really gives some perspective about where it's come from and where it's ultimately finally going to end (the courts). http://www.theatlant...ge-sports/8643/
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