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  1. I don't know about the others, but this one is accurate af!!! LMAO
  2. Can someone mansplain to me who to thank for giving Husker fans more room to manspread? We are eternally grateful!
  3. No simping allowed. Men do not think like that bud.
  4. Bro, are you originally from Texas or something? I am in agreement with you, and do not understand your retort. I was saying Nick Saban was classless for playing the quarterback late with a minute left. There is plenty to rag on with him, but again I have no earthly idea what you are insinuating.
  5. Why I hate Alabama is Saban's classlessness. I mean a minute left, no timeouts and still trying to run plays. C'mon man. You could've hurt the QB's ability to play in the NFL. STUPID!!! You lost, just down the ball, get it over, and say good game. I remember Nebraska being in the red zone at the end of games and Tom just had the QB keep kneeling. Even Tom knew when we were beat and let the game end. I call Saban not doing it, not being able to have class. It was about as bad as what a Longhorn fan would do.
  6. I love that Championship mentality. We are Nebraska!
  7. I can't wait to tease all the Longhorns this year, that we stole their quarterback and they suck now!!! #HuskersCursePassedBackToTheLonghorns
  8. There just isn't enough hookers and cocaine anymore. It's really sad. I thought this was "America"!
  9. It wouldn't be Huskerboard if there wasn't!
  10. Hell Godfather's would win him hands down!
  11. Bro, we didn't bust out the wallet for Whipple and tell Martinez good luck; to NOT GET A QB in the PORTAL this year!!! IMHO #AllInBaby
  12. Man, if we make a bowl game the other team won't be able to afford to buy a ticket. LMAO!!!!
  13. I guess his stats and ego got ahead of his wins as a quarterback leader. Agree with what the guys say in that interview.
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