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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/38283375/nebraska-arik-gilbert-arrested-eligibility-wait
  2. Some people got some apologizing to do.
  3. I don't believe the thread is "out of control", however I do believe some peoples emotions are "out of control".
  4. Seems like you have some sand in your clam buddy. However, spoken like a true simp. I am doing what in America, we call innocent until proven guilty and gathering facts. You on the other hand are acting like you are from the late 1600's Salem, and want to burn at the stake and give out scarlet letters out before getting all the facts. That's a nice mob mentality you have there bud. Money says you are a millennial.
  5. Also, on her old dead twitter (Priscilla Arzaga), she says Lebron James is the Greatest NBA player....so that is a "RED FLAG" for me. LMAO
  6. Damn, so if it was someone he caught cheating with his wife and, if he didn't lay a finger on his wife it still doesn't change your opinion partner? You shouldn't let personal emotions cloud logical deductive reasoning.
  7. Also, on twitter there is confirmation another adult was in his home(3 total). They don't say whether it was female or male. ***Update....the other person was Steven L. Taylor ***
  8. Who-Mickey-Joseph-wife-Priscilla-Arzaga "I was at the peak of my career and I will continue to remind Mickey that I was at the peak of my career when I stepped away! "I tell him all of the time, 'I sacrificed my career for you!' God had other plans, we got pregnant at the end of my season." Interesting quote. Not gonna speculate, but I do not recommend older men to marry younger women, EVER. She looks at least 10 years or more younger than Joseph. I know the psychological make up well here. There is also an older dead twitter account of hers as well, but nothing interesting sticks out. https://twitter.com/arzagapriscilla?lang=en
  9. I love you too hoss. I appreciate that because I know you are from LE as well. #FairAndBalancedMods #Twitter2Mods
  10. Duly noted your honor. #ForkHasBeenStuckInIt
  11. I completely understand. But, do you understand that you are commenting upon your "experience" in "LE", which means you are commenting from one side(plaintiff)? Do you understand that means you are not giving your perspective or expertise opinion from someone who has been arrested or that has been accused of something by LE? Maybe it's just a simple misunderstanding of what I am trying to communicate?
  12. Brother man, are you dense? If you are on "LE" you are on one side, aka prosecutors, aka state, aka plaintiff. What that means is that, you are not on the DEFENDANTS side, aka person arrested, aka the accused. Did I color that within the lines suffice for you to have the old synapses fire up buddy?
  13. "Mrs. Joseph’s cryptic “the truth will set you free” tweet may be making more sense" Let your brain balls drop little homie. There were two sentences up in there bud. #OffYourHighHorseYouGo
  14. Thank you for proving my point. You are speaking from one side only.
  15. This is nonsense. Obviously, someone who has never been in the "system". #PrivilegedPeople
  16. I've have been telling people the same thing! #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner
  17. ESPN still trying to make Huskers look bad any chance they get: Nebraska interim coach Mickey Joseph comments on unsigned recruit
  18. I'm guessing you didn't hear about the one where Osborne and boosters kept Trev from firing Scott last year?
  19. I'll never understand why people bring "race" into an argument about ability. MLK would be disappointed.
  20. You do realize when "coaches" make choices on where "they want to coach", there are other intangibles taken into consideration besides facilities right? Like local schools, local food, local fans, local entertainment, people? I mean there is a reason Lincoln Riley went to USC, and it wasn't because of facilities. I just think we have one of the most PRIVILEGED fan-bases in ALL OF College Football! So much so it's clouding the minds of regular everyday normal fans about where we are as a program in 2022.
  21. Yes it is. Why don't you go ask Osborne if it is?
  22. Comparing the league back then, the conferences, and rules; let alone the fanbases, social media, NIL so many other tangibles that cannot be extrapolated for a fare comparison. BTW you know exactly that is not what I am talking about. I'm talking with the firing hysteria, and this incessant privileged winning attitude. I'm old enough to remember when the fanbase didn't complain after one loss in a season online anonymously.
  23. Whole different league now. Comparing apples to oranges. You know this.
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