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    following Husker Football year round, playing darts, talking smack to trolls, giving BRI and Drowning a hard time, and did I mention following Husker Football
  1. The Cornhusker

    the more i listen to it, the more i like it and i think that it would be great between the 3rd and 4th qtrs with the new sound system and lyrics on the big screen. not "Jump Around" like the Badgers, more like the Neil Diamond song that they sing at Fenway Park in Boston,
  2. Beer Sales at Memorial Stadium

    go ahead and do it, but there has to be a cut off time (last call). I'd say midway through the 3rd qtr would be a final sale time.
  3. Updated stadium pictures

    Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way. looks good to me. i can understand having WiFi for reporters there to report on the game, but for the fans WTF, you are there to watch a football game not post on your twitter feed or submit a late budget report. STAND UP AND YELL
  4. So apparently Paul Meyers resigned, again

    we all know he left because D-Magic decided to transfer
  5. Last to post wins

    still here and still alive
  6. Vincent Valentine and Randy Gregory

    Experience makes young players better
  7. From Shawn Eichorst

    Good riddance, fans like you are not what the Huskers need
  8. Damn proud of this team

    5 turnovers committed by young players. Newby FR Fumble Westercamp RS FR Fumble Armstrong RS FR Interception Armstrong RS FR Fumble Armstrong RS FR Fumble all deep in NU territory
  9. Food for thought

    according to 24/7 the 2 deep roster for the NU/UM game listed 21 players out of 44 on the 2 deep roster (offense and defense) as Sophmore or Freshmen (RS or not). 13 of 22 on defense and 8 of 22 on offense. That's a lot of young players that are being thrown into the fire right away. just something to think about when you start screaming that the sky is falling.
  10. Pelini vs. Beck

    how many run calls were changed at the line of scrimmage by Martinez?
  11. The "Name your new head coach" thread megamerge

    because he played during the Clownahan era, there for not any good
  12. The Wisconsin (Minnesota) offense beat us.

    why go away from something that is working.......Holy sh#t!!!! thats a novel idea....we should freaking try it sometime
  13. An interesting tidbit from the postgame

    Is Drake a better athlete? Side note: Imagine if there was a Kenny Martinez. We'd be using KMart Wally Martinez aka WalMart, lol. and if there is a Martinez cousin in from Oregon and swings both ways we could call him Bi-Mart
  14. ***What we learned***

    another thing we learned today: When NU loses, HuskerBoard goes into complete meltdown....Chernobyl style