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  1. Ringing in my Ears by Tinnitus Produced by 3M Dual Sided Combat Earplugs!
  2. I cant believe that someone closed it. I thought it would live on forever! It was probably that BigRedIowan fellow following a drunken night with two 2 tranny crossdressing midgets
  3. Exactly. A RSF center that never played center in his life and a former walk on replacing Seniors and a JR that hasnt played much before this year replacing a 3rd senior from last year's team.
  4. Outside of Stille, our DL looks like it has put on 40 lbs of flab and need to see Jenny Craig. Gimme Jason or Christian Peter at 300 lbs over Daniels at 340+ any day
  5. Ive never liked the 3-4, but i grew up watching the huskers dominate with the 4-3. It didnt take a coachung change to switch from the 5-2 that Nebraska ran to the 43, it did however take a change in philosophy. McBride did it who says Chins cant. This team needs continuity not constant turn over. Look at NU DL in the 90s and compare them to now. The davis twins and Daniels look fat and out of shape in comparison. Either one of the Peter brothers whould have scored a td on that int.
  6. Coaches dont miss tackles, stand around and watch others try to tackle then try to assist after opposing players break away for long runs or tds. Coaches dont drop passes or over/under throw wide open recievers. Like Adam Carricker said today in his show, you cant coach effort. We have a lack of effort by a lot of players. Do the coaches pull players at this point and burn redshirts? Only a coach who is trying to save his job would do that in my opinion. Yes this season hurts to watch but i have faith that SF will turn it around. We cannont continue the 2-3 year and change coaches, thats why we are here now.
  7. That was one of the things I was thinking about. And who says marijuana is not addictive? Lol
  8. Alright folks in the know. What did Maurice Washington do or fail to do th bring the fire of Frosts wrath down on him?
  9. the more i listen to it, the more i like it and i think that it would be great between the 3rd and 4th qtrs with the new sound system and lyrics on the big screen. not "Jump Around" like the Badgers, more like the Neil Diamond song that they sing at Fenway Park in Boston,
  10. go ahead and do it, but there has to be a cut off time (last call). I'd say midway through the 3rd qtr would be a final sale time.
  11. Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way. looks good to me. i can understand having WiFi for reporters there to report on the game, but for the fans WTF, you are there to watch a football game not post on your twitter feed or submit a late budget report. STAND UP AND YELL
  12. we all know he left because D-Magic decided to transfer
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