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  1. Current Huskers Headed to the NFL

    Chris Weber
  2. abilene bars?

    Thanks. I guess we will wait and find out!
  3. abilene bars?

    Anyone know of or suggest any bars in Abilene KS? We will be there for opening weekend for wedding. GBR!!
  4. Husker Cruise

    I will see what i can do for pics! Check this posting daily for updates!
  5. Husker Cruise

    Anyone going on the husker cruise this next week? Looking forward to it, quite a few former players on it. Hopefully we dont get stranded in the Gulf!
  6. Need an Former QB as QB coach

    Wasnt Turner Gill strictly a qb coach when he was here? TM will be better this yearbecause he will be able to read quicker which comes with experience.
  7. Eric crouch vs Scott frost

    Crouch, the rest of his team was good, b ut not as good as Frost's team. Put him behind fraziers line and he would of had 2000 yards rushing.....maybe. But I am$ not saying he was better than tommie, because he wasn't!
  8. Deer Season

    Southeast nebraska a place my brother has been taking fur to for years.
  9. Deer Season

    you do get to shoot two does with one tag as well.
  10. Deer Season

    I actually shot TWO does to clarify a FEW, and ONE coyote that I ended up getting $35 for, you SOB! Good stuff!
  11. The 'Players or Coaches or Both?' Thread

    College football is influenced significantly. We saw it on Friday night with ISU-OSU. When our PLAYERS make mistakes on the field physically and mentally, it has potential for a huge momentum swing. And it did. There is only so much you can do as a coach, the rest has to be taken care of on the field!
  12. Deer Season

    I was hunting rifle in Nebraska, I go back every year for rifle season. It was so damn warm, they were not moving much. I only get a doe tag because I am not spending $250 on a buck tag. Besides, there are bigger bucks here in IA. I ended up getting a few does, and coyotes. Gotta wait for late muzzleloader season here in IA now!
  13. Play call ???

    I think Legate needs to be more involved in 1-2 yard situations. Keep it simple when needed!
  14. Deer Season

    Nothing better than sitting in my deer blind, drinkin coffee and browsing through Huskerboard after a good win! Does anybody have any good pics of deer from rifle or bow season yet?
  15. Post PSU game Choi is our best lineman

    Good job outta Choi! He needs to pound on Hardrick at practice to toughen that pansy up.