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  1. The whole reason the Trade Federation attacked Naboo was a manipulation (there's something about an important good for the Trade Federation being unreasonably taxed, or it was a trade lane, I'm too tired to look it up right now) by Palpatine as a false flag operation to first remove the sitting Supreme Chancellor and second to use the invasion to gain sympathy votes to become the Supreme Chancellor. He then turned public opinion away from an institution that had helped keep the piece for 1000 years so that when Mace and his posse go to arrest him it becomes easy justification for their eradication in the 3 minutes of screen time (because again Palps ordered the Clone Army with the thing that made them turn on the Jedi to wipe them out).
  2. The overarching plot of the prequels is the fall of the Republic and Jedi engineered by Palpatine.
  3. It was more how the darkside rose. Palpatine used a false flag operation to gain sympathy and manipulated his position to be elected to Supreme Chancellor. Then he created an exterior threat to make sure he kept the power while also stripping freedoms. Eventually getting to the point where he turned the Republic to an authoritative Empire to "Thunderous Applause". The acting and dialogue are sketchy at best through the entire Prequel Trilogy, but the overarching plot I will defend.
  4. Talking about Episode III, he goes deep into why the turn makes sense. Basically he chose the Sith side/Padme and Sideous informed him that to get enough power to save Padme he would need to wipe out the Jedi. Hence his attack on the Temple. All the Prequels are not good movies. The overall story, though, was good, just told poorly. The dialogue in all movies is overall not good and the acting is spotty at best. On top of that they did Padme dirty in ROTS. All of the Rebellion starting scenes were cut for some reason (there was also a really great scene where Padme, Bail, and others meet with Palpatine in his office and Anakin's there).
  5. I forgot to mention it in my initial post but here are my thoughts that I posted on Reddit thread I learned this news from: I guess Seth Rogen also went back an forth with them (mostly about the logistics of their plan and the fact that they have no f'n clue what they are doing). This terrible idea would have just been lost to the depths of the internet, but because Rian decided to bring it out to the light all it is doing is providing them a platform. I should have posted this months ago, but I forgot and I couldn't really put my thoughts to words. There was a large backlash to how Superman was portrayed in both Man of Steel and BvS by critics and how he wasn't Superman as seen in this story: https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2016/03/30/superman-and-the-damage-done Unfortunately I could not locate the gentleman's thoughts on Luke and TLJ for comparison, but the general consensus from Media/Critics has been the Luke that was portrayed in TLJ was an extension of where he was at from the OT. The general consensus of Superman in his main 2 movies was that it was terrible (even though it was a new continuity and one person's idea of Superman). Why does one portrayal get a pass for the differences from the previous portrayal/portrayals and the other gets ripped to shreds? Is it because they like Johnson more than Snyder? This isn't addressing you specifically MC, as you are the most vocal TLJ lover here and I think you mentioned liking MoS and BvS, it's just an observation about a seemingly double standard.
  6. Saw Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom.  Franchise has turned into more of a monster movie for Dinosaurs, but it was enjoyable outside a few cringe parts. Think the marketing did the movie dirty by showing what happens once the Dinos are off the island.

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      I mean, it turned into that back in 1997. The sense of wonder and gee whiz is long gone, unless you're a kid too young to remember the original.

  7. http://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/rian-johnson-baits-star-wars-trolls-remake-the-last-jedi-1201977410/ I'm starting to really dislike Rian. He got a lot of crap for TLJ (a good amount undeserved), but why do you have to do this? Here's Hamill's response:
  8. Surprise result of the day, Iceland drew with Argentina 1-1.  Skol

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      The Dude

      Saw people celebrating on the internet.


      Realized it was a tie.


      lol soccer

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      World cup is fine with ties in the first round. It really shouldn't matter anyways that early.

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      Vacationing here now! Yesterday was awesome!

  9. Except the parts that aren't or will be made non-canon by a future iteration (Poe met Rey at the end of the TFA official novel, but that was changed so they could first meet at the end of TLJ).
  10. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    Talking about general perception. There was very little backlash when Episode VII came out and both Critics and Audiences liked it a lot. Also my feel is that the backlash came later, like 6 months or so after TFA was released. There definitely was not an immediate turn on the movie within a week of its release like there was with TLJ (at least on the audience side). Maybe I am looking through rose colored glasses on this subject.
  11. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    FTFY. When episode VII came out there was little to no backlash and per the chart above 88% of audiences liked it. With TLJ, while critics liked it, most of the general audience did not like it. I also pointed out the most likely general reasons for the Box Office failure of Solo above (though it probably is a combination of them all).
  12. Boba Fett Movie

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-boba-fett-movie-is-happening-james-mangold-direct-1113273 Hadn't seen a topic on this, but this dropped the same day as Solo released. IMO a great idea would be to have the guy who played Boba in AOTC (Daniel Logan) meet up with a clone (Rex from TCW/Rebels animated series or Obi-Wan's Clone Commander Cody) played by the guy who played Jango (Temueara Morrison). Boba's been hired by the Empire to catch a deserter and it ends up being this clone. Cue morals and everything and what makes Boba different from the clones despite having the same DNA.
  13. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    I don't buy that the extreme drop off is just because alt-righters didn't like TLJ. Sure it's a factor, but I think it's more that the majority of people (according to Rotton Tomatoes) did not like it. The other factors is that it was released over Memorial Day (whose best weekend ever was just under $140 million by a POTC movie), the apathy and bad press caused by fans not liking TLJ and the general direction of Lucasfilm movies (All other Star Wars films have Audience/Critics are within 10-15 points, TLJ is close to 50 points), the stories coming from Solo production tanked interest and hype (Alden needing an acting coach and the firing of directors who had directed well liked movies like Lord and Miller had the biggest news), and finally it being the 3rd "tentpole" movie in a month (following Avengers: IW and Deadpool 2). I'm single, I don't have a family, so I can see a movie for $10-$15. Families (2 kids and 2 adults) need to drop at least $50.00 in Nebraska, but even more in other states. I believe if they would have kept the December release schedule, it would have performed better. Chart of Star Wars Rotton Tomatoes scores (only one outlier):
  14. Boba Fett Movie

    I see what you did there. I'm down for anything Star Wars, but I'm not sure what will bring my hype back up to what it was right after TFA (which I rate right up there with the OT, Rogue One was decent, TLJ was a disappointment, Solo was a fun ride).
  15. Boba Fett Movie

    I'm with you on not really caring for Boba, but because he only had at most 5 minutes of screen time on film in the OT (though his story has been fleshed out more in the cartoons versus the PT), the only history he has is the old legends continuity. I will be 100% against a Dread Pirate Roberts with the Boba Fett armor though.
  16. Born: An Aretha Franklin and George Michael joint. A day later was (I just) Died in your Arms Tonight by the Cutting Crew. 14th Birthday: All for You by Janet Jackson
  17. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    As Moiraine pointed out, Maul survived TPM through great hate and was found with mechanical spider legs that were changed into normal mechanical legs. TCW cartoon show got weird sometimes, but the overall quality was very good especially over the last few seasons. Think I've done it before, but I would recommend watching it if you are at all interested in Star Wars (though it is a little "kiddie" sometimes, more so in the earlier seasons). Back to Solo, though, read/saw/heard that Solo starts around 13 years before ANH then time jumps to 10 years before.
  18. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    It's a fun movie. Does it do anything groundbreaking with the story? No. Does it use some well worn cliches? Yes. But its a well made movie that I would recommend to everyone who has a passing interest in Star Wars.
  19. Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    Saw it. Liked it. It's a fun story in the Star Wars universe. A few good easter eggs and nods towards the other movies that I feel didn't take away the overall story. I'd say if you think anyone but Ford playing Han is sacrilege, you might not enjoy it. But Ehrenreich did a fine job. Strong performances all around. Definitely recommend.
  20. Huskers Get South Dakota Transfer as a Punter

    Can someone explain why he has to sit out? SDSU is FCS and last I heard you can move up or down without missing a year (see SEC players who have gotten in trouble and gone to Jacksonville State/an FCS school in Alabama).
  21. Avengers: Infinity War

    Saw it Sunday, thought it was going to end with Thanos snapping his fingers as it happened and it went to white. But I do think that the way it happened is the only way the good guys can win. Strange quickly flipped from wanting to guard the time stone even if it meant dying to giving it up once Tony got stabbed.

    I'm more interested in Thandie's storyline because it feels like Evan's is just going to be trying to gain independence for the hosts. Gaining independence does not interest me as much as her storyline from season 1 where she gains sentience (which was also Thandie's as she was programmed to look to escape the park but decided at the last moment to look for her kid as opposed to Evan's which was making the decision by herself to kill Anthony's character without being programmed to pull the trigger).
  23. I think a lot of my disappointment with the movie is the missed opportunities to tell a better story IMO. I didn't go into TLJ expecting it to be bad or for it to be disappointing. I saw it 4 times in theaters, and I felt diminishing returns each time (though the binary suns at the end got me each time). Luke and Rey's storylines are supplanted to be extensions of Kylo's. We are made to feel sympathetic to Kylo because of Luke and Rey's actions throughout the film, to the point it tells us to overlook the terrible things he has done up to this point. We get three versions of what happened the night that Kylo turned, but all three of them portray Luke in a negative light. He goes in, pulls the saber, Ben wakes up and collapses the hut and then it cuts to afterwards. We see part of something with the saber vision, presumably Kylo killing someone at the temple, but it's a quick scene that's not brought up again. So we're made to be more sympathetic to Kylo in the moment when his reaction to Luke pulling his saber is to massacre the students who don't join him. Johnson also cut the scene where Luke and Leia mourns for Han for pacing purposes. You have time for the milking scene or Kylo shirtless, but not for allowing Luke and Leia to show emotion? But this goes against the message that Kylo can be good by showing the consequences of his actions. Sure he's shown at the end to be fully a villian, but fandom has latched onto the poor white kid who made bad decisions that put him in a place to be completely alone and Rey will be the person to save him because the Skywalker line needs to go on. Which brings me to another reason I'm not behind this movie like the other Star Wars movies, the fandom that ships Rey and Kylo together despite the fact that while there was a connection it is very clearly severed by the end of the movie. Rian described the hand touching scene as the closest thing to a sex scene in Star Wars. As a counterpoint, you have Anakin waking shirtless next to a pregnant Padme in a nightgown and you have the 2 kisses between Leia and Han in ESB. Is it petty of me? Probably. But when you have official Lucasfilm employees promoting a problematic ship, I feel I can be a little petty. I'm OK with how Luke was portrayed, but it also felt like a step too far with nothing to move the needle back. Heck the 3rd lesson that was cut involved Luke tricking Rey into thinking there was a pirate raid on their island with informing her that there was no point in helping because if she helped there would be no one to protect them the next time. There is absolutely no satisfaction with Luke's storyline until the end of the movie. There is only one scene where he directly teaches her about the force, and for all his pontificating about how the Jedi Order needs to end, the Sith/Darksiders will always try to rise up and cause suffering whether or not the Jedi are still an order. Heck Snoke isn't even a Sith. If you want to keep going back and forth, I'm cool with it. But we're not going to change each others minds about TLJ. I'm all hyped up for Solo, but I'm expecting backlash because Alden is not as good an actor as Harrison and everyone will be focusing on that to the detriment of the hopefully good parts of the movie.
  24. Deontai Williams

    Played a lot, he was number 41 on the red team.