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  1. I think the illegality of Fanfiction prevents them from from filing any lawsuits. In this case, though the main character is a self insert, the fact that the world they are in is Star Wars supersedes anything else.
  2. Hasn't been mentioned, so I'm going to drop this here: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2017/12/the-fan-fiction-that-predicted-a-major-last-jedi-storyline/548885/
  3. Stanley Morgan Jr. Staying for Senior Season

    For those wondering Leo says he’s not f’in leaving in the scene.
  4. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

  5. Big Ten Bowl Games

    SEC refs be screwing the Badgers.
  6. SEC refs be screwing the Badgers.

    1. ladyhawke


      No kidding. It's bad enough that this is a 'home game' for Miami!  The Wiscy guy was down. 

  7. Thinking on it even more, I think these movies would have been better off being set 100 years after ROTJ. Don't involve any of Luke, Leia, or Han. You can keep the general beats, a Skywalker turning to the darkside and being the 2nd to a different empire. A scavenger nobody, a stormtrooper who changes sides after experiencing the realities of the First Order. You can have the resistance pushing back on the dormant but rising First Order. You can have everything with TFA, but instead of the map to Luke, its the map to the First Jedi Temple. The entire Jedi Order had been wiped out by Ren when he changed sides so Jedi are now just a myth. So when Rey says that Luke was just a legend, it holds more weight because there's been a longer time and you don't have to learn that legends can disappoint. You have Rey trying to learn how to be a Jedi with no teacher so Ren's stating of the fact that she needs a teacher makes even more sense because she has no one to assist her. Main reason though will be to step out of the shadows of Luke, Leia, and Han so you can avoid the disappointment of having them show up and be less than stellar characters (though the acting has been fine throughout the 2 movies, really nobody terrible yet).
  8. I think the high Rotten Tomatoes critics score is this. Overall both TFA and TLJ are well crafted pieces of cinematography made by directors who have made movies that are generally well liked by critics. JJ made a safe movie, a movie to jump back into Star Wars and introduce it for a new generation. This caused a flip in audience reaction after it was looked at and people didn't like how close it was to ANH (even though the comparison is more surface level than an exact copy) and who are not high on Abram's "Mystery Box" style. TLJ has an audience issue with subverting expectations. A lot of the things that JJ set up in his "Mystery Box" was subverted by Rian in less than stellar ways. Who are Rey's parents? No one, and we'll reveal this information by having the main antagonist goad the main protagonist into acknowledging this in a very emotionally abusive way. This was not a definitive way to reveal this and it leaves it open for another reveal in IX (probably won't happen, but its possible). Who is Snoke? Let's have Ren kill him in the climax. 2 years of speculation lead to nothing. The Rey/Luke first meeting turning into a joke where Luke throws the lightsaber over his shoulder. Luke's motivations and the reason he's on Ach-To. TLJ is definitively not worse than the prequels, but there are issues with it that seem to be overlooked by critics.
  9. Here's another review. Takes a little bit to get to his thoughts about The Last Jedi, but he talks about the themes of Star Wars, and why the new movies don't pass the fridge test for him. Matt Colville is a writer of Fantasy. He's written a few fantasy books, he's done a few things with D&D, and he's written a video game (Evolve).
  10. Seeing it again last weekend and just overall reading has helped me bring about some more thoughts. Again overall I feel like TLJ is a good movie, its just not that good of a sequel to TFA. Too many personalities are different from what they have portrayed at in different media (Poe has a comic book that contradicts some of the decisions he would make in TLJ, mainly being excited at the fact that they destroyed the dreadnaught at the beginning at the cost of the entire resistance bomber fleet). I've made my thoughts about Rey's plot known. It's a little worse because while there was her trying to figure out her parents, her main plot was turning the bad boy back to the light. Main protagonist was sidelined for the sake of the main antagonist. I think the story might have been better if Kylo had turned back to the light after he killed Snoke. Because if they turn him next film it feels like it won't work. The only way it would work would be for him to die after the turn like Vader. Being an underling to the supreme leader is different than making all the decisions. Also Luke throwing the lightsaber over his shoulder at the start gets worse on every rewatch. Just can't see him doing that to something that has that much significance to his past. It feels like lets make a joke of a heavy scene from the end of TFA. Again I was fine with Luke throughout the movie, just did not like how they opened with him.
  11. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    100% believe that team members know the test results. What does releasing them to the public do? Presents another data point to hold against college players who aren't performing to our expectations?
  12. Think she's the best character of the new trilogy. Both Daisy and Adam are fantastic actors in their roles. But I'm unsure of the fact that Rian had the character go from having Kylo knock her out, kidnap her, interrogate her in a very intrusive manner, kill Han (someone who she had latched onto), injure Finn badly with his lightsaber (first friend, first person that she remembers that came back for her), she calls him a monster, a snake, and a few other names. Then all within what has to be 2 weeks (no clue how long it took for her to leave D'Qar at the end of TFA, but it could not have been too long) she decides she wants to turn Kylo back to the light to the point of turning on Luke just because she believed his side of the story and felt sorry for him for one second of weakness from Luke. Daisy plays it wonderfully, but I have not heard/read something that makes this make sense. It took 6 months to a year for Luke to come to/make that decision for Darth Vader.
  13. Overall I was fine to liking/loving the movie and there is no one part that I hated. I liked Luke outside of the first toss of the lightsaber over his shoulder. IMO I think a duel between two descendants of the force (Kylo and Rey if they had gone that way) would have interested me way more than some random being the lightside match to someone of Skywalker blood. Maybe I'll be fine with whatever they come up with in IX, but my initial reaction is this.
  14. Mentioned it before in my review, but I'd like to point this out again. It feels to me like Lucasfilm lied about this movie in the marketing (generally whenever they've talked about the trilogy). They've stated since they started this trilogy that the Episodic Movies are the Skywalker story and the side movies can be about anyone or anything. I like Rey as a character, liked her since the beginning of TFA, but it feels like the story group is dropping the ball by making her a nobody. I understand what Johnson was saying with even the littlest guy, the nobody of nobodies can make a difference in the galaxy. But who is Finn to the greater galaxy? Who is Poe? Who is Rose? Who is Holdo? They are nobodies coming from nowhere and they are fighting for the future and hope. I find Rey being the representative of the lightside part of the Skywalker bloodline, a bloodline that is descendant of the force, more interesting the Rey being a nobody from nowhere. So on one side you have Kylo choosing to be dark even though he was brought up in the best of conditions (though I'm not 100% certain of the home life with Leia and Han besides Leia sending him off to Luke to be trained). On the other you have Rey choosing the light even though she grew up in a terrible place, with every reason to lose hope. Heck in the Clone Wars TV show there was a series of episodes about how the force represented itself. There was the father who was balanced, a son who was the darkside, and the daughter who was the lightside. I would find it way cooler to have that conflict if Kylo and Rey were related. This is my biggest issue with this movie, and now I guess the trilogy if IX continues with this. You have the entire resistance/rebellion to show how nobodies can change the galaxy. Leave the balancing the force stuff to the Skywalkers.
  15. Review for TLJ - Like I guess a lot of people here, Star Wars has been part of my life for a very long time. It's my favorite series and something I went back to after I lost interest with other series (bought an embarrassing amount of EU books) and my interest jumped to another level once Disney bought Lucas and decided to start making movies. I liked TFA. Probably rank it along with ROTJ after ESB and ANH. Onto TLJ, I'm fine with most of the open questions from TFA falling off. Didn't really like Snoke, so I'm into Kylo killing him off halfway through the movie. I was into the whole Kylo and Rey fight with the guards. I was not into how Rey went from calling Kylo a snake and a monster, to deciding Ben can be redeemed within 2 days (Not to mention what he did to her in TFA along with killing a father figure in Han, which TLJ was probably within 2 weeks of). Felt like Rian had his thought of what to do with these two characters, and didn't care what happened in TFA. Also I absolutely hate the fact that the last of the Skywalkers is Kylo Ren. I get the meaning Rian was going for in that the force is not exclusive, but Star Wars Episodes are about the Skywalker family. The sequel trilogy is pretty much telling us that the Skywalker family (the Force's family, let us not forget that Anakin was an immaculate conception birth) is a blight on the galaxy because outside of a brief break with Luke and Leia, all they've done is brought darkness and despair. This is why I liked Rey being Luke's daughter. If Rey were a Skywalker then it at least would not screw the legacy and it would make for a more interesting story in IX as Rey and Kylo fought for the legacy of both sides of Anakin (and tangentially the force). So while I feel its most likely that the reveal was true, I'm still holding out hope that Kylo revealed it the way he did to push Rey to his camp. I'm very glad that she rejected his hand and walked away. I liked Luke overall except for him tossing the lightsaber over his shoulder. Its funny, but it also didn't feel like something he would do with that lightsaber. How he acted towards Rey, what he was doing on the island, I liked it. Also liked the ending. The twin suns is the first time I've cried at a piece of media in a long time. Saw the movie a second time and I still teared up along with getting goosebumbs at the scene. It was a great way for him to fade into the force. 1st viewing I totally thought they were going to kill Leia when the bridge was attacked and I was uncertain as to how I felt about her surviving space. 2nd time I saw her appear to take a breath before the missiles hit, and I accept the fact that she survived more easily. I liked her using the force to pull her back to the ship. Overall I thought they used Leia well and I'm even more sad at the fact Carrie died and we won't see her do more boss stuff in Episode IX. I'm ambivalent to the slow chase. I accept the logistics of it, the fact that they did not have enough fuel for another hyperspace jump and I don't believe the Star Destroyers could have jumped forward, turned around, and then jumped back to face them head on. I can also believe that the First Order is sadistic enough to not care that they are following them because they know they cannot escape and they want to draw their victory out that much longer. In fact this is what I will believe going forward. I liked Finn and Rose as characters, but I think I would have liked it better if they had just got to Canto Bight, found their guy, and left. Found the guy that Maz pointed out that they could trust. Benecio was not that guy, he had the skills, did not have the trustworthiness. (You could talk me into having Finn sacrifice himself at the end, but the line by Rose was good "You don't win by killing what you hate, but by saving what you love". Good line and probably something that will pop up in IX.) Poe was more Poe. Cool in an X-Wing and I like where they took the character at the end of the movie. Did not like the Holdo/Poe tension because if Holdo recognized the fact that Poe would not take their situation going down it would have been very easy to explain what the plan was. If she explains what the plan is, it would have saved more lives as Poe's plan to get them out of the situation exposed the plan to get the Resistance off the ship. The ending to the plot line was stunning though. Crait is an amazing planet and I loved the fact that the dust kicked up as red. Loved Leia staring out with the high collar as Rose and Finn use the shuttle to escape from the star destroyer. Also loved the Falcon going into the red crystal caves with the Asteroid Belt music blaring. Great moment. Overall I'd say I'm more positive to the movie than negative, but I'm not 100% into where Lucasfilm is taking the "Skywalker" saga.
  16. Gotta figure out a way to guard the big man going forward. Might not find a big man better than KU's the rest of the year, but there will probably be some that can hurt us.
  17. Gotta protect their best team if so.
  18. Get not wanting to blame refs, but man a lot of ticky tack calls going Kansas's way. Not to mention the two charge calls where the guy was still sliding.
  19. Need to up my twitter game...

    It's a Spongebob Meme. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/mocking-spongebob
  20. Road team is getting the calls right now. Who stops the game for a lost shoe? Also calling a charge when the guy is still sliding?
  21. S C.J. Smith [Nebraska Commit]

    Hasn't been mentioned here, but I'm pretty sure he's the brother to one of UCF's receivers. This guy: http://ucfknights.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=350
  22. WR Joshua Moore

    Clouse just said that the coaches should be meeting with him tonight.
  23. Unheralded MVP

    Special teams outside of punt returns were all solid to great. One part of the team that was not a disappointment. Ober = MVP, Lightbourn = Most Improved
  24. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Frost coaching the bowl game is not unprecedented. A man named Urban coached his undefeated Utah team in 2005 after he had been hired to coach Florida. National Championship confirmed in 2 years.