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  1. Blackshirt96

    Hot seat

    The QB play is something I really expected to improve under Riely and Langsdorf. I guess Tommy cut down on the int's, but I expected greater improvement. Maybe it was the ankle, maybe you just cant teach accuracy. I will hope a fresh start will go better with a new guy at QB. Or Langsdorf just couldn't get him to stop throwing 50-50 bombs when he got outside the pocket. Tommy also struggled with getting enough height on the ball to get it over the line. That's where a 6'5" QB has a huge advantage over a QB who is 6'.
  2. Blackshirt96

    Husker Coordinators

    No. His defensive scheme last year was an abomination. This year's is significantly better but still nothing great. We've benefited from playing a lot of terrible offenses. The only two good offenses we've played this year we had trouble stopping (Oregon, without their best offensive player for most of the game) or literally couldn't stop at all (Ohio St.). So I'm not a Banker fan. Although the reason I bring that up - and why it's in this thread - is because I think Bray is going to start getting calls and we may have to find a way to get him a promotion to keep him. Probably not this year but it's not going to be long. And I think losing him would be bad - worth shipping Banker out to keep him. Banker isn't going anywhere this year, and if the time comes to replace him someday you do so by hiring a great, proven DC. Not a position coach you are afraid to lose. Your entire thought about Bray is verbatum what people said about Papuchis at one point. How did that work out? And that was with a defensive minded head coach. You seriously think firing Banker and handing the D over to a guy who has never called plays is a good plan when Riley is all offense at this stage of his career? I don't particularly want Bray moving on but if he does then the way you replace him is with another stud linebacker coach not by putting him in a position he likely is not ready for - expecially at a program like Nebraska. So tired of people wringing their hands and worrying if people are going to leave someday like this isn't f'n Nebraska. A big problem the past decade plus is for some dumb reason we started making decisions that make the program weaker in fear of losing talent. If good talent leaves it sucks , but you man the F up and treat it as an opportunity to upgrade and get stronger. Agreed use money to keep Bray & find the best option to be the DC if we get to that point.
  3. Blackshirt96

    Husker Coordinators

    I completely agree. It would be nice to have a scheme where the QB is thinking oh sh!t who is coming to hit me this down. I would give up a few big plays if it meant we were laying the wood to the QB most of the other plays.
  4. Blackshirt96

    New Special Teams Coach

    Imagine the fans after the 2nd time he went for 2 & didn't get it.
  5. Blackshirt96

    SI early NFL draft look

    I'm really not that surprised. Gerry really struggled last year, but has come on strong this year. I think he will be off the board by the third round. Westerkamp has had some injuries that have kept him off the field, that always hurts draft stock. I really believe he will be a late pick along with Banderas, who has also had some injury set backs. Carter is not your typical NFL TE. I see him as a FA who will make a team. Gerry, Westerkamp & Banderas are really the only guys I think who have a chance to be called on draft day.
  6. Blackshirt96

    TA & POB

    Things were different. He had Armstrong, Fife, Bush & Darlington. They were real high on Bush at that time.
  7. Blackshirt96

    Mark May

    Probably after years of sitting near Kirk Turdstreak.
  8. Blackshirt96

    OSU Spread

    I know very little about betting so if this is a stupid question, I apologize. But if that big a % is on Nebraska, how are they not moving the line. Isn't their deal that they try to balance the money on each side?I don't have any idea if the quoted number is accurate, but there is a difference between the percentage of bets vs the percentage of dollars. 96 people could have bet $100 each on Nebraska and 4 people $2500 each on OSU. That would be 94% of bets on Nebraska but only 48% of the dollars bet would be on Nebraska, so you wouldn't expect the line to move much. https://www.sportsinsights.com/betting-trends/college-football-betting-trends/ 80% of the "bets" are on Nebraska. I'm not sure the books release the amount of dollars bet on each team. Accordingly, in this situation you can deduce that there is a much higher "dollar per bet" on OSU than on Nebraska. Typically most people believe this means that the smart money is on OSU (the theory being that the big bettors are the smarter bettors). He stated 94% of the money was on NU, not bets. I don't know where that came from, but if that was the case the line would be moving and in a hurry.
  9. Blackshirt96

    Ohio State will honor Sam Foltz Saturday night!

    I was actually thinking a similiar thing like they don't dot the eye in his memory similar to the no punter we did to start the year.
  10. Blackshirt96

    16 Team Playoff

    That would be my guess. The 5 power 5 champions & 3 at large.
  11. Blackshirt96

    OSU Spread

    If anyone wants to read more into it. Vegas is giving NU around a 18% chance of winning & around 76% chance of OSU winning. Imagine that they kept about 6% for themselves.
  12. Blackshirt96

    OSU Spread

    That should tell you they made a mistake. Vegas wants even money on the game. If that 94% is true they should be moving the line like crazy to get money on the other side. Right now the money line is around 550+ for NU and 760- for OSU. There could also just be a lot of money line bets on OSU. Don't have to cover a spread just win the game.
  13. Blackshirt96

    OSU Spread

    What if we played 100 times. Why not just say I think they will win by 18. Your "average margin" is just a guess. This has as much meaning as me saying we will win by 20+ points.
  14. Blackshirt96

    This is why.

    Who was Iowa throttled by? If you watched the Wisconsin Iowa game you would know who. A very close fumble at the goal line was a ten point swing & Wisconsin was missing their kicker. The backup missed 2 FG that should have been made. That game could have easily been 30-9 or worse.