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  1. hucksker

    Tristan Gebbia

    I never understood why Gebia did not seek his release immediately after the coaching change. His body type did not fit this offense and in the end that was the difference. Based on how quickly he dis-enrolled and asked for his scholly release Gebia and family had a plan in place if not named the starter. In the short run, he took valuable REPs away from the next kid on the list to be ready as the backup. Not a good look on his part.
  2. hucksker


    I wish Riley would be fired today, but I know that will not happen until after Iowa. This game should make it easy for Moos to move forward with the replacement process. Moos will need to step in the middle of organizing and managing the recruiting effort until a new head coach is named. Firing Riley Can't happen soon enough. Huck
  3. hucksker

    Why am I a Husker fan?

    I met my wife on a UNL related bus trip to the 70-71 Orange Bowl, 1st National Champs game. We went on another school trip for the Nebraska vs Oklahoma game of the century. Great trips and now a special wife of 44 years. Same seats in sec 107 for many-many years. Cussed Tom Osborne when he could not beat Oklahoma, loved him when he did. Could not understand Solich's dismissal and think that is the reason for today's issues Never missed a game during Callahan mess. Did not care for Pelini's attitude but liked his coaching, supported him to the end. Think Riley is a good coach to a point, but I am not sure he can move the mountain in front of him. No matter, will be in my seats whoever is coaching. Being loyal fans is just part of who we are. We fans are in complete control of the sell out streak and should never let it be lost. Supporting the team is just what we do in Nebraska. GBR HUCK
  4. hucksker

    Does MR need to reshuffle the coaching staff or keep it the same?

    So I finally get youtube setup on my Roku and ran across Monday press conferences for Nebrasaka. Are these always available on YouTube like this? Just got the ones for Langsdorf and Cavenauh sp? don't know if others are available. Did not get any positive vibe. Cavenauh's continuous comment was we just need to get better. Langsdorf sounded like a used car salesmen trying to convince me to buy a bad car. I tried to imagine these 2 guys talking to recruits....in this fashion. Not much confidence listening to them.
  5. hucksker

    Ed Morrow Transferring

    Maybe now he can get a pair of shoes that fit.
  6. hucksker

    (POLL) Should NU fire Miles?

    I change my vote to FIRE
  7. hucksker

    Is the team progressing

    Not about next year. The question I ask is, did this team get better as the season went along? I don't see it. Huck
  8. hucksker

    Anton Gill out remainder of season

    So, in Basketball is there any provision for a medical hardship year in future eligibility status?
  9. Khaake,I appreciate how this can be upsetting to someone when it dig's against your core. My advice, do what I have done for the last 8 years, put the ear buds in and ignore it.
  10. hucksker


    I watch the center play a lot, I just like the play in the trenches. Over all Utter is doing OK, he just lacks the God given physical qualities of a top level center which he makes up for most plays with effort. For what its worth, he would not be starting if the guys below were better.
  11. hucksker

    Worst Case

  12. hucksker

    Rutgers injuried player

    Any up-dates on the injury to the Rutgers Lineman that happened in the final minutes of the game today. Praying he is OK. Huck
  13. hucksker

    Contract Extensions

    I think we all agree success should be gaged by championships...so that requires that you get to the Championship game(Big 10) to be successful. I think we should extend Riley's contract........with a modification. Every year you don't make it to the championship game, your contracts are extended, but you lose one year off your buyouts. If you make it to the Championship game, you earn a year of buyout back. So by example, Riley is hired for 2015 season with a 5 year contract and his assistants have 2 or 3. So we didn't go to the championship game so we extend his contract back to 5 years and his assist's to 2 or 3, but Riley's buyout is now down to 4 and his assist's buyout are 1 or 2. So in 2016 he doesn't get to the championship game, you extend his contract 1 year, but now his buyout is down to 3 years and his assists are down to 1 or zero. Now in the 3rd year, we get to the championship game, you extend the contracts one year and now you add back a year to the buy outs so now he is back up to 4 years buy out and the assist's are at 2 and 1. You could put a kicker in that resets all buy outs to the maximum contract amount in any year you WIN the championship game. And so on and so on. Might put a little fire in the belly if you had to earn your buyouts. Seems like this should fit a nice rational man like Coach Riley......if not....maybe his view of the future is not so bright. Huck
  14. hucksker

    Contract Extensions

    Does Shawn Eichorst have the sole authority to extend the FB coaches contracts or does that require approval from above?
  15. hucksker

    Call me stubborn......but

    I refuse to let this year take away my pride in calling myself a Husker Fan. This feels similar to the Calahan years and during the last few games in that process, I made a decision to support the program, not the coach. Sat through every losing game to the last second and in my heart thanked the players for their effort. After yesterday, when I was thinking about selling (or giving) my tic's away, I hear how Gangwish went into the stands and thanked the fans I made a decision again not to give up on the players. I will be in my East Balcony seats cheering the players on. As fans during these last 2 home games, we can't control what the coaches are doing, but we can control what we do. For the sake of the recruiting effort, lets show up to the Mich State game and make it loud and proud. It can only hurt recruiting if we choose to give up. It could be the only positive thing we have left is the pride of being a Husker Fan. Don't give up your Husker Pride because your are upset with Harvey and Shawn for screwing this up. Don't give up your Husker Pride because Ryley, Banker and Langsdorf are screwing this year up. Make the choice to support the team and in the end we will be better off. HUCK