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  1. much of our play calling is well really mysterious! Our coaches must be looking at a different game than I do. Just telling my co-worker the other day (Monday) that McCafferey is NOT the answer. Too quick to give up on passing routes and just wants to take off running. (maybe that is safest as his passing is very suspect) I thought we should have started AM second half; he has at least deserved that! If nothing changes he will transfer at season's end. But heck, Frost may decided to re-start him next week. That really mess' the team rhythm up! We have a very young team
  2. Penn State was close last week and we hung on, (thank you) but Penn State physically beat the heck out of us. Our players were not ready to play today, they were mentally and physically beat down. I am hopeing that PSU can do the same to Iowa today. However, Iowa is more physical than we are and maybe not so inexperienced in winning. Go Huskers today was so diappointing but I am not surprised by it.
  3. A healthy Martinez would have helped last year. JD was hung out to dry on routes way too many times. He suffered some huge hits and it is very discouraging, enough to transfer? I have no idea about that. Maybe he felt it best to leave than cause any issues on the team giving his real reasons. Hope he does well the remainder of the season and stays healthy!
  4. Play was much improved tonight! Just need to finish on our drive to the rim. Sunday game will be a tough one they gave a great effort and came so close. Keep working Big Red
  5. I know that he was dismissed from the team in October but does anyone know if he is still enrolled in school? I don't do twitter, maybe he has posted something about his intentions. We could sure use him. Hopefully what ever issue got him dismissed is behind him now and he could possibly move forward with this team again. Hope he has stayed in school. If not on the football team I hope he can move forward and has learned a few things on life. These kids are pretty young and sometimes immature with lots of pressure put on them. Good Luck Maurice!
  6. Our O line has played pretty well the past few games. No seniors on the line, I think this position is looking up!
  7. He is not going anywhere! That thought should have not entered your head let alone allow you to post it. He only has 4 years as a major college coach, it will take some time.
  8. Speilman just as well stood next to Frost today, we did not try to get the ball to him whatsoever. We have 2 pretty decent tightends and he did not use them today either. Our passing game today was a JOKE!!!!! Is no one getting open? Martinez is so hesitant to throw the ball you wonder if he will ever get out of his funk he seems to be in this year. Really disappointed that we lost this game, we did what was needed to win this game in the 2nd half. Agree with other posters that are putting much of this on Frost. Call some damn plays that can work.
  9. totally agree! If you are playing for overtime why would you run out of bounds on 2nd down? Frost may need to hire an OC to call plays!
  10. It has lost yards most of the time we have run it this year. Seems we always like to do it on first down. So then we get 2nd and 15! Let Martinez get totally healthy next year and I think McCafferey will step up to the starting QB job.
  11. We can and will win this game! Our penalties the past couple of games have pretty much been nothing. That means we are playing with better discipline then earlier in the year. Mills is starting to find his mo-jo and what is expected of him. Another weapon, if we run McCaffery in the game at receiver on occasion. I think Frost is figuring out on offense what works best lately. But then again Maryland makes everyone look live world beaters! GO HUSKERS!!!!
  12. Really you want to lessen the poor punt that only traveled 24 years to the 19? He has been bad all year, no hang time and no distance. Not sure what happened to him but either his technique is off or it is in his head. Special teams coach needs to figure this out.
  13. Well, we can't worry about Iowa yet! We need to take care of things with Maryland first. We really need to end our road game loss' and it needs to start this week. Special teams is killing us in most games. Just down the ball if it is inside the 10 on the kickoffs! We very seldom ever get it to the 25 and throw a penalty in and you are starting inside your 10! Punter; I don't even know where to start, low and short punts don't work for s#!t. We really need to recruit a top notch punter for next year.
  14. And the Huskers have had a history "if it can go wrong it will"! I remember the late quarter loss' to Oklahoma year after year. This is our MAN and he (Frost) will get it done. One thing not mentioned much yesterday was the play of special teams. Much better, 2 partial blocked punts is pretty dang good and so was coverage on punts and kicks. Probably should just down the ball or let it cross the goal line on the our kick receive many times.
  15. Seems Adrian has lost some confidence and was really rusty after missing a few weeks. But, also maybe it is deeper than that? No Devine Ozigbo with his tough running and he passed block decent. Our O line is young and inexperienced, lost a couple key players from that line as well. Lastly, Stanley Morgan, get it close and he typically caught it. With the pass protection as it is Adrian is throwing scared, not seeing the field and so on and so on. We just need to let them play out the year and see where the chips fall. I know that I for one I need to lay off the criticism for th
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