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  1. Who will be calling the plays? That is one of my major concerns coming off last season.
  2. He was in a sophomore slump ALL season. Hopefully, he works on his tentativeness and seeing the whole field in the offseason. His biggest issues were mental mistakes this year.
  3. My biggest concern is when the game is on the line and all we need is a stop for OT or the win, can the defense be depended on? The answer right now is no. We had a 3rd string QB go in late and drive the length of the field on us. We had another team with 30 seconds left and multiple ref calls go against their team still get in FG range for the game winner.
  4. Most opposing fans hate Nebraska and take joy from it, particularly Big 10, Big 12, and AAC fans of certain schools. I'd like Nebraska to be bowl eligible like half this list. Sucks that it may be awhile before we ever get back to even Pelini levels of success.
  5. He'll be a 3rd day pick in the NFL draft after his senior season at best regardless of where he plays. He might as well stay and be a Husker record breaker.
  6. I still think Frost has a shot at turning things around, but only if he is willing to change. He probably needs a play calling OC, so he can be more of a CEO and focus on the little things like the miscommunication with special teams or other critical situations where players need to be aware of things they just can't be doing on a play. He also can't ride or die with certain players like Martinez. If it is pretty clear in the spring or summer that Martinez isn't going to be much better, he needs to get off his bandwagon fast as it is critical Nebraska gets off to a fast start next year with the very tough final 5 games. There are a couple games this season where if we had a different QB we'd probably be bowl bound. Also, if a play doesn't work like those swing passes, don't keep on constantly going back to it. I don't care if the "play is there", if they can't execute it, they can't execute it. I'm not one of those people that thinks it is Frost or bust, although I'd give him 2 more years. If this "Florida Fast" fails, I hope we bring in a coach more willing to adopt a Wisconsin type playing style as I think that is probably our best opportunity to succeed long term since we just don't have the 5 star athletes to act like we are Ohio State. We don't need a big name star. Pelini was more successful than Riley or Callahan because he was the closest to what Nebraska used to be.
  7. A lot of people in McMurphy's comments are happy at Nebraska's failures. Seems like a lot of Hawkeye and Big 12 fans making comments.
  8. Matt Campbell went 8-5 in year 2 at Iowa State. They had 3 losing seasons before he got there. They don't get remotely as good as recruits as Nebraska.
  9. We have to stop teams on their last drives. Playing great for a couple of quarters doesn't mean anything if you collapse at the end. We scored a few times in the 4th against Purdue to take the lead, but then the defense collapsed twice. A 3rd string Indiana QB had a game winning drive. Iowa marched up the field even with calls that went against them with 30 seconds left.
  10. Scott didn't seem to make much adjustments this season. His excuse to not running I-formation more was that they didn't have enough plays for it. Well, make some more. Mills should have played more in the first half instead of all the swings and screens. Putting in a different QB wins us this game and the Purdue game likely. He doesn't seem to communicate well with his players so they know exactly what type of situation they are in like Martinez running out of bounds. He has to be told before the play that running out of bounds is not an option, but wasn't. If he had an OC that called the plays, he could focus more on little things like this. Even when our defense plays better, they can still be counted on to let us down. 30 seconds left should have been an easy stop for the DC. Reminds me of the defense collapses late in the Colorado, Purdue, and Indiana games. Gotta make stops when the game is on the line. Even with some calls that went our way, Iowa still got in FG range.
  11. Probably not unless he goes like 3--9. If they don't get to at least 6 wins next year, I would can Moos before he can extend any more contracts longer. He seems like one of those guys that will do that again before his 5 years is up. It will be interesting to see if Frost can learn to adjust. His love for Martinez and his assistants may lead to his ultimate undoing. He seems to blame the talent more than his & his assistants' poor coaching. This team had enough talent to coast easily to 7 or 8 wins this year.
  12. Sounds like he didn't even bother to tell Martinez how to handle the situation late in the game. “I understand what he was thinking,” Frost said of his quarterback. “It’s hard for a player to probably go straight from ‘We’re going to score and win this game’ mode to getting a 15-yard penalty. I haven’t seen it yet, but that can’t happen. Maybe I could have used a timeout there to make sure the kids understood.”
  13. He was open for a 1st down when Martinez threw a pick.
  14. Dline will be worse than the oline with the seniors leaving.
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