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  1. I like 8 teams the best. The 4 best teams definitely get in with that format. I actually don't mind just 4 teams since I think since the ultimate goal should be that the top 2 teams in the country get a shot at the championship and while I see one can debate seeding or if the 3rd or 4th best team got in, I think it does its job.
  2. Who would call plays during the game? We can't go back and forth between 2 coaches and expect success. Frost needs to concentrate on the little things during the game and not playcalling.
  3. A non-clutch, turnover prone QB coming off shoulder surgery that will likely keep him out of spring practice and maybe part of summer should not be demanding no competition for the starting spot. Frost stuck by him more than any other coach would have. Frost's greatest failure was probably his loyalty to his coaching staff and QB for too long who weren't getting it done. Maybe, Martinez will get better with better coaching if his shoulder heals fine whether it was Nebraska's new staff or another team's, but he needs competition.
  4. What's his grade? 6th round? Seems like he could go much higher with another year.
  5. If Frost told Adrian he wasn't going to hand the starting job to him and told Cam he wasn't NFL ready, I don't blame him.
  6. So an offensive line coach or another position coach as our next OC? I can't see a successful OC switching over from a winning program.
  7. I'm surprised it has taken this long to get a new OC. The longer it goes, the more likely we will have more offensive players transferring out.
  8. We need a QB where if a WR is streaking open to start a play, he is not afraid to pull the trigger. Sometimes, you need to throw a receiver open as well which he seemed unable to do. Martinez's accuracy was better this year on his long range throws, but he still missed plenty of open tall WRs and TEs. He might do better with better coaching, but he probably wasn't going to get better here. Some of his freshmen type turnover mistakes may never go away. Nebraska could very easily be horrible next year, but another year of Martinez wasn't the solution.
  9. It would have been better if some of this stuff like new OC coaches and a new QB had happened for this past season, so Frost would have had 2 yrs to prove himself after a major shake up. Just about any Nebraska team regardless of makeup of coaches and players could have won 3 games this year. It was a wasted year. As far as Martinez, as long as he doesn't transfer to a Big 10 team, I wish him luck. I think it is for the best that both he and Nebraska get a fresh start at QB.
  10. Most OCs do not stick around long whether a success or failure. Say someone like Tom Herman comes in as the OC and Nebraska stumbles out of the gate and Frost is canned, then if an interim head coach like Herman can have success when Frost is gone, he could potentially be the next head coach.
  11. Even though he made some of the same bad mistakes that got Martinez in trouble in games, it was Smothers' 1st start vs. 4th year of starting. I'm not sure if Smothers is the future or not, but for Frost to save his job he needs to win immediately which probably means a starting QB transfer would be more helpful. It is too bad Smothers did not get more starts this season. It wouldn't have been hard to top the 0 wins since the Northwestern game and he could have gotten some valuable experience.
  12. They destroyed Northwestern, beat a couple non-Power 5s, and single digit losses to rest. Thanks to Nebraska's bumbling and Minnesota upsetting Wisconsin, Iowa now backs in the Big Ten title game. Their fans will be insufferable if they actually manage to win ugly against Michigan.
  13. On paper, next year looks like an easier schedule, but keep in mind we only beat Northwestern this year and other teams try to improve themselves as well. Even if we manage 6 to 7 wins, I could easily see us fall back to a losing record the following year, so I hope we don't throw a ton of money and extra years at Frost for one bowl season. Recruiting is going to take a heavy beating until we get back to winning consistently which in turn will make winning itself tough.
  14. Iowa is basically where we were at with Pelini. I'd rather be at that level than where Nebraska is now, but their fanbase acts like they have won championships. Their fan base is annoying and their coach should have been fired for the racism problems.
  15. The play call on the safety play was horrible. Frost needs to be stripped from playcalling which I think he is doing.
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