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  1. Up about 800 votes. LSU is keeping em coming though.
  2. I got you, @knapplc. I thought you were referencing changes since last week’s depth chart. My bad.
  3. Sarcasm I assume? I only see two changes from last week.
  4. Step 1 - De-commit from current school Step 2 - Fong bomb drops Step 3 - Commit to Nebraska
  5. I don’t know how to pronounce his name but I do know that he would be one hell of a Duck R.
  6. He had touchbacks going both ways
  7. We have to find someone next year that can consistently put the ball in the end zone on KOs. We are handicapping ourselves by kicking to the 10 on a line. I miss having Kunalic or Bondi who would put it out of the end zone.
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