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  1. Agree, I just shutter when I look at next years schedule.
  2. I literally was picturing Barry running five steps behind Moore in my mind haha
  3. Much easier to slid coverage over to Bell now without Moore that’s for sure. Was not looking forward to that matchup in the slot.
  4. Can't see Jaimes being lower than three
  5. Not after this year. Going forward our schedule will be Michigan heavy for a few years.
  6. Nice to get Wisconsin at home again. Also, Micah Parsons is opting out, so PSU losing it's best player.
  7. Gopher fans thought they would have JD to go along with Bateman...now they have neither. Hate to see it.
  8. Corcoran will be in the mix as well.
  9. Just not sure I understand why we take his commitment in July.
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