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  1. You might be right. And I’m not questioning the strategy. It just isn’t the same as last year where you can go back and see him in the pics with the recruits. That’s why I said it was odd.
  2. What are you talking about? I didn’t say Walters hasn’t been/isn’t involved. You don’t find it odd that Walters hasn’t been in the homes with the other coaches?
  3. Wow great stuff. Has Avante made mention of an early commitment?
  4. I agree 100% about Held. But wouldn’t our “WR Coach” also be a great addition? We have taken more than two coaches to see recruits these past few weeks. I just feel like I haven’t seen Walters in any of the photos with the kids and their families.
  5. So Held and Frost visited him but no sign of the OC/former NFL WR. Something definitely seems off with Walters and his lack of presence on the trail lately.
  6. I’m pretty sure that is his rating from when he was a high school recruit for the 2019 class.
  7. Last year's class had six scholarship Olinemen. That is probably why this class is smaller. Jimmy F, Anderson, Lynn, Benhart, Banks & Piper
  8. He is showing as a 4 star on the front page of HuskerOnline.
  9. Beautiful. Hoping this helps with Francois as well.
  10. Down 42 spots to #214 in the recent Rivals rankings
  11. Down 15 spots to #195 in the newest Rivals Rankings
  12. Dropped two spots in the newest Rivals Ranking to #57
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