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  1. I would hope the success, or lack of success, of special teams wouldn't come down to not having Isaiah Stalbird. FYI - I am not declaring that is your stance. Just stating the obvious.
  2. Video reminds you just how special Wan'Dale can be when he is healthy.
  3. And we all know that he isn't 5'10
  4. Ole Ty Robinson looking like an absolute beast
  5. Nothing to do with culture. What I am saying is if he doesn't love football anymore it would be a waste of a scholly. If they feel he is committed then I definitely agree he has to upside.
  6. He is only worth the shot if the first part that is bolded is false.
  7. So what you’re saying is he should start working on the twitter edit now?
  8. Way too slow. Love the guy, but not nearly athletic enough to be drafted.
  9. Not a surprise, but beneficial nonetheless.
  10. I think injuries have impacted a lot of it. More will play this year assuming they are healthy.
  11. I have a feeling this thing is going 40+. Especially if more changes come.
  12. Did you see this on page 9 of this thread?
  13. True. But it doesn't mean that it won't make the team better going forward.
  14. Both are projected 1st round picks. They would be foolish to come back. Surprised they haven't announced yet.
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