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  1. Buffalo 35 Nebraska 28 Rush 190 Pass 235
  2. Illinois is not a better team than we thought. It’s that we are a worse team than we thought.
  3. Literally anyone at this point.
  4. Oh so do I, I just have no faith in Frost and friends with road games.
  5. Illinois 28 Nebraska 21 ground- 175 Air- 285
  6. Biggest game of Frosty’s tenure here.
  7. Sounds like we aren’t even the top 2. Truly remarkable how this continues to lower the bar.
  8. Without an improvement on the record is the death sentence. People are over the improvement with no results gimmick.
  9. Man this is going to be an extremely underwhelming class
  10. It’s alright we have Nixon who didn’t have major surgery or anything as hasn’t played a snap of college ball. Let’s put all our chips on him and downplay how valuable Wan’dale is to this team.
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