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  1. <insert Fully Husked gif>
  2. I will believe it when I see it. Think people are making way to much out of this.
  3. Opening HB on Mobile is a terrible experience. I blame Riley.

    1. swmohusker


      It is terrible.  Almost unusable.  

    2. obert1


      Amen! miss unread content and mark content as read 

  4. If there was ever a year to take down Wisconsin it would be this one.
  5. Alex Davis and Barry were the two weakest links last year on defense. Reimer and Henrich give us a solid rotation at ILB. Throw in EMC and it should be a solid core. OLB I still have 0 idea until they actually can prove it. DLine will be interesting. On paper it looks good but going against the two toughest teams on the schedule in the first two weeks is a recipe for disaster.
  6. I’ll believe that when I see it. They can’t be any worse than last year
  7. Get to 4-4. Just show some growth this season that’s all I want.
  8. Riley won’t be coming here. Ducker won’t let that happen. Whisner is a big bodied te who can play either side of the ball and helps with Conley who is probably our top WR target for 2022. That and we have to break into the Missouri pipeline soon.
  9. Rutgers stuns the world and makes it to the CCG against us. Pat Forde in shambles.
  10. 4-4 minimum with the bonus game at the end which will match us against one of the lower teams in the east.
  11. Yes it would be. Because he has recently been better, hence why they recently updated his recruiting ranking. Recently. Also Rollins has the higher composite even though Carnie was re-ranked recently. Recently.
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