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  1. Agreed this is a weird thing to get this mad about unless you have some stakes here.
  2. Tony Butler has entered the transfer portal.
  3. Agreed. I think Jackson will be a 3rd rounder/4th rounder which isn't bad for him considering how god awful he used to be. His lack of awareness kills me because he is solid in coverage but there are so many times where just turning his freaking head could have led to a PBU or INT. Bootle does the same thing. Edit: Walter Football doesn't even have Jackson in the first 4 rounds.
  4. I have never heard of that writer or even that site so I would take what they say about recruiting with a massive grain of salt.
  5. Looks like he is actually going to visit Mizzou now. I am fine with missing on him, I would like to see those last two spots for grad xfers.
  6. He drives a sweet car, goes to the hottest clubs, has two jet skis, and he can eat ice cream without getting a brain freeze.
  7. Measurements were a little shorter at All American game then what was listed. I also don't think many were predicting it, just 247 discussing he could potentially be.
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