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  1. Ziebol

    Fall Camp Notes

  2. Ziebol

    Fall Camp Notes

    I wouldn't look to much into it. Noa and Spielman were both held out and AM was limited. I think they have a good idea of who their top guys are so any chance they can get to rest them to stay healthy is going to be important since the long grind happens next week.
  3. Ziebol

    Fall Camp Notes

    “I’m excited about him and what his potential will be,” Austin said. “It’s just a matter of getting him to stay healthy throughout.” “Cam has kind of been bitten by the injury bug,” Frost said while speaking at Vintage Venue for the Beatrice Rotary Club's 100th anniversary. “I don’t say this about many players, but I think Cam has a chance to be one of the most special players to ever play at the University of Nebraska if we keep him healthy. A quick google search shows the coaches are plenty concerned with keeping him healthy.....
  4. Ziebol

    Fall Camp Notes

    Our social media team is soooooo damn good.
  5. Ziebol

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    Wait....MSN is still around?
  6. Ziebol

    Fall Camp Notes

    I think Gaylord has a pretty bad injury. Legrone apparently looked like he got rolled up on as well. No clue on Warner.
  7. Martinez gonna throw for 500plus now.
  8. Ziebol

    CSU Zach Schlager to Transfer to NU

  9. Ziebol

    CSU Zach Schlager to Transfer to NU

    We need depth at LB anyway we can get it.
  10. Ziebol

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    No matter what alternate we choose, it can't be as bad as Wisconsin's "Jake from State Farm" Alternates they are rolling out.
  11. 6-6 is not successful no matter how you slice it with the schedule we have, the coaching staff we have, and the players we have returning.
  12. Ziebol

    S Chris Thompson, Jr. [Auburn Commit]

    Yeah let’s not start this crap. It’s in bad taste and you have 0 idea what is happening with these kids.
  13. 8-4 and up, that is what we need for recruiting in the long term. Anything else and it's an embarrassment.
  14. Ziebol

    CB Dontae Manning

    We are not really in the picture with a lot of recruits this year it seems.