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  1. If anyone is interested in a College Bowl Pick Em Pool shoot me a Message. $10  Person, winner takes all, must have Venmo 

    1. GSG


      Why do you need my SSN, DOB, and my mother's maiden name?! 


      I kid! :P 


      How many participants do you have?

  2. Then Trev needs to be fired on the spot. You don’t fire Frost early and pay his buyout to hire an interim coach.
  3. Fickell is a Home run hire, that’s why I’m convinced we aren’t getting him. With multiple reports of Trev trying to go cheap and now names like Doeren and Bronco being floated, both of who are awful options. Adding to the fact that Trev fired Frost before the buyout date with no plan on who his guy was means he has been a failure. I don’t buy there isn’t an interest in Nebraska, I buy that we hired an AD who is as incompetent as his predecessors and botched this search.
  4. Fickell is the only name worth it especially Rhule is out and Klieman isn’t being pursued. Trev is a massive failure and I’m not shocked.
  5. Frosty better have a portal QB lined up cause Smothers ain’t gonna cut it next year.
  6. Buffalo 35 Nebraska 28 Rush 190 Pass 235
  7. Illinois is not a better team than we thought. It’s that we are a worse team than we thought.
  8. Oh so do I, I just have no faith in Frost and friends with road games.
  9. Illinois 28 Nebraska 21 ground- 175 Air- 285
  10. Biggest game of Frosty’s tenure here.
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