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  1. Because if teams begin to cancel their seasons, it will be a trickle effect and there will not be any season.
  2. I don't think that would benefit us.
  3. Allen shouldn’t have changed his picture
  4. You can say used car about 99% of transfers, this situation is not that. It’s a huge get because you are getting a 4 star recruit to essentially walk on and use a scholly on a different position this year. You are pulling a kid out of Iowa who was the #2 player in the state when he was recruited. You are getting a kid who many experts have said is a p5 starter and NFL upside talent to come in for no risk at all. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if in the future you see Miller-Corcoran-Jurgens-Piper-Benhart as the OL of the future.
  5. 1. His upside is leagues above Mbow 2. He is a walk-on so there is 0 risk. 3. He is coming from our “rival” and was a kid who was basically all Iowa. 4. It has been confirmed it was a mental break he needed. Lot of stuff happened to this kid in a short amount of time. 5. #1 kid in Iowa who was a Hawkeye fan and shut it down early = no posting of other offers
  6. What? Wiltfong says recent years. Not in history.
  7. CB from Clint Brewster. Confidence 7.
  8. 2021 ratings are really odd as a whole.
  9. Need to get him here for a visit. I think we can win with one with Washington possibly not having room for him.
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