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  1. I mean I get your example, but it's also a flawed one. Those guys weren't brought in by Fisher and we don't know if he would have even have went after them if he was able to. Some people just don't fit and some people don't pan out but you are going to win a lot more ball games bringing in high end talent than low rated projects.
  2. Coaches are here to win. Better talent means better chances to win.
  3. LB has remained the weakest link of this defense for two years. Alex Davis needs to not see the field. Ferguson has been checked out since last year. JoJo is getting schemed against now so Tannor needs to step up because every team just got a blueprint on how to neutralize our DL.
  4. Loy thinks we are the team to beat at this time.
  5. Sounds like he is looking at different options which is fine because Black fills the role of the DL recruit that doesn't get many excited.
  6. I think every team enjoys punishing Nebraska. Same as when Texas loses or Notre Dame. The problem with us is those teams can talk and back it up more instances than not. Our teams talk and then cower away year in and year out like a puppy during a thunderstorm.
  7. Benhart Fritzche Lynn Banks Anderson Corcoran Conn We have the size needed for a pipeline, now we just need to get them ready way faster than any of us thought. These guys need to be ready next year because what we have isn't working at all. Ideally I would love to see Benhart-Wilson-Jurgens-Farniok-Jaimes next year, but Wilson has regressed so much that I would be fine having him bumped to the 2's if someone steps up next year. 2021 needs to be Corcoran-Conn-Jurgens-Lynn-Benhart. You get that line playing at the talent they are capable of in AM's last year, it could be a good year. However, everything is if's and but's with this team until something changes.
  8. I'm willing to bet that game will be worse than the OSU game.
  9. I honestly see no WR development and haven’t been impressed by any of Walters recruits besides Wan’Dale who was mostly a Held and Frost recruit. He was gifted with Morgan and JD and losing one shows the flaws, imagine if JD is gone next year. Walters and Dewitt need to be the first on the hot seat. I would be thrilled to not see them next year on the sidelines.
  10. I really had faith that if we grew this year to be competitive and get a decent bowl that we could start 2020 7-0 heading into the OSU matchup. Now I don't see that happening at all. I'll say 2021 so that way I can stop using the excuse of wait til next year to fans of other teams and use the wait til 2 years. This team sucks lol.
  11. You think it's bad now, just imagine what'll happen if we lose to Indiana. 

    1. teachercd


      "Hoosier Daddy!"


      But if they lose at home to Indiana...it will be a mess and the boo-birds will be out.

    2. Ziebol


      @teachercd ESPN has us only a 50.9% chance to win. I am taking Indiana all day.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I don’t think that would make things noticeably worse. There can’t be many left expecting much of anything for the remainder of this season. We know Wisconsin and Iowa are taking us behind the woodshed and to have any shot at the other 3 we are going to have to play much better and cleaner than we have all season. Maybe it’s just me but any win from here on out is a bonus and any loss would not be surprising at all.

  12. So we get this game August 28th and then we are off until September 11th when we play Buffalo in Lincoln. We will have 7 home games that year as Southern Louisiana will take the place of the Illinois game. That will be between the Iowa and Wiscy game so essentially a bye week. We would play 4 home games in a row during that stretch.
  13. Then that will be his downfall this season. I get he wants to preserve redshirts, but at this point what we have is not working and its obvious and it's only going to get worse. He needs to start shuffling and get some kind of spark and then recruit over these guys like every other big boy program does.
  14. It really is unbelievable how bad this line in. Cam is the best blocker on the line and right now I don't think it's close. I thought our tackles were bad, but after last game it is definitely the guards. Hixson should not see the field unless we are up 4 scores. It is really sobering that Foster and Farmer, who many and myself have criticized numerous times were much better than what we are seeing today. Austin needs to shuffle some things up in this bye week or we are gonna be in for another long game against an Indiana team who looks much improved. Jaimes- Wilson- Jurgens- M. Farniok- Benhart
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