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  1. Can you give a TLDR cause Joe Rogan gives me migraines.
  2. NBA suspends rest of season. Wow.

  3. It's also going to be hilarious to see these type of comments if we drop 3 games out of our first 6.
  4. Well one is churning out NFL quality LB's and one can't figure out what to do and just canned their OLB coach because of no progress. Which sounds more appealing to you?
  5. It enveloped my current emotion on all things Nebraska related so I shared the wealth.
  6. CB to Wiscy from Trieu.
  7. Not putting his foot in his mouth every chance he can.
  8. I am in the boat that Hickman needs to stay at WR because of his athleticism and height.
  9. Moos has no clue what to do at this point. Edit: and this is the kind of crap that irritates me to a point where I just want to throw my hands up and say screw it. 2 years until what? We make a bowl, cause that 2021 schedule isn't forgiving either. If you hired someone and your confidence level in that person is to say, "well maybe we are two years out" than you shouldn't have hired that person in the first damn place. What message does that send to fans and the players where the AD can't even give positive affirmation on the state of the programs. Every hire made has under performed no matter how you slice it. I am so sick of half a$$ excused by leadership that still continues to fall on it's face despite the fan support and financial advantages. We were a bottom tier team in football when Moos took over and as of today we are still that same bottom tier team, perhaps even worse. Two years? If the sentiment is we are two years away each damn off season then in two years I pray we have a new AD. Rant over.
  10. What would your personal feeling towards the program be if we have another losing season?

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      I'd be okay until I read all the bad excuse-making on Huskerboard, then I'd like



    3. swmohusker


      I would really be bummed out.  It would really, suck and I try not to think about it bc I know it is very possible.  I keep using the excuse of "well, we have a difficult road ahead of us".  Then I realize the difficult road is Minny, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  All teams that we should be able to beat regularly.  Wouldnt change my level of fandom, it would just really suck to see Frost miss bowl games his first 3 season as our Head Coach. Luckily, I coach football and our team has been really good the past few years, so that helps drown the sorrow of Husker Football in the fall.  

    4. Xmas32


      I guess it would depend on the nature of the losing season.  If *knock on wood*....*knocks on wood again* NU gets clobbered by the injury bug to key positions than there really isn't much you can do.  If it's due to absurd dumb stuff, that would certainly be more frustrating.  I've been betting on sports for so long that it takes a near catastrophic event for me to really get slightly annoyed.  I watch Nebraska because I want them to do well and people are in a better mood when the team is good.  The day I let what an 18-22 year old does on an athletic field affect my day that isn't my kid is the day I stop watching.

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