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  1. I don't think it's that he is not getting the attention, I just think Omar presents an immediate help as he really already has the frame and ability to immediately come in so everyones eyes are drawn to him and what he could do next season. Hester would be an unreal steal for this class and we are definitely behind on his recruiting so it seems more like a pipe dream.
  2. You are kind of cherry picking as it is hindsight 20/20 but whatever gets you full sail.
  3. Still shows on mobile Edit: Appears to be gone now.
  4. Is it me or is the amount of cringe Nebraska twitter accounts growing by the day?
  5. 2 for 2 guy who will be here in the Spring. Edit: 247 says 3 for 2.
  6. Maybe he is the Hodge replacement. Would be some insane athleticism at ILB
  7. His pops seemed to let the cat out of the bag and say he is committed to N.
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