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  1. How many times since the Martinez days have we raved about incoming qbs and how many have we played? LOTS, AND 0 BESIDE TM and TA. Same story year after year. Coaches have to recognize weaknesses and change game plan. The one position we were worse than was at coach. Bottom line.
  2. I mean can anyone really say the coaches are good? Honestly? There is no way anyone can say the OC is good...
  3. I sometimes wonder if he should even play. Well if anything, at least bench him for a series or two just to give him some perspective. this
  4. Would like face value if possible, 100 Each on the tickets. I can get you info on where seats are etc if you are interested.
  5. win by 70 every week, not needed. Not losing to Illinois and Purdue in the same year,....yah that's needed, because, that's what kills recruiting...not the fans. Also, seems to me after your 10-15 years of crap football the Nebraska "Normal Fan" is the fan willing to accept mediocrity....fun times.
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