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  1. Redtillimdead

    TE Pharaoh Brown [Oregon Commit]

    Ladies.... Easy!! No need to argue over the Denver Broncos. Now all of you take a knee and Tebow and ask for forgiveness..... From Tebow Himself!!! 
  2. Redtillimdead

    SIGNED S Tre'Vell Dixon

    Let the 2013 DB grab commence!!
  3. Redtillimdead

    How good can we be with TM under center next year?

    Pablo Picasso has nothing on an original Tmagic masterpiece!
  4. Good points throughout but if we expect MNCs then we should embrace high expectTions in all aspects of the team. Go after the top guys and hire the best coaches. I understand you don't think we are or can do both and my point is we should at least try.
  5. Redtillimdead

    QB Ryker Fyfe

    Yeah. He went to all rykers games. Job related.
  6. Redtillimdead

    NU baseball

    Can't wait!
  7. Anyone remember the playcall when Lord audibled?
  8. Redtillimdead

    KBell's socks during bowl game

    KBell has a little hot sauce running through his veins!! Love it
  9. Redtillimdead

    ATH Devin Fuller

    I actually tend to think the longer he holds off the better our chances. The easy thing for devin to do is stay at home and if he were completely set on that he could have announced already. I think he's waiting for something to absolutely blow him away! Or he's looking for an excuse to leave home but can't find a good enough excuse to convince himself to not stay instate with his friends!
  10. Redtillimdead

    How good can we be with TM under center next year?

    Maybe Erstad could teach him how to slide. Or punt!