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  1. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me why they didn't just put track infrastructure in when building the new soccer stadium, seems like a no brainer.
  2. If they are still holding back a good portion of the play book to "not put it on film" after how we've played up to this point, I'll be pissed.
  3. There are wide open recievers all over the field. I'm not sure what is going on with Adrian, but he has developed happy feet syndrome and looks completely unsure with what to do with the ball.
  4. Have weed pens/vapes not made it to Lincoln? Looks like a standard pen, no scent, etc. Seems like the logical move if you're committed to getting high.
  5. In the Houston area I would think you would have a lot of options. I am in DFW, I now have fiber, but I had YouTubeTV when I was paying for 50mb ($40) and never had any issues running YouTubetv on multiple tvs in the house.
  6. Our group was able to acquire tickets. There's 20 of us.
  7. I'm fully aware Bounds has responsibilities that rest higher in level of importance than athletics.
  8. This tweet and replies under it are interesting. I don't listen to Benning's show though so I'm not sure what the context is.
  9. I'm guessing that could be just part of it. There has been smoke with some of Moos antics. And it's been rumored that the support for him is pretty divided at the upper levels of administration/donors. Without having any insight into the situation, I could see whatever is going on around the basketball decision be the straw that broke the camels back for Bounds.
  10. That's what my gut tells me too. Could be totally unrelated. But in my interactions with Bounds he has always came across as a genuine man who wouldn't budge an inch in the arena of integrity. That, along with the interesting timing regarding our hoops situation and the past few weeks, it doesn't look great. Then again, it could just be he's ready to move on.
  11. I really hope this has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the athletic department. Big blow to the university.
  12. How much red are we expecting for this thing? Half?
  13. I was there. Had seats in the upper deck in one of the end zones. Upon getting off the escalator up top, we were promptly ushered right back down because we had been the recipients of a "complimentary seat upgrade". I'd say the crowd was fairly equal on both sides. The entire trip was a blast minus the score.
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