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  1. Pretty much how I feel. The messages and ideals portrayed in various religious texts across the world have morally sound principles, but people can ascribe to those without the fear of god hanging over there head. At the end of the day, individuals should, hopefully, live their life to the fullest and try to leave the world in a better place for future generations. I have an extremely hard time justifying why I need to have something reinforce these habits on a weekly basis - especially when such entity serves as an instigator of major global conflicts, preys on vulnerable, and continues to coverup heinous crimes committed by representatives.
  2. Bout Damn Time. Now I'll go grab my gear from the trash.
  3. The thing that impressed me the most on the, what I imagine to be, designed QB runs was AM2's speed. Nice to see flashes back to his freshman year.
  4. Man, that was a flash of speed from Martinez I haven't seen in a while.
  5. Thank you Bob Diaco for allowing our offense to gain some confidence.
  6. Same. Even if you think you're going to lose the challenge, seems like a smart decision to just allow for a bit more time to reset and collect thoughts / emotions.
  7. I may have missed the discussion at the beginning of the game, but was there any reason as to why we switched to the west sideline? It's a smart move, as I've never understood why we would bask in the sun all day, but didn't know if it was COVID related / permanent. 

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    2. HuskerNBigD


      West side definitely seems to make sense for our guys. 

    3. admo


      West siiiiide! 

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Why am I thinking of Bertier and Julius?

      Left side. Strong side. :lol:

  8. looks like we already have our answer lol
  9. I’d take these numbers with a huge grain of salt. There’s a forensic accounting / research company that has had a hard time tying numbers at a state level to the aggregated national level. I’m not sure how this is feasible, but this administration only has the perceived success of the economy (but more importantly the stock market) to hang its hat on. I wouldn’t put it past them to have a bit of shenanigans going on here. I mean, when is the last time we’ve had a president decide to host a press conference for still abysmal numbers in absolute terms, granted they look “better” on a relative basis compared to estimates and recent figures? Revisions are more than likely to occur.
  10. I lean right and I’m 100% voting for Biden come November. edit: to be fair, over the last few years I’d no longer even say I lean right. With much of the leadership falling in line with Trump, I can’t say I consider myself to share values with republicans anymore.
  11. All the individuals protesting should have to waive their right to treatment.
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