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  1. You keep reiterating this point on multiple threads, but at a certain point you've got to at least put some of the blame on Martinez. It's bush league to just deflect all it towards the offensive line. He has been inconsistent in his passing all season long. Sans the first game, the whole high-snap thing hasnt really been an issue. What I mean by that is that there is one or two a game, but this isn't some scapegoat that everyone was using for South Alabama. He looks off. I'm not sure if its the weight he put on, or what, but something is different. His touch isn't there at all. He left J.D. out to dry all last game and he was throwing to ghosts this game. I'm not ready to give up on him, I think he's got spectacular talent and potential, but I wonder if he's overthinking things a bit too much. Similar to Mund at A&M, these guys are dual-threat and when they spend too much time in the pocket running through progressions, they lose half of what makes them special.
  2. Martinez looks noticeably different this year. You can still have gaudy numbers and not look great. He has no touch on his passes - he left Spielman out to dry so many times in that Illinois game, I was surprise to see #10 be able to walk by the end. You could argue that QB yardage is a benefactor of excellent WR play, not the cause of it.
  3. I wish I had your optimism / outlook on life.
  4. That’s utter B.S.
  5. Exactly. Not that hard to snap a photo of the object in question. Here’s how I see this weekend going. We win: no complaint. We lose: the way buff fans treated our fans is really the bigger story...
  6. Hell ESPN was advertising it as recently as yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/CFBonESPN/videos/1132722936910863/
  7. OR, NOT AND/THROUGH. What was the return of the S&P in 2011 or 2015? Meaning those two years the market essentially traded flat or in a range similar in magnitude to the time period you were just criticizing.
  8. I mean, over the last 10 years the trend is definitely there. And, just to clarify, I'm using the term bull market here to suggest it going up - not the technical 20% up from a bear bottom definition (that ended last year at 3400+ days). I'd argue that the sell-off we saw during Q4 was a bit pre-mature and exacerbated by quants and tax-loss harvesting. I also understand what you're saying about a trading range, but that argument could be had for other periods in this bull market. Just look at the S&P for 2011 or 2015.
  9. Growth is going to be the name of the game, but I'm not quite sure how much higher we can go. Wage inflation is what I'd really like to see tick up, but at full employment and the lowest weekly jobless claims in 49 years, I'm not sure what else can be done. As for the bull market term, when looking over the last 10 years, I'd argue that it is still an appropriate term to use. Granted Q4 was quite bumpy, but from a trend standpoint its hard to argue.
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