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  1. LOL and AD would not have been a 3-4 year starter at any of those schools.. So Frost hit him with the u can probably be a 4 year started like the last Martinez that was here.
  2. Our offense will come when we throw the gimmicky BS in the trash can and get back to basics. AGAIN just my Opinion.. Means nothing.
  3. I think Ohio State would disagree also lol
  4. The day Herman was fired I told my sons I wish Frost would bring him here to run the O.
  5. We have all the tools to run a real offense. If Frost scraps this Lame-Duck offense I think we wont start the season 1-4. If we run the same O in 2021 we will start 1-4 possibly 1-5.
  6. Get one you lose one. Hope he is brings a passing Qb from Montana Also lol..
  7. And the fact that AM gets his WR's killed half the time lol..
  8. I learned Frost talks to the Refs just like Bo did lol..
  9. I wouldn't come here if I was a running back nor would I advise my kids to come here as a running-back. Individual Rushing Statistics # Player GP ATT Gain Loss Net AVG TD Long AVG/G 7 McCaffrey, Luke 4 56 382 64 318 5.7 3 47 79.50 2 Martinez, Adrian 3 2
  10. Hey now, you cant just spout off random incorrect facts. The HUSKERBOARD Gods will come tell you how great of a running team we already are lol..
  11. # 4 in the B1G. All from the Qb's. But yea you are right. Running the ball consistently with the Running-backs wont allow the Qb's to be able to possibly have open Wr's to possibly throw it to or looser coverage possibly. But Im just complaining tossing out opinions that wouldnt ever work at any other school in the country. Wish I was as smart as the Mavric.. Guess Ill stop posting now.
  12. LMAO.. and we dont have a Running back with over 150 yards rushing on the year. pathetic!!!!
  13. I dont necessarily just mean for this season. I also understand both Michigan schools suck about as bad as us right now. But you cant sit there and tell me that winning the B1G doesnt require a pretty damn good running game Which will then in-turn open up the passing attack. And im not looking for your or anyone elses approval of my credibility. No where did I ever say I was a paid Coach of some sort of power house team.
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