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  1. BaytownHusker

    Why all the pregame trash talk?

    Because we want to be great again!!!
  2. BaytownHusker

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 50% off on Black Friday

    We don’t deserve a bowl!!!! They need to stay home. Think about next season.
  3. BaytownHusker

    Chinander Defense

    Not that I count but have I ever said I hate 3 man defensive fronts. This is the same defensive front our high school runs every single play whether we are playing a run dominate team or 4 wr sets. Cant stop any thing short and normally give up big passing plays cause the inside guys cant cover the wr's. I am how ever a huge fan of the 4-2-5 but thats just me.
  4. BaytownHusker

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    Did you see his helmet after that hit?
  5. BaytownHusker

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Maybe he did but he just spoke the truth.. What had happened with Bell is he read all the posts in here saying Ziggy wasnt any good for Frosts offense and That Bell was the star already. Well wasnt the case once they hit the field. Its Ziggys show until otherwise..
  6. BaytownHusker

    What happened to Washington?

    Not saying he isnt a good RB just saying I dont think his style will fit in the B1G.
  7. BaytownHusker

    What happened to Washington?

    I will go out on a limb here and say Washington isnt a B1G running back. Way to much side to side and not very good down hill. And im not just taking this from the Michigan game. I felt this way after 2 games.
  8. BaytownHusker

    Offensive Playcalling Thoughts?

    1 word as of now. SUCKS!!!
  9. BaytownHusker

    Bigger Stronger Fa___ wait Slower

    From the past 3 games i can honestly say we may have got bigger stronger but slower. As as i post this the Qb just out runs our defense!!
  10. BaytownHusker

    How "fast" will Nebraska score its first touchdown?

    I said with in 5 minutes but If we dont get the ball 1st ill miss that mark.
  11. BaytownHusker

    Primeknit A1 uniforms

    Not a fan. Adidas should have stayed in the middle. Blah..
  12. BaytownHusker

    Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Yea Urban aint going any where. Not this may cause some health issues and he just may retire to spend time with his family again..
  13. BaytownHusker

    Current Wideouts Working with Williams

    How is this any different then The Qb's going to work with other Qb coaches during the summer. Everyone was just fine with that. All the kids are doing is getting extra work in. Nothing wrong with it. I actually had this conversation with our High school coach this summer. I have a contact that was able to get me in touch with a guy who would train my son a couple times a week. Issue was he coached at a school in our district. So i asked ahead of time and our WR coach said my all means get the work where you can. Any extra work is great. Just dont miss our stuff to be at his stuff.
  14. BaytownHusker

    Scott Frost: Look out for Nebraska in 2019

    I feel like every game we play this season will be a BLOWOUT or a SHOOTOUT. We will blow the bad ones out and lose a couple shoot outs. I do not see us scoring less then 30 in any game. Just a feeling.
  15. BaytownHusker

    RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    For those that know. With a 3.34 GPA what would u need ACT or SAT wise to get into Neb?