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  1. BaytownHusker

    RB Tirek Murphy

    Kid can go.. We played with him in a All-American game in vegas last year..
  2. BaytownHusker

    C Paula Vaipulu

    He doesn't even play Center lol. He never has. He is a tackle. He is good don't get me wrong. He has pretty much always been bigger then most of the guys he hs went against around here.
  3. BaytownHusker

    C Paula Vaipulu

    Seen this one play many of times. Good decent lineman. Waiting to see how this one pans out.
  4. BaytownHusker

    QB Dematrius Davis

    I wouldn't take any guess's on where he will land until a few of his teammates commit as well. Between the 3 of them they will have offers to just about any where they want to go. 1 2020 kid (RB) and another 2021 kid (WR) which i believe have Neb offers as well.
  5. BaytownHusker

    *** 2021 Recruiting ***

    This kid will be a real deal.. But take in mine his whole damn offense is D1 players also lol.. He has the #1 2020 Running back, #1 2021 Wr. This team is loaded from top to bottom. He probably wont lose another high school game.
  6. BaytownHusker

    RB Seven McGee [Oregon Commit]

    LOL,, Nah he played with my son. So I told him congrats and great Job. He gave my other son who is a Soph his Oregon Wr gloves. No bag money here.. lol
  7. BaytownHusker

    RB Seven McGee [Oregon Commit]

    I actually had my son tell him he needed to bring his rear to Neb lol.. I talked with him after the game as well. Dont think he will end up a Duck. But where idk.. He has alot of playing time in front of him still.
  8. BaytownHusker

    RB Seven McGee [Oregon Commit]

    This kid can play. Very fast and was hard to take down..
  9. BaytownHusker

    RB Seven McGee [Oregon Commit]

    My son will be playing with him this Friday in Dallas in the USA game. Ill get to see him 1st hand. Cant wait.
  10. BaytownHusker

    Why all the pregame trash talk?

    Because we want to be great again!!!
  11. BaytownHusker

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 50% off on Black Friday

    We don’t deserve a bowl!!!! They need to stay home. Think about next season.
  12. BaytownHusker

    Chinander Defense

    Not that I count but have I ever said I hate 3 man defensive fronts. This is the same defensive front our high school runs every single play whether we are playing a run dominate team or 4 wr sets. Cant stop any thing short and normally give up big passing plays cause the inside guys cant cover the wr's. I am how ever a huge fan of the 4-2-5 but thats just me.
  13. BaytownHusker

    taylor and washington look ready to step up

    Did you see his helmet after that hit?
  14. BaytownHusker

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Maybe he did but he just spoke the truth.. What had happened with Bell is he read all the posts in here saying Ziggy wasnt any good for Frosts offense and That Bell was the star already. Well wasnt the case once they hit the field. Its Ziggys show until otherwise..