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  1. Pretty sure he hasn't qualified yet.
  2. Couple things with this kid. 1 the kid is a baller we all know and can see that. Was suspended for the 2nd,3rd and maybe the 4th game of this season due to verbal ( not physical ) confrontation after getting 8-9 carries in a loss against a Huge Houston rival Katy. Missed the 1st half of the game before the State championship due to having to take the ACT. He doesn't have qualifying test scores. Was sent home night before State championship game because he was bigger then the team and didn't want to turn in his cell phone like the other 65-70 kids on the team did. There was other stuff as well last year but it really blew up this year. With all that I hope the kid gets the help needed to live a successful life.
  3. Still lost less games with that scheme then we are now. Just saying.
  4. 9 win scheme better then a 4-5 win scheme lol..
  5. I would love to have that scheme back as well..
  6. Lol joke they may be but they won more games then us and Beat our a$$. Jokes on us!! I felt bad for JD honestly. For 2 years we have been able to get him and Stanley the ball. In comes Wandel and i feel Frost tried to do way to much and forgot about everyone else on offense. Just my opinion.
  7. Yes like watch Iowa and Wisconsin and start recruiting like they do. Its what Nebraska is and always will be. We arent some Flashy Spread offense state!
  8. In theory but it isnt working is it.
  9. Nebraska won’t be Nebraska until we recruit to be Nebraska which is now the Wisconsin and Iowa way. We will never get enough great talent to win Conference and National Titles running a gimmick spread. That’s our offensive struggles.
  10. Doesn’t look like Frost has Power 5 type coaches on the Staff.
  11. This is gonna be my 1st Husker game to ever turn off. I can’t watch anymore. Looks like my kids high school team. Every team we play. Schemes better, more physical and just seem to want it more.
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