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  1. Only thing Ill say here is he played in the Middle of the Classes 4A football in texas and some of the Teams HISD schools are HORRIBLE. Rhule will need to develop him for sure.
  2. This kids a baller. Played High school ball right here in the Houston are. Had one of the coldest 99 yard TD runs in the state championship games. I could see him here. Rhules type of Qb.
  3. Its hard to believe he was playing with a torn labrum. If he did that show how dumb our staff was to not have either of the back up Qb's ready. I like Casey but lets start fresh with a new Rhule type Qb. I dont think Rhules Qb is on this roster currently unless he rolls with Smothers.
  4. Rhules track record has us set for a 1-2 win season next year anyway. So as long as hey gets 2-3 wins hey hes ahead of schedule. Sucks for MJ and the kids they may or may not leave but MH will get guys here eventually.
  5. Well i mean based on his track record we will be either a 1 or 2 win team next year. Just saying
  6. No. Don’t think that was me buddy. I was actually a fan of Smothers. Wanted him to be some how become the guy.
  7. let Casey go. We need a true dual threat Qb with real arm talent. A Qb with some real life Zip on the ball. This floating passes crap sucks.
  8. Im calling my shot not. They are bringing in Darin Erstad.
  9. BS. Money will attract any thing lol.
  10. lol. A fun style of offense isnt what we need. Who runs a fun style of offense and is winning in the B1G other then Ohio State.
  11. Def not a culture shock for Prime. Dudes been and lived around everyone. Nebraskaland 1000% shock lol.
  12. No better setting for an upset!!! Lets fricking go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Start Gould the last 4 games of the season. Let this be his audition. He cant be any worse the Sanford.
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