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  1. Anyone that thinks more Schollys to teams gives their kids ribbons after they eat all their dinner. If any thing it should probably be less.
  2. I like how players are actually tweeting about what they want to see worn. Bet we see a few different combos this season with Rhule.
  3. Put them 90's pads on these Georgia teams and they would outright scary LMAO.
  4. Ehhh How did the Bama Transfers pan out for us..
  5. Why can’t both Ball. Didn’t Georgia ball with 2 TE’s hints why Erik left.
  6. He saying Charles gots bunnys. Can jump out the gym..
  7. They are not a very good program here in the Houston Area. Big school but all the good Players in the district end up at Katy or other school.
  8. Considering what the New OC at Texas state has done with the past 3 qbs at UIW, I would bet they offered him to play Qb.
  9. This is not a talking down Question. But have you went through the kids of today being recruited process? I like the hire. We need kids that can play and be coached and developed. We don't really know what this kid is good at but I'm sure he has something about him that Rhules knows will fit the program. I keep seeing he is a high energy guy. WR's are high energy divas and relate to younger coaches at Camps, practice and in general. Send this guy along with the other Texas coach we hired to the camps in Texas and i bet we see a difference in the WR talent we start bringing in.
  10. He got to work with Damien Jackson this season also. That dudes beard and hair is nutts.
  11. Very very long shot.. But Rhule is a developer right. What is and a BIG IF Smothers fits in this scheme and shines.
  12. Anyone have a feeling we are going to see alot more White on White / Red on Red combos in the future. THESE ALL WHITES CONTINUE TO BE MY FAV!!!
  13. He still in the league. Yeah i would say he did fine.
  14. All those Cali kids that wanted attention lol. If the Shoe fits....
  15. Have Fun. Maliks team is in the gold. Him Achane (A&M's RB) and a couple others.. Beasts.....
  16. Reminds me of all the Cali kids during The Riley Stint.
  17. Watched him play 3 times in HighSchool. Had really good numbers in a horrible district. Transfered to FT Bend Marshall who basically had an all state track team on offense. Check out their 4x100 and 4x200 team highlights from his years if your bored. But you can’t take away he can fly and sling it. Would definitely need a bit of development.
  18. Both Michigan players start at Iowa next year lol. Mark it. I guess i was just hoping to see a little more incoming movement for us they we have so far. I know we will be better off next year solely due to the fact Rhule will have the guys we have left better then Frost ever did.
  19. Everyone mad at Haussmann for going to iowa. But right now as I see it Iowa is getting better while we are stuck in the mud.
  20. Watched this kid play a few different times. Was playing in a district that was horrible on a horrible team. You could tell he was a different caliber of player. Would probably be a nice Qb in Rhules offense.
  21. Well per Rhules past college track record we will win 1 or 2 games next year. So any thing more then that is a WIN.
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