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  1. She fits in well with this generation. Everyone may hate her but she is a hell of a baller. If she was playing for NU it would be ok lol.
  2. No way i play for OT with the Way Iowa was closing it out. The play or what ever that was drawn up to finish the 4th was terrible.
  3. Softball is gonna have the Jordy Bahl buzz going. Baseball could be big. Trev should make it to where the Spring game attendee's can get into baseball and softball games free lol.
  4. Its all setting up perfectly. Thomas's led White offense vs Sats red led offense in the spring game. Best performance takes lead lol. Lets go!!!
  5. Welp.... Washington will be the old Washington next year. If DR can just complete some deep balls it will open the offense up some. We are going to run the ball regardless but i think we have added more then enough to be able to stretch the field.
  6. I know its the koolaid but damn does anyone else think this defense year 2 is going to be Nasty!!!!
  7. Yess Fields. I can see him being a year 3 kid. If he can grasp it and build some strength and keep his speed dude would be a beast in this defense.
  8. As much as i would love this. It aint happening. Can Promise you that. lol
  9. What happen to the kid from Oklahoma in the 23 class? I for sure thought he would be fun flying around at LB in this defense.
  10. He still can! Until these kids are signed and on campus i believe nothing!!!! Blame the calabass crew for that!!!
  11. Im not disagreeing with you at all. s#!t we prob win 9 games with Card or Mordecai at Qb. Both were way more serviceable passing then what we had.
  12. I mean to be fair had we had a Good to elite QB on roster this year we would possibly been a 9-10 win team. lol But yes I get what your says. I wish it worked that way.
  13. Disagree. The only team that has handled us was Michigan. Colorado was doing nothing until our offense decided to keep giving the ball right back. This defense has been the life of this team and has only really been suspect when they have been throw back on the field the whole second half. Imagine a this defense if our offense dominated TOP week in and week out.
  14. S Carolina fans say otherwise too lol
  15. I mean Scott scored more points then we do now. His offense with Whites defense we may be 10-3. Not scott the head coach. Scott as OC only.
  16. Rhule Head Coach. Frost OC but only thing hes allowed to do is call plays. Tony White DC. Hell im laughing as i type this but with Whites defense we win 10 games with Scotties offenses lol. Satterfield is Junk.
  17. We just Qb’ed our way out of a bowl game!
  18. Sit this Fool!! He ain’t learning any thing! Let try Purdy!!!
  19. LMAO why??? The kids are 17,18,19 years old. Colleges recruiting them is like them chasing girls. They dont know what they want. They think they do until they see some thing different. Have 100 different people telling them what they should do. I dealt with this with both my boys with recruiting and where they wanted to go and end up. And they werent even big time recruits. I really honestly dont think alot of people understand how the recruiting can impact and play with these kids lives and familys until they have had to sit down and deal with it for 2-3 years and watch it play out. On a side note Lacys team is moving on to the 2nd round after their win tonight.
  20. Pelini was a winner here and his players loved him. Sorry he yelled at your son or didnt play him. Solich ran into the NFL Hurricanes at the wrong time. Thats all..
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