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  1. That's fine, I would still rather take Yant and his stature and style for B1G play.
  2. Leave Dye in Oregon. Lets get Yant and couple of these guys we got balling..
  3. IDK whats going to make the worst Husker MEME, the one of Cotton falling backwards, Frosts face after every game or now this picture. SMH
  4. Well Hopefully Rahmir, Yant and Gabe know we are not the Huskies.. Poor Kid. Twitter should allow edits to tweets..
  5. Ill know here in a few if they have even spoke with Cam..
  6. Watched this Kid play a good amount. Betts, Manning and whom ever our Slot Wr will be would love to have this kid. Not to mention the TE's. He scans the whole field. There were so many times he could have and prob should have run but he made time and hit a big pass. It was a beautiful thing to watch. And his wrs were no where near our caliber guys.
  7. This kid is a great kid and teammate. As a passer i would love to see what he can get done. I know our WR’s would love him. Kid has a huge arm as well. Personally seen him throw the ball 75 yard from his knees. As a said way before anyone in here posted him lol. He will stay looking for the pass until he just has no choice but to take off. He didn’t have any elite wrs either.
  8. Idk if you are joking or now but this is the kid i was talking about a few posts back. The Hoosiers offered him!
  9. Our Oline and Wr's are better here. Beside my son to short to play Oline here. lol.. We came to the FNL camps lol.
  10. Not saying this kid is the be all be but check out his stats. Kid is a beast. UIW qb Cam Ward. Their Coach just left and he has entered the Portal. He will not run until he has no choice. I have seen him play multiple games as my son was playing there as well. Cam will have 3 years left. 384 / 590 47 tds 10 ints 4684 yards.
  11. Maybe not the big name splash I was looking for but If Frost puts the offense and play calling in his hands I wont mind. I think the play calling will improve now just need to see the scheme he wants.
  12. Panthers fired our OC. Lets go get him...
  13. We have the guys i feel. Coaching cures alot. So we will see how this off season goes. Not to mention if we bring in some better guys as well.. But it all leads back to the beginning. Better coaching cures all..
  14. So now we just need a Joe burrow. One of those Ohio State Qb's gonna transfer.
  15. If Frost is OC I’ll come back when he is gone. I can’t watch another game with him calling plays
  16. Whats the highlights of joesph? Im a little behind. Whats this guy gonna bring?
  17. Nah he set the single season catch record at Kentucky yesterday. He ain’t going no where. Lol
  18. Most will disagree. But i honestly feel our scheme makes our running backs look soft. Yant is a guy who should be running in a Iowa, Wisconsin type of scheme. He should be running down hill, 1 cut and find a hole. Some of our other back also. But as a running back when you get few opportunities you start pressing to make big plays and do things you aren’t made fore.
  19. It only gets better if Frost 1000% turns over the play calling and scheme to a proven OC. Yea Smothers put the ball on the ground and we had a blocked punt. But Frost 100 percent crapped his pants calling plays in this game.
  20. That was 1994 lmao. All those fans are old and complain about people standing up during the game now lol..
  21. I dont think Husker fans would even storm the field lol. Watching our games is like watching a NFL game. It gets loud but doesnt have the Crazy storm the field atmosphere you see in the other big student sections.. I could be wrong.
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