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  1. We need Meyer! People say he has baggage. That’s exactly why I want him. Do you know why Ohio State hired Meyer cause they knew he’d cheat
  2. Learned this coaching staff can make in game adjustments and can coach during a game something we never saw from Frost Bernhart absolutely can not do the job at tackle. He can’t do it RB and WR are good OLine and QB not so good needs to be better especially the oline. defense has potential we can make plays on special teams with Iowa and Wisconsin down the West is wide open.
  3. I said last year we needed 5 new lineman in the portal y’all that I was joking
  4. Put a grand on the game You know who isn’t a bum? Urban Meyer
  5. Don’t think either coach would get Nebraska to where they want to be
  6. The same fan base that voted for Trump? Don’t we think that’s just a little hypocritical? We should be going after Meyer.
  7. Doesn’t matter I’m sure it’s still toxic that stuff just doesn’t go away over night by firing one guy
  8. Frost sold out not showing for practices not having the team prepared you really think those losses were accidents?
  9. If you liked bob diacos defense you’ll love lance!
  10. Whoever it is I trust the ad to make the wrong decision
  11. Meyer > Campbell end of discussion stop looking for lighting in a bottle. Urban can make Nebraska relevant everything else is looking for someone that can make you into a 9 win program at best
  12. The fall of Nebraska football program is a great example of what corruption and arrogance can do
  13. Don’t really think it matters get whoever cause without Meyer Nebraska is irrelevant
  14. We as fans need to step up and hold the school accountable. The administration has been ran by monkey’s for year how can we all say the coaches to be accountable when we can’t hold the administration accountable. Simple solutions stop buying tickets that simple. Save a little money as well
  15. They seemed to enjoy it when Osborne was coach
  16. You literally destroyed mcbridemafias argument guess I’m following you from now on well done sir. Not sure what was more lopsided Oklahoma beating Nebraska today or the points you just made
  17. Cause he is one of less than a handful of coaches that can go anywhere he wants and win. he’s on the same level as Nick Saban. If you want national championships or even a hope of sniffing a college playoff birth he is your guy. There are a lot of other good candidates capable of making Nebraska a 9 win football program, but if you want the chance to be a national contender again he’s the only option out there
  18. If I answered this post truthfully I would be banned from huskerboard no comment
  19. If I answered this question truthfully I would be banned from huskerboard so no comment
  20. This and only this end this thread now! If anyone doesn’t want Urban Meyer your a fool. There are only a handful of coaches out there that can win anywhere Urban is the only one available. All the other options given best case you become a 9 win football program that’s best case. Only one coach gives you you a chance to get back to the national spot light one coach only that’s Urban Meyer you are crazy if you think otherwise
  21. Husker fans should keep a close eye on the Iowa state v Kansas game in a couple of weeks
  22. Lance is looking better by the second
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