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  1. Hard pass. I live in our west and they don’t have the work ethic. Nowadays a lot of these high school have programs and systems that rivals college so there are a lot of great high school kids that come from these schools in cali. However when they get to college and they no longer have the great program advantage it comes down to work ethic. Typically I would rather us focus on Midwest and Texas and try to build a culture.
  2. I think we will get 6th or maybe 7th in the big ten west. We just got a new coach and if he does it right will have to tear it all down to rebuild
  3. Pass on anything from California
  4. Rewatch every single Frost game
  5. Why isn’t there and chili bowl? Sponsored by Cinnabon. Heck it could even be played in Omaha someone somewhere dropped the ball on this. Better than the pinstripe bowl
  6. Whats bowl season is that a reference to chili and cinnamon rolls?
  7. All I was saying is I believe in 2nd chances not just for Mickey but for anyone one. So what was his point in regards to what I was saying never said he owed Mickey
  8. Unlikely. I’m still ok with bringing him back though. He would have to do something’s like anger management and show he’s learned from it and heck it’s a situation or opportunity to bring awareness to it. But he would be on a short lease
  9. No one all F’s Rhule was the second highest grade
  10. Well Fickell went to Wisconsin happened immediately after Nebraska announced their choice so maybe he was wanting on a decision. Looked like Lane Kiffin also wanted the Nebraska job
  11. I was at a bar in Vegas watching the USA game vs wales when we gave up the game tying goal a person shouted oh no we just pulled a Nebraska. That’s the culture we have right now and how we are perceived. We did everything we could to blow the lead vs Iowa which is what we did multiple times under Mickey and Frost I didn’t see a culture change but Mickey hadn’t been head coach long either
  12. I give the hire a D minus which is the 2nd highest grade I had for any of the hires cause he has done some rebuilding. Urban Meyer would have been an A plus
  13. Glad we won but we did all we could to loose that one
  14. Ok so this is how we loose. I was waiting for it
  15. That 2nd down right before the half I have never seen a team more set up for a play action pass. Would have still ended the quarter playing not to loose that is why we loose so many close games that’s 100% coaching.
  16. If we loose this game i don’t even know
  17. All Husker fans are just waiting to see how we mess this up
  18. With the quick start this one is going to sting when we loose
  19. What’s wrong with me? I’m a Husker fan
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