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  1. Hey now I got a temp ban calling Maher butt cheeks years ago... O.o
  2. so their ol can just kneel on our player so he cant get up???
  3. Our pass pro hasn't been horrid but our run blocking has been abysmal
  4. It's like role swaps. Last time I saw you Hedley was the one returning from vacation and now he's an OC and productive member of the board! Time flies!
  5. With how much Purdue has improved. If we dont make changes to our system and playcalling we could start 0-1 at home. Just about zero gimmies there outside of Rutgers and UCM.
  6. Martinez has been off on throwing too. Even the completions are high or behind atm
  7. TERRIBLE tackling angles so far. Honas and Barry both missing sure tfls after good penetration. Edit: Same with D Will
  8. Our running game has been really underwhelming so far.
  9. The guaranteed money is a lot better than the 18 mil from the Steelers offer from what I heard.
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