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  1. Just don't turn the ball over. Defense ain't giving up this lead.
  2. I just don't understand why this team every year with different players fumbles so much
  3. Sometimes it looks like he's surprised he's made it past the los.
  4. Gifford must have eyes in the back of his head
  5. Another 8 minute drive resulting in points would be nice.
  6. Wow he didn't drop it. Great drive, ran the clock scored a td and gave the defense a break.
  7. I don't think this is the big10s 1st team officiating crew.
  8. If the offensive line can't block why bunch everyone up and allow the defense to load the box?
  9. US could save a few billion by cutting aid to eygpt and packistan while making Kuwait and Saudi Arabia take care of their own defense.
  10. The ref isn't even looking for who has the ball he's just signals purdue ball. Complete incompetence.
  11. Might have something to do with his teammate being here on an official visit.
  12. Yeah NIL is the only thing separating nebraska and Alabama. I'm sure it's not the offensive line full of nfl players he'll get to run behind or all the NFL rbs to come out of Alabama recently.
  13. Stick with haarberg this season, then send him to who ever worked with Taylor Martinez to make him a serviceable passer while also bringing in a transfer qb and let them battle in the spring and fall camp.
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