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  1. It's going to be ok everyone there are other coaches other than Meyer that are capable of winning games at Nebraska.
  2. 99% of us thought frost was a slam dunk hire. Some of you still thought he was last week. The truth is none of us know who will be hired or whether or not how their past success will translate here.
  3. If Nebraska doesn't score on this drive it's going to get ugly
  4. Wow a head coach who shows up on time and coaches to win not for a buyout.
  5. In my opinion those guys are not mediocre.
  6. Man some of you guys are weird. You made excuse after excuse for frost for 4+ years and kept telling fans how great he was and how close he was and how impressive 3-9 was. Now nebraska might be looking at coaches like Campbell and Doeren coaches that could coach circle around your golden boy and they're not good enough?
  7. Aranda HC His old college buddy Herman as OC And throw 1.5 million at leonard and dare him to say no.
  8. There's nothing Joseph can do about the defense thats a very poorly coached and not very talented bunch.
  9. hire Aranda as HC and have him bring his old college roommate tom herman as OC.
  10. Can't wait for mav to post a bunch of analytics about how great frost is and tell everyone who doubts him they're stupid.
  11. Absolutely pathetic. Frost should just walk up to the podium and resign.
  12. Stop over thinking it just give grant and allen the ball.
  13. Not sure Frost has much incentive to win since so much of the fanbase convinced themselves that one score losses are as good as wins.
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