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  1. Agreed! We get OSU and Iowa at home and I don't think this team is bothered by rankings at this point.....they can play with anybody! We'll beat one of those two and win against Minny, Wisky and Purdue. Or how about we just win the rest of them and finish 8-4?!
  2. YEPPPP!!! Absolutely DOMINATED in every facet of this game ANDDDD with an 84 yard punt on top of it!
  3. Honestly I think we can get enough wins to get to a bowl game. Purdue, Minnesota, and probably Wisconsin should be wins. Iowa hasn't played ANYONE outside of ISU so their undefeated record doesn't scare me. They have an easy a$$ schedule this year. Beat Michigan and we could beat OSU too. This team can hang with the teams left on the schedule.
  4. Defense giving up huge damn plays now! COME ON DEFENSE!!!
  5. Sorry NW...... you're the victim of this purge tonight!
  6. We score fast twice on them and this drive is to show them we'll grind them into the ground too!
  7. Martinez has ice in his veins on those pitches!
  8. Obviously Frost shook some stuff up this week?! We look amazing right now!
  9. This team is pumped up tonight! Loving it right now!
  10. He could've played slot receiver here if he put on some more weight and may have been great in my opinion, but nope...........he's a QB..........just ask him!
  11. I said he needed fired last night, but I'm kinda cooling on that idea now. We are soooo damn close to being 5-0 or 4-1 right now it's frustrating. Special teams cost us two wins against Top 25 teams along with our constant penalties on the O-line. Frost needs to fix those two areas IMMEDIATELY and I think we can keep up with any team we've got on the schedule. This team is so damn close in several ways and it's frustrating to watch as a fan. FIX IT FROST!
  12. I give up on this f#&%ing team! Been watching for 30 years! Tired of watching this team find ways to lose! Time for Frost to go!
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