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  1. Has anyone thought that he might be a co-OC? I'm pretty sure Rhule has had two OC's before at Temple or Baylor. I could be wrong.
  2. An ace recruiter too. Was responsible for convincing Ed O to bring in Joe Burrow @ LSU.
  3. He certainly looks the part. More so than Duval
  4. I think there's a good chance this will be the first staff we've ever had that has zero ties whatsoever to Nebraska. I don't think it's a requirement in order to coach here but it is nice to have someone who is familiar with the state and recruiting here. Rhule would be smart to ask Mickey to stay along with an increase in pay after the job he did as interim HC. His recruiting prowess alone should be enough to convince Rhule. We will find out soon.
  5. I'm hoping the offense we see under Rhule is more akin to what he did at Temple rather than Baylor. I understand why people like to run RPO so much because of today's landscape. I think it is imperative that we are able to consistently line up in an all-22 smash mouth type of offense and move the ball.
  6. This search has gone on for a while. Many of us should step back and go with the most logical answer. Who is a grinder? Who is a developer? Also said person(s) could still be coaching in CCG's. This could be anyone, so I won't even bother throwing out a name just for the sake of it. All other names are being thrown around for one reason -- money. Everyone's looking to get that raise and get paid. It's nothing new in the wide world of sports. We can sell our fan base to a prospective coach, our facilities, at the end of the day it's going to take the right Jimmies and Joe's to turn this program around. Find an identity, recruit to it, stick to it. We are in a much deeper rebuild now than when SF was hired, IMO. We're at a distinct disadvantage with recruiting. We will never out recruit Ohio State, Michigan, or Penn State. We need to recruit to our system, our schemes, what our identity is going to be instead of just being an after thought for recruits. Because of recruiting, this is one reason I think a higher tiered "outsider" coach won't come here unless we pay big-time money (which we won't) all candidates will be flattered and thank us for getting them a pay raise but that's about it. It's a hard pill to swallow but this is the reality. We need a Bret Bielema kind of coach that can turn things around fast, develop this roster quickly in year 2. We were great in the past because we made our identity to be that we would out work our opponents and would be the most physical team. Time to get back to building OL, DL. This hire is crucial and important for this program to have any kind of future success. Remember, this is Trev's decision and his hire will ultimately judge his tenure here. It needs to be a good one, or this fan base will be lost completely.
  7. I'm going to laugh when Bret Bielema is in front of our podium after Illinois' regular season ends.
  8. It will this Saturday of course when you think about all the star athletes they've been able to go out and recruit over the last 4 years. I would take every competitive advantage we can get. One thing young 17-18 year old kids care about more than us old farts is what they wear. Especially when it comes to student athletes.
  9. Please. We would kill to have those rankings. And all those 5 stars. Not gonna happen with adidas. Even Michigan thought ahead. Tennessee. Not many "Blueblood" programs have adidas anymore. Once again, Nebraska is being left behind and living in the past.
  10. They switched to Air Jordan for the 2016, season no? They finished: 4th in recruiting 2016 4th in 2017 10th in 2019 11th in 2020 10th in 2021 9th in 2022 You think Michael Jordan calling up Jim Harbaugh to make a deal with Air Jordan didn't boost their recruiting? Where's Nebraska been out of these years? Bottom dweller, losing program for 6 years now. That's more than the length of an entire recruiting cycle.
  11. If it's Rhule, I think it says a lot that he would mitigate that $40 mil owed to him by coming back to coaching so soon. Perhaps there is a love for the game over all the money. Coaches are a crapshoot we have no idea whether he'll be like Frost or the next Nick Saban. But he has a reputation of being a program builder and player developer. Two things this football program really needs.
  12. Michigan's recruiting went up and now the results are showing since they've changed to Air Jordan. If people don't think a young kid cares about what apparel he is wearing, then we're a lot further behind the game than we think.
  13. You haven't been following along. I've said the last adidas school to do it was 24 years ago. Out of that timespan I believe 12 or 13 Nike schools have won a NC. Pay attention my friend.
  14. It's more closer to 12 schools. Also the teams that have completed in CFP or were in line with BCS rankings have been NIKE schools.
  15. Here's some facts to chew on for those that oppose NIKE: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4516865-nike-vs-adidas-an-undisputed-leader
  16. Do you know that for a fact? Seems like NIKE treats schools with royalty. Seems like NIKE schools win championships. Seems like NIKE schools bring in better student athletes. I can go on and on.
  17. No facts? Here's one, no Adidas school has come close to a NC in over 24 years. Nike has dominated the CFB landscape. If you can't beat em, join em.
  18. Auburn media seem to think Matt Rhule is headed to Nebraska... https://huskercorner.com/2022/11/08/nebraska-football-auburn-matt-rhule/amp/
  19. Yes but not in the sense of what you perceive it to be. It'll make sense soon enough.
  20. You don't think money drives CFB? Brand, apparel lines that attract specific recruits? Adidas is going to go the way of Riddell. This school needs to get rid of Adidas if they want to compete with the rest of CFB. That's the name of the game today.
  21. We shut them out in the first half. They shut us down in the second half. It goes back to the whole its not how you start but how you finish. Clearly, we haven't learned how to finish.
  22. I think everyone is going to blow the lid off this place when the announcement comes in the next 2-3 weeks.
  23. FWIW I believe 1998 Tennessee was the last Adidas school to win a NC. Before that, Nebraska. Is a 24 year losing streak too long?
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