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  1. Waylon

    Next year...

    NU loses their best offensive player and thier best defensive player but has improved recruiting and will see a jump in ability next year be it untested and in some cases raw. I don't think the talent upgrade puts them in the top half of B1G but they could be coached up? Top half finish should be a goal at this point.
  2. Waylon

    Doc Sadler, Barry Collier, Tim Miles?

    he would leave Oregon for Nebraska..... why?
  3. Waylon

    Beer Sales at PBA?

    Really don't understand the stance by the university here. Just because its offered it is not forced to be purchased, its a choice. In the case of the Vault, its also part of being a good partner to PBA. They have yet to turn a profit this many years after opening. They are saddled with a slate of games that don't draw well when those dates could be used for events that do (women's games vs say a concert). Alcohol sales end up becoming a tax to those who wish to partake. Should PBA continue to be in the red the entire tax base will be picking up the load soon. PBA needs to make more money per event and this is an effective and fair way to do so. NU fans are not going to turn into a crazed bunch of degenerates because there is beer being sold. Out of all the events I've been to at Century Link I've yet to see a disturbance or people being escorted out nor do I see people staggering about. Its silly and hypocritical when you see the amount of fans pregaming in nearby bars, tailgates prior to every NU sporting event or watch the sea of red clad fans lining up at away games in CenturyLink or TD Ameritrade.
  4. Waylon

    GT: Nebraska at #11 Villanova - 7:45PM CT - FS1

    catching Nova early without much tape on the new look NU could work in NUs favor. Going to be a tough slog though. Shoot lights out from 3 (worked for another local team a couple years back) and anything can happen. Other than that, Good Luck. I like Nova by 10.